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This story is a sequel to A Clockwise Orange

Some days are awkward for Jimmy, and require differing solutions. Such as a jar...

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It has arrivated.

Yep :3

I swear.... someone keeps toying with the downvote button by clicking on it first :/

Thanks =3

You know, contrary to what Hasbro says otherwise, do you think Pear Butter/Buttercup and Bright Mac are still alive and not dead though? :P

How many downvotes are there?

Depends. We never got closure on that.

Idk, but it would break my heart if that was the case.

Maybe IDW can resolve that as well in the Season 10 format next year :ajsmug:
Currently it's tied to 2-2 right now :P

Sounds good. Let me help.


They are literally dead.

Not metaphorically dead?

9936590 Yes. They are not metaphorically dead. They are literally dead.

Evidence for the claim?

9936599 Besides that being the stated position of the show staff?

And, like, the entire existence of Perfect Pear?

Where characters exclusively talk about the Apple parents in the past tense, get emotional when talking about them, and where it's made clear that none of the Apple kids knew their parents particularly well?

Either way, it proves that they didn't CLEARLY say they are dead. :/

9936608 The subtext isn't particularly subtle; it's written in a way that children could easily pick up on and interpret. They don't need to show you that they're dead for them to be dead. More importantly, they can't. Because it's a show made for children, and you have to tiptoe around the subject of death in kids' media.

Like, if you want want to write a story where they're alive, regardless, then that's fine, you know, god bless. You can't really say that it's ambiguous from a canon stand point, though. They did everything they could to say that they were dead, without saying that they were dead.

I have family members who have been gone a long time, but not deceased, who are spoken about in a similar manner.

Yep, besides..... I know that for a fact whenever I rewatch that episode in my yearly MLP Marathon. :ajsmug:

9936621 Your experience is perfectly valid, but to be frank, it's not universal. It's an example of an exception to a general rule. Generally speaking, when people treat absent family members the way the characters treat the Apples, it means they ded. That's what the episode is driving at.

Again, you can headcanon whatever you want, but the show did a pretty good job of saying, without saying explicitly, that Applejack is an orphan.


that Applejack is an orphan.

Oh you did not just say that about Applejack did you. :ajbemused:

9936646 I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.


Thanks for the reference.

That was a fun TF.

yep =3

And next week's sure to be a fun one X3

Jimmy found himself, once more in his home. His new home, of course, as we learned in a previous week. Come with me, back in time to a time several weeks ago when things got even stranger than they ever had been. Let us go, and see...

Manteo would eventually have to be rebuilt, but it remains to this day a haunted place, where the Earth does not rest easy.

No it does not:ajsleepy:.

You thought I was going to quote a giant chunk of a previous story, eh? Well close, but no cigar, my friend.

"Of course, my brother!"

"Why, selling cigars could be an excellent business opportunity!"

"Especially E-Cigars, of course! Ha ha ha!"

Flim and Flam, I have no idea how you two got into my house, but I want both of you to leave and take your fraudulent business with you. RIGHT. NOW.

Oh no, NOT THOSE TWO:facehoof:!!!

"Good day sir!"


Honestly, my life has got very weird indeed. Give me a moment to adjust the fire, and then we shall begin proper. By all means, sit in the comfy chair. Sit back, relax, and join me on another journey into the world that Jimmy inhabits, the mad world of Manteo, where anything can happen, and life in the world is never dull. So begins our story...

Well that was random:derpytongue2:.

Jimmy was Jimmy. OK, that's an old joke, but anyways, he was who he was, and not somebody else, at least at the moment. When he was looking around on his newly upgraded and repaired PC (as his old one got totalled in the Great Fire of Manteo), he suddenly noticed a surge in art about a character who had only appeared in Season 7 (barring her brief appearance alongside her husband in the concluding montage of The Last Problem).

Yes indeed, the one you are thinking of. It's that one, the pony we all know. The best one of them all. The one you're thinking of, you know who it is, the one and only-



Calm down, Cozy Glow.


Katrina, what are you doing in my house? I thought you were in Kansas.

"Well, I don't think I am anymore."

"What's Kansas?"

Oh dear. Kansas is a state in the US, not too far from North Carolina. Now please shoo, the both of you.

"You're no fun."

Says who:ajsmug:?

And you're preventing me from telling the rest of the story. Now skedaddle, before I rock you.


Flash, you are not Freddie Mercury. That won't work.

"That sucks."

Indeed it does. I do apologise for all that, as my life can be positively crazy some days with all these people and ponies and other things in my home.


Dammit Autumn:rainbowlaugh:!!!

(The narrator gets up, shuts the door, and sits back down.)

That's better. Now where was I?

Oh with the story:twilightsmile:.

Oh yes. Jimmy was looking at art of Pear Butter, the mother of Big Mac (not the burger), Applejack, and Apple Bloom, wife to Bright Mac, and daughter of Grand Pear, not to mention the daughter in law of Granny Smith (anybody up for some apple pie with some pear in it?), who, as we know, was initially not keen upon her.

reh ot deneppah dah tahw revo ytiralc fo kcal ehT-

Alright, who has been changing the settings on my keyboard?

"It would make things more silly!"

Of all people, it had to be Pinkie Pie. Tom ran into you once.

Of course it was Pinkie:rainbowlaugh:!!!

"He spoke to me, he didn't run into me. That'd be painful!"

Reset my keyboard. Now.

"Okie dokie lokie!"

That's better.

Thank you Pinkie:pinkiesmile:.

The lack of clarity over what had happened to her remained one of the great mysteries of the MLP setting, and had spawned many fanfiction detailing what had happened, ranging from shootouts to just plain old vanishing off to nowhere. Jimmy sighed as he looked through art of the smiling mare, with a gentle smile and a happy face. The perfect mother (and pear), well suited to the path life mapped out for her. Jimmy sighed. "If only they were still together as a family," he said. "If only the show had shown that, it would have been perfect. At least fanfiction can solve that problem."

Yes it can...:applecry:.

He then noticed on the clock that it was 13:00. It was time for lunch, and he headed to his kitchen to get some sandwich. He was now residing on the bottom floor of his new residence, as somebody else lived on the top floor (something about maximising space or something like that), and went into his kitchen to grab something to put on the sandwich when he saw something odd. There was a pear jar sitting in his closet, which wasn't there before. He reached to it, only for it to spark him.

"Oh, really? Are food jars setting it off noAAAAAARGH!"

And here we go:yay:!!!

Jimmy collapsed onto the floor as his limbs began to shrink in length, arms and legs snapping backwards and hands and feet morphing into hooves. Rolling over onto his 'legs', his neck cranked back so he was looking straight ahead, when he felt a strange sensation in his body. It felt as if he was starting to swell, his chest growing in size and his hips widening, as his butt started to inflate. His legs grew in size and width like tree trunks, and his jeans tore down the seams as a tail ripped open the seat of them. Moments later, they fell to the floor as tatters of fabric. Meanwhile, his shirt was completely filled out, completely taught against his body, and then the seams began to split, the sound of ripping fabric audible for a few seconds before the shirt gave up and broke apart, falling onto the floor.

First then neck, then the rump, and th legs:twilightsmile:.

His manhood vanished and her body was suddenly covered in a coat of fur. Light orange fur. Her hair turned into a darker orange mane, which glued itself to her neck as well as falling down her head into a braid, as her ears slid up her head. Her glasses fell off as her muzzle grew, formed from a mouth and nose, along with cute little freckles appearing on her new head, and a symbol of a pear jar appeared on her flank. Thus that concluded the transformation for the former human.

Then the fur, and he hair, then the cutie mark:twilightsmile:.

A bright light filled the room, and Pear Butter suddenly found herself on the outskirts of Sweet Apple Acres. She trotted forward to see her three kids hard at work, as well as her husband. Oh well, no more time for daydreaming. It was time for work.

Time for work at the best farm in Equestria:scootangel:!!!

Can you give me a hint?

Just one: This character debuted in a episode from Season 8 featuring two prominent locations from the MLP Movie.

Hmmmm. I'll have to think about that.

Such cuteness!

Becoming a mother must be fun, especially if you're the matriarch of the Apples!

Heh, it's not the only mother related transformation that I went through you know :ajsmug:

In fact.... why not: Comment on all of my transformation stories thus far from the first one to last Monday's one! :yay:

When when when when when?


I love pear butter!

She's best mom! :rainbowkiss:

This is quantity over quality

He has been pumping them out lately...

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