• Published 5th Dec 2019
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The Canterlot Hive - Bronyxy

When Shining Armor banished Twilight from his wedding, she returned distraught to Ponyville, but she soon got to hear about the changeling invasion of Canterlot. With the help of some unexpected allies, she returns to try and put everything right.

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7 Repayment

Pomme Frite flew enthusiastically from one cocoon to the next, cutting them down at a speed that ponies on the ground were finding it difficult to keep up with. A rising chorus of panicked pleas began to spill out ever more loudly from those below him, shouting at him to slow down, but the trainee chef remained delightfully oblivious to their increasingly desperate calls. He had been summoned to release the trapped ponies after all, and he was actioning the singularity of that command with an enthusiasm bordering on the obsessive.

He fixed his gaze intently on the next thread holding up an alarmed looking earth pony, who was pushing herself as far away from his fearsome appearance as she could. He paused for the briefest of moments as he visualised Doris, gleaming resplendently, knowing exactly where she was, and then began her swing with his mighty foreleg.

Before he could savour the satisfaction of feeling her finely honed edge make contact and watching another cocoon fall free, he unexpectedly found his foreleg frozen and became aware of a pink aura glowing around it. He made to turn his head and see where the magic was coming from, but found his head was frozen too; in fact, every part of him, even his wings, had been rendered immobile.

Slowly, he saw himself being floated away from the wide-eyed earth pony he was intending to liberate, and brought down gently to one of the few spare spaces on the floor. It was then he noticed how cluttered the floor had become, with cocoons everywhere, most of them being attended by one or two ponies providing reassurance to their occupants, whilst trying to work out how best to release them.

“Thank you, but we can’t get through them as fast as you’re cutting them down …” gasped a unicorn by way of apology, gently setting down the crazed looking trainee chef whilst trying hard not to show how exasperated he had become, “I hope you won’t mind taking a break for a little bit” he panted, “Just to let us catch up … you know?

Pomme Frite did not offer any response, principally because he was being held in a restraining spell, and his speech had become as frozen as the rest of him. He remained transfixed with his foreleg in mid swing, clasping Doris firmly in his petrified grip, his face contorted in an expression of maniacal determination that would have looked at home on a stereotypical axe murderer.

The Royal Physician, Sir John General, trotted into the throne room and was immediately directed towards the largest cocoon, which was surrounded by a crowd of concerned looking medics. He gestured for them to give him room, and as one they stood back, driven by respect of his reputation.

Sir John knelt by the side of the translucent green membrane and studied it briefly, seeing a lilac eye blink confirming that its occupant was alive and well. That, at least, was a good sign. He made an assessment of the thickness of the husk and reached into his black bag for a large scalpel, carefully calculating a path across its surface that would cause least injury should the sharp blade penetrate too deeply.

He looked over each shoulder, shooting everypony around an assertive glare that demanded no interruptions, and then placed the scalpel onto the surface and pushed it in. Everypony around held their breath, watching expectantly as he made his incision and drew the handle of the blade downwards, the membrane parting to release a strange smelling green fluid that began to spill out.

Sensing the urgency of the situation, he finished his cut as quickly and carefully as he could, while puddles of the foul green fluid poured out and spread across the floor. Working swiftly, he cut away as much of the remaining membrane as he could reach safely and stood back.

Celestia coughed violently and lashed out with all four legs as she chugged up the fluid in her chest, experiencing something akin to drowning. After a few more surges, she made her first laboured gasps and felt the shock of air sting her lungs as she began to breathe once more.

She lay where she was for a minute, her chest heaving with the shock of getting used to the idea of breathing air again. Then, slowly, she began to put her weight tentatively onto her weakened legs and raised herself up shakily, giving the impression of more confidence than she felt. Suddenly, a loud cheer broke the silence, and everypony joined in, adding their voices and stamping their hooves in delight.

“Are you alright, your Majesty?” asked Sir John.
“Why thank you for your concern, my little ponies” she said, surveying the crowd around her, “I can assure you I am quite alright, but it is a bit of a shock to the system suddenly being freed.”

Once satisfied that his Royal patient was as well as she seemed to be, he begged leave from the Princess to convene a group of medics and first responders around him, explaining exactly what he had just done. When he had finished, there were nods all round, and the freshly briefed medical teams set off to free other ponies, Sir John himself making straight for Princess Luna.

Princess Celestia was quick to catch up with groups of ponies and see what she could do to help, although it was just their being able to see her again that raised morale the most. She soon noticed the unusually large form of Chief Thunderhooves and went to see him, finding him being tended to by a very familiar lilac unicorn.

“My faithful student” said Celestia happily, “I knew I could count on you.”
“Princess!” exclaimed Twilight happily prancing to her hooves and giving her mentor the most heartfelt hug, her tightly shut eyes being no defence for holding back the tears of relief running freely down her muzzle.

Twilight checked herself, and unwrapped her forelegs from around the Princess, coughing politely to cover the blush she could feel rising in her cheeks.
“Ahem” she cleared her throat, “Princess Celestia, may I introduce Chief Thunderhooves, leader of the Buffaloes; Chief Thunderhooves, Princess Celestia of Equestria. Chief Thunderhooves and his herd have been instrumental in repelling the invasion and setting you free; in fact, we couldn’t have done it without him.”

“Chief Thunderhooves” acknowledged Celestia, bowing deeply, “I am most grateful to my faithful student for explaining the debt we owe you. I welcome hearing your story and learning how we may show our gratitude.”
“Hmh. We have peace treaty with friends of Rainbow Dash in Appleloosa. We honour our bargain, but ponies leave and do not bring apple pies.”

“Apple pies, you say?” queried Celestia, keeping her expression impassive, “Then on behalf of Sheriff Silverstar and the ponies of Appleloosa, I offer my most sincere apologies and I shall order my kitchens immediately to bake as many as you can eat. Would that be acceptable?”

“You are honourable, friend of Twilight Sparkle” he replied, “But, it may take time for my injuries to heal. Perhaps you will give my herd somewhere to stay?”

“And keep you well provisioned with apple pies while you stay with us?” Celestia added with a warm smile, “Just while you recover?”

“Then our debt is settled” he replied with a smile, “And honour is satisfied.”

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“My faithful student” said Celestia happily, “I knew I could count on you.”

LIAR!! :flutterrage:

She got thrown out the moment after "Cadence" started up her crocodile tears and you did nothing but pour salt on her wound. AND NOW YOU HAVE THE GALL TO BE ALL LIKE:

~"Yep! All Part of my master plan!:trollestia:"~


“Princess!” exclaimed Twilight happily prancing to her hooves and giving her mentor the most heartfelt hug, her tightly shut eyes being no defence for holding back the tears of relief running freely down her muzzle.

I was kinda hoping Twilight's reaction to Celestia would be a little more like this:

Oh well, I guess.

I imagine once the post victory high wears off Twilight will begin to think on the events that proceeded this.

Or better yet what if Twi brought Spyro and Cynder, Sonic and his friends, and tones of Pokémon to help them. That would make the Changelings yell in horror as alien dragons and creatures are attacking them.

One chapter is missing from this story: An apology chapter where Celestia, Shining Armor, Twilight's friends and Spike apologize to Twilight for what they did to her at the rehearsal!

*Sees cover art*

Well this was a pretty interesting story so with every pony out of the cocoons including Princess Celestia and Luna Celestia came towards Twilight and chief Thunderhooves and how much she appreciate everything they done to save Canterlot from the changelings and he thanked her for it is well now they just need to recover and it looks like they gained another Ally on the creature of Beyond well that was certainly something else but there's so many questions I've always wondered what happened to Twilight's friends and Spike are they going to rescue them and talk about what happened and where did Zecora go after that and what about thorax that is a huge missed opportunity for him to make his appearances since he said he was part of the invasion that's probably a couple of my criticism of mine but other than that this was pretty good keep up the good work

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