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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But when they are banished to an unknown world, the fate of Equestria relies on them... and three bipedal creatures.

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Chapter 22: Flashbacks and Plotting: Part 3

Grogar continued exploring modern Equestria in hopes to find an area to perform the first step of his plan. He couldn't find any suitible spots in Canterlot, so he left in search of another town. He knew there were mines all over the place. He's seen a few before, but with all the changes made all around Equestria, he wasn't sure if any of those caves were closed off, and he mostly forgot where they were. So that's why Grogar had to rely on luck. And if he couldn't find any, he could just make an area of his own.

The next city... or in this case town... that Grogar came across was smaller and seemed less modern. The only similarity with Canterlot that he could see was the variety of creatures and ponies that he could see. One of the most sickening features was a bulding that looked like it was made out of sugary treats.

Once again, he looked on with disgust and disapproval.

Just as Grogar was leaving the town in hopes to find another one, something caught his eye.

A cave.

Feeling confident, Grogar drifted town to the enterance and once again turned back into a physical form. This time, however, he transformed back into his regular form. He was sure nopony would be in that cave. And even if ponies DID go there, all Grogar had to do was hide.

Grogar grabbed a nearby stick and stepped into the cave, lighting up his horns to illuminate the area around him.

The cave walls were crawling with gems. There were also a few holes in the walls. Grogar assumed that those holes had gems in there before they were picked out.

The cave was big, but Grogar hoped to find an even larger area on where to perform his magic. Almost like a room. Otherwise, as he thought before, he could just use his magic to create a large area.

It only took a few minutes for Grogar to suddenly hear a voice, along with hoofsteps.

"Hey! I think I see something!"

Quickly Grogar dropped the stick, turned into his mist form, and squeezed into the biggest hole he could see on the wall. As soon as Grogar went into his hiding spot, his yellow light faded. But the cave wasn't exactly pitch black. Grogar could see a light that was a pale shade of green. The light was heading in the opposite the direction he was going. Finally, three full-grown mares appeared.

The first was the one illuminating the light. Although she was wearing a helmet, Grogar had the feeling that she was a unicorn. Her long mane and tail were two shades of light purple, one shade lighter than the other. The color in her eyes were the same color as the light she was giving, her coat was white, and her cutie mark appeared to be a shield. The shield was three shades of pink that were way different from each other, and in the middle of that shield, was a microphone.

The second pony was an orange pegasus. However, the wings on this pegasus were oddly smaller than the average pegasus wings. They seemed to be even smaller than her hoof! She had an orange coat, her mane and tail were hot pink, and her eye color was purple. Oddly, her cutie mark was the same as the unicorns. Only this time, there was a lightning bolt instead of a microphone.

The third pony was an earth pony, who seemed to be wearing something around her neck. Also around her neck was a satchel filled with sparkling gems. She also had a giant bow perched on her head. Her coat was yellow, her mane was red, and the color in her eyes was orange. Once again, her cutie mark matched the same one the other two ponies have. Instead of a microphone or lightning bolt, there was an apple.

"Huh..." the pegasus said, her voice slightly rough. "I thought I saw a yellow light here... and heard hoofsteps..."

"This cave is full of shiny things..." the earth pony said in a faint farm-pony accent. "There were times when Ah' thought somepony else was here. But as it turned out, it was just another blue gem. Or dirt fallin' to the ground."

"Again, I apologize that we are spending our day off like this," the unicorn said, voice slightly sqeaky, but not much. "But as I've said before, Rarity is too busy to come here and search for these gems, and if we don't get them, she's gonna enter that phase where she eats ice cream until she feels better. And the last time she needed ice cream, the place she gets her ice-cream from ended up giving her a life-time ban."

"Wait, why was she banned again?" asked the pegasus.

"She ended up making a big scene when she saw somepony buying the last carton. They went in a tug-of-war with it and everything. Rarity won, but she accidentally threw the carton at the face of the stallion who sold it. Funniest thing was, as soon as it hit his face, Rarity took it back and immediatly began eating it. It took ten minutes for everypony to convince her to leave."

"Wow..." the earth pony said. "All that for a carton of ice-cream? With her age, Ah' thought she would of grown out of it by now..."

"...but instead, it got worse," the unicorn said. "But then I could see why. Since her work is basically expanding, everything is becoming more stressful and important. In my point of view, at least."

"Yeah..." the pegasus said. "I could see that. But you know what? I don't mind coming here to help you sister on our day off as long as I am with my best friends."

The three ponies then did a high-hoof together.

"YEAH!!!" they all screamed in unison.

Grogar had to resist gagging.

"Well honestly, Ah' think we have everything we need," said the earth pony. "And if we don't, we can just come back here."

"Sounds like a plan," said the pegasus.

And with that, the three mares galloped through the tunnel.

Once Grogar assumed they were gone, he left his hiding place and turned back into his regular form. He was lucky that they didn't take the stick he grabbed, and even luckier he wasn't found. Once again, he illuminated his horns, grabbed the stick, and continued walking down the long cave.

Five minutes later

It didn't take long for Grogar to finally find the area he was looking for: an area large enough to his liking. Like a room.

Now Grogar had to see if the dirt was soft. After he carved into it slightly with the stick, he came to the conclusion that he would stick with what he had. Grogar covered up his test-carve and began to carve the rune that was required for this task, while preparing for the spell at the same time. He had to channel a new area of magic for this to wark. As he continued drawing, the glow on his horns began turning blue. It didn't even take him thirty seconds to finish drawing.

Finally, when he finished, Grogar tossed the stick aside and immediatly cast a blue beam on the rune. The outlines of the rune suddenly glowed blue as well and dark shadows suddenly emerged. All Grogar could see from those shadows was a red horn and a set of green eyes emitting a purple aura. In just a few seconds, however, the shadows formed a very intimidating figure. It was a large black unicorn, with a grey coat and a flowing black mane. His horn was red, and he wore a few items that only a 'royal' pony would wear. Grogar smiled.

King Sombra has returned again.

Author's Note:

Did everyone expect Sombra? Yes. Yes they did. Did they expect the CMCs? Probably not.

The last cameo was Fluttershy. This one had the CMCs. Will there be another cameo? Maybe. But only time will tell...

Next chapter will showcase return of the Storm King. The one after that will hopefully be the final one of the flashback bits.

Link to poll: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/881006/poll-which-crossover-fic-should-happen

Link to other stories (if you want to read them. You don't have to): https://www.fimfiction.net/user/345991/CartoonopolisAdventures/stories

Feel free to make theories on what will happen. And always let the brony or pegasister within conquer your creativity.

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