• Published 10th Nov 2019
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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But when they are banished to an unknown world, the fate of Equestria relies on them... and three bipedal creatures.

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Chapter 15: Plans and Studying


The six of us were suddenly standing outside of a very large building in a parking lot.

"Is this it?" asked Sam.

"I think so..." I said.

"Well," said Mark. "Now all we need before we continue planning is..."


Suddenly, we noticed that we were somewhat in the path of a shadow. Turning around, we immediatly saw what it was.

"... My car."

"You have your keys, right?" asked Josh.

"Of course! They were in the car when I got the message from Luster! Good thing I turned it off or else this getaway would have a lesser chance of success!"

Suddenly, I heard a faint sound, causing me to turn around. As soon as I saw the source, I knew that it was time for immediate reaction.

"Policemen! Quick! In the car!" I said. "None of them are looking at us! If we are quick, we can hide! Make sure to duck down!"

Immediatly everyone turned around to catch a glimpse of the upcoming threat. As soon as they did, they got the message.

"What about you?" asked Sunni.

"Trust me."

Everyone, including myself, turned back around and started walking around to find a spot to get in. Then, Mark typed a code in the car before he opened the car door, signaling us to get in.

With that, everyone entered. Mark took the drivers seat. Kathleen took the passenger. Josh took the seat behind the passenger. Sam took the middle, and Sunni took the one behind the drivers. As for me, I quicky opened the tailgate cover. Not all the way mind you, but just to form a space big enough for me to enter. Everyone in the car closed the car doors, but I decided to take a risk. I closed the tailgate cover on my head (it didn't hurt, obviously), and tried to get a glimpse of what was going on. I had the belief the others were trying.

I considered myself lucky that nobody noticed us getting in the car. But as they got closer, I was afraid we would be sniffed out. Finally, I got to see their faces good enough to know WHO those two policemen were.

They were the ones that took the former villains.

How did they get here so fast? The only other explanation was if somepony... sorry... someBODY teleported them here.

It couldn't have been Luster, would it? It seems unlikely. The only other explanation would be Judgement.

The policemen soon turned directions. Unfourtunatly for me, when they turned, they were facing the car.

As they got closer and closer, I could feel the lump inside my chest getting stiff.

And then they went around the car.

I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. But I didn't move. I hoped that nobody else would either, at least until they were out of viewpoint.

Eventually, I heard the start of an engine and a police siren. But I still refused to move until I heard the sound slowly vanish from hearing range.

That's when I decided to leave.

I opened the cover and crawled out of the tailgate, careful to land on my feet. I walked around to an area where nobody leaving the doors would see me.

When I saw what was in the truck, I knew that I didn't have to let anyone know that the coast is clear. They were all up. I just had to get their attention.

"Don't get out," I said. "Just roll down the windows."

The people that I could see in the truck looked at me, and it took a few seconds for the glass window to roll down.

"You know that this qualifies as illegal, right?" Kathleen said.

"So why did you agree to do this?" I asked.

"When you said all that stuff about the villains reforming, there was just something in that sentence that told me to give it a try..." Kathleen said.

"Same," Sunni and Mark said at, coincidentally, the same time.

"And as for us..." Josh said. "Just seeing those three cartoon characters get taken made me feel bad. For some reason, their appearence here gave me respect for My Little Pony. For some odd reason."

"I was more reluctant..." Sam said. "But eventually I came around like Josh."

I smiled.

"Thanks," I said.

"No problem," I hear Sunni say.

There was a thirty-second silence after that.

"So, what's the plan?" asked Josh.

"I already have it covered," I said. "Some of us can stay, and others can go. Either way it goes, Luster will use her SHOCKINGLY powerful magic to turn those who stay invisible. She will leave the car untouched to we can know where to go. As for those who go, Luster will give us disguises with fake ID's. When we show them off to those who are suspicious, they will fall under mind control."

"Decent plan, but couldn't Luster just mind-control the whole building and be done with it?" asked Sam.

"It may take forever for her to mind-control all the people. And despite the power her magic has, it also has limits when it comes to our world."

"Wait. Couldn't she just save the trio instead of hiring US to do it?" asked Sam.

"If she could, she would of done it already. But she contacted us for a reason. We need to go for it."

I could see everyone look at eachother in the car before Kathleen spoke up.

"Ok. Let's call Luster."


A few minutes ago, when the woman found the room to keep the trio in, she learned their names before getting down to business. She called the chief of the policemen who brought the trio here in the first place. For some reason, he was oddly aware of how everything played out. And when she told them they seemed high, he said that it wasn't a big issue.

All she did was brush it off and resumed the plan. First, she contacted a few squad leaders and other FBI agents, and instructed them to go to the testing room harboring the trio. She then gave them instructions to bring them any tool of their choice, so then it would be easier for the creatures to tell the truth. Then, she made a few more calls to other people, such as those to perform the eventual autopsies.

As she made the calls, men started entering the room. Some of them brought things with them, such as a foldable table, a chair without armrests, and another chair with armrests.

Soon, everything was already in place. Chrysalis and Tirek were sitting at the end of a large table with no chairs. Chrysalis was hooked up to the lie-detector machine. Multiple FBI men pointed their weapons at the former villains. An agent, a blond-haired man, was standing on the side of the table facing the woman. He was watching the lie-detector machine.

On the other side of the table was the chair with armrests. And there, strapped to the chair, was Cozy Glow. All of her hooves were restrained to the chair, she had a ball gag in her mouth, and she was trying hard not to cry. But the tears were a clear signal she was on the verge of crying.

What restrained her to the chair wasn't leather however, but copper wire. There was an extra bit of copper sticking out of each restraint. Connected to the copper, were cables for car batteries. On both forehooves, they had the 'positive' cables. On the hind legs were the 'negative'.

And finally, there were two car batteries. One on each side of Cozy Glow. Although the cables weren't connected, there was a man on each side of Cozy that stood in front of the other ends of the cables.

"Wow..." she said. "I'm amazed at how fast all of this was set up. I'm glad I chose the closest squad for this. Now then..."

The woman pulled out the chair that was on the other side of the table and sat down.

"Now..." she started. "I'm gonna be asking you some questions. You will answer them. My comrade will watch this lie-detector machine attatched to Chrysalis. One lie and I will give the men a signal to electrocute this filly to death. Try to attack, and you will be shot down."

"For law-inforcement, this is highly cruel..." Tirek said.

"Oh relax!" the woman said. "It's not like she's a human. Besides, I know that there are more of her kind out there. Even if THIS filly is killed, we can just find them. And if they don't turn up, so be it. We have our ways."

"You don't understand what is happening here!" Chrysalis said. "This cloaked pony that teleported us here is not like any we have seen! HE was one of the reasons we were here! And when we saw him and the OTHER cloaked ponies, we had a bad feeling RIGHT from the start!"

The lie-detector machine resumed going steady. The second agent looked at the woman and nodded.

"Well, I appreciate the honesty about what you assume is a 'threat'," the woman said. "But there are more of us than him. Even when his magic is extreme, with enough men, we could restrain him. Now, no more out-of place comments! I want only answers. Unless you want to see your life flash before your very eyes..."

The woman motioned her hand to Cozy Glow to prove her point.

"Now then... first question... how does magic exist in your world?"

"It just does," Chrysalis said. "I don't know."

The second agent looked back at the woman and gave her the signal that Chrysalis was telling the truth.

"Is it possible to harvest magic WITHOUT using magic?" asked the woman.

"No," replied Chrysalis.

Again, the woman got the signal that Chrysalis was being honest.

"Would you DARE use it for government purposes if you were able to?" questioned the woman.

"Why should we?" Chrysalis hissed. "You have a filly's life on the line, threatening to kill her if I make one mistake! We don't care if you are a good community! We don't CARE if you offer currency to us!!! We don't care about ANYTHING having to do with you!"

Tears started forming in Chrysalis' eyes as she looked away for a brief moment, before returning her gaze to the agent.

"We used to be BITTER and EVIL!!! We wanted nothing more than REVENGE and POWER! Especially ME!!! But that changed! Now, all we want, is a GOOD life! A life we get to experience after we learned the power of friendship! We aren't who we used to be anymore! We want nothing more than a LIFE!! And whether we are good or evil, we would NEVER work for those who even TRY to take that happiness away from us! We never even got to make full amends with those we decieved! I never got to apologize to my former kingdom! Tirek never got to reconcile with his brother! And Cozy never even got the chance to search for the ONE POSSIBLE scrap of family she has left!!! And if you think that we would EVER work with MONSTERS like you, all we would do is laugh, and call you the former shadow of our past selves!!!"

Chrysalis finally finished talking, huffing and puffing greatly. Tirek put his arm around Chrysalis for comfort while more tears came out of Cozy's eyes.

The agent looked at them in shock before she started to speak.

"W-wow. I-"

Suddenly, the agent flashed a very dim, but familiar, shade of yellow. As soon as the dim light faded, the woman lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"A-are you ok?" asked the second agent.

The woman lifted her head and opened her eyes.

"I'm fine. It's just... I feel that we have all the answers we need..." she replied.

"Huh?" asked the agent.

"It's not that. This changeling, if that is what you're called, insulted us. And yet, we work with the government and work to protect this country. So I think these two need to be taught some manners."

"Don't you dare..." Tirek said.

The woman smiled in a devious manner, and said only one thing.

"Electrocute her!"

With that, Cozy's muffled screams were heard throughout the whole room, and the tears in her eyes started pouring out at full force.

Chrysalis and Tirek looked away in great sadness, as the two men standing on each side of Cozy's chair kneeled down, picked up the cable ends, and started reaching them toward the car batteries.

Author's Note:


What will happen next? Is Cozy about to meet her end?

I may consider rating this teen if something as dark as this pops up again...

What the FBI are doing to Cozy technically qualifies as child abuse... perhaps a lawsuit is in order?


You can find the poll on my blog.

Link: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/879013/poll-should-marble-pie-get-a-future-story-role

This poll will NOT end until criteria is met.

Feel free to make theories on what will happen! And always let the brony or pegasister within conquer your creativity.

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