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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But when they are banished to an unknown world, the fate of Equestria relies on them... and three bipedal creatures.

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Chapter 11: Rooms and Truth

"Hmmm..." Judgement stood in the room of one of the three humans he saw with the villains. He had the door locked, and an invisibility spell cast. It wasn't easy, but it was at least easier than crossing over worlds.

As soon as he found the guidebooks, figures, and stuffed animals of the ponies (and Chrysalis), he gathered them all and disintegrated them. He continued examining the room. According to the pictures, the room belonged to the human that was giving the villains instructions.

Drawers of notebooks were slid out, and Judgement would look through the drawings in one of the notebooks. The first drawing he saw had a certain character: a character with a semicircle head with semicircle ears. On his face round eyes with black dots for pupils, a black dot for a nose, and a line for a mouth. One of the most significan features was the hair. It was done up in three spikes. His body didn't really matter much in detail to Judgement.

But then, when Judgement turned a page, he gasped. There, on that page, was one of the most gruesome drawings he has seen.

Chuckling at a possible evil plan, he tears out the page and puts it in a satchel he brought.

He had everything he needed.

Judgement projects the current location of where the villains and humans were at. Apparently, they were inside of a resteraunt with a tiled floor. Zooming the projection out, he saw the building they were in.

Finally ready to bring his plan into full swing, Judgement unlocks the door and opens it, before turning invisible and quietly materializing away.


"People here are nice," Cozy said. "I'm suprised they let us all sit in this huge booth!"

"Yeah," I said, nodding.

After we left the park, we all went to this resteraunt. It wasn't a major one, mind you. It was one of those resteraunts that served things like burgers, but also had deserts like ice cream.

When we arrived, I told us that as long as we were good friends with 'Christine', 'Drake', and 'Angel', we should be fine.

We all went in, explained our fake story, sat in a large booth, and all ordered drinks. Only Chrysalis and Cozy got water. The rest of us got sodas (Tirek wanted to try something new. He hasn't had soda before).

Now, I HATE lying. But since nonexistant cartoon characters are trapped on Earth with only THREE humans aware of their existance, I had NO other choice. If they were caught, they would either get beaten by people who are against them, or they would get sent for studies.

Why would I think of that? It's simple: I read a lot of fanfictions on FimFiction!!!!

Anyway, after I replied to Cozy about her comment, we all picked up our menus. As we spoke, I felt relief that the place was kinda loud, otherwise it would raise suspicions.

"Wow..." Tirek said. "This is a LOT of stuff!"

"Keep in mind, most of this is meat," Josh said.

"You weren't kidding when you said you ate meat, then..." Chrysalis said.

"It's fine. Just order a salad or something. If you come from a world of herbivores, it's best to NOT eat meat," Sam said.

Wow... that was one of those rare times he was actually serious.

"Well..." I said. "I was hoping I could get a burger but..."

I didn't really want to eat meat in front of creatures from Equestria. It would seem kinda wrong.

"It's fine. Don't worry," Chrysalis said.

"No... I'll just get a salad and maybe some desert..." I said.

I looked at my other friends, who were on my left viewpoint.

"Oh, ok. A salad for me too," said Josh.

"A big ol' juicy burger," Sam said.

We all looked at him.

"What? I was just kidding. I can get a salad too! That is if you pay me."

"Fine! I can give you the change..." I muttered.

"It's nice that you're doing this for us," Chrysalis said.

"Yeah. Gotta make our guests feel welcome, you know?" I said.

"Are we all gonna get the same salad or-" Cozy said.

Oh yeah. There was more than one salad option.

Before any of us could answer, however, the waitress came over.

"Any decisions?" she politely asked.

I settled on a ceaser salad. Cozy and Tirek got the same. Sam, Josh, and Chrysalis all got different salads.

"Maybe after this, we can get ice cream if I have left-over money.

"I tell you..." Tirek said, picking up a can of Coke he ordered. "These carbonated drinks are something else..."

"Yeah," I said. "Sure, it's fizzy once opened, but you get used to it."

"You know, we can't thank you enough for helping us get on our hoo- I mean- feet! It means a lot!" Chrysalis said.

"Shucks. It was nothing. Since you were reformed, it was easier to take you in," I said.

"What would you have done if we were still evil?" Cozy asked.

"Probably would have tried a way to teach you friendship WITHOUT someone getting killed! As a guy who wanted you to reform, it's hard NOT to plan. Then again, I was one of those people that would always think weird things, such as how much I wanted a character from the show to come to Earth."

"What would make you think like that? Sure, it happened, but I'm curious," Tirek said.

"Well..." I said. "Sam? Josh?"

"He has aspergers," Josh said.

"Eh?" asked Chrysalis, slightly tilting her head.

"It's where my mind functions differently. It can take different ranks. Either people can't do much and even have a tough time speaking, or people have better control, but still act weird."

"It's kinda why he acts like a fool!" Sam playfully said.

I rolled my eyes in response.

"Well... another reason to be special, eh?" asked Tirek.

"I guess so," I said. "It would be funny if my life became even MORE special after this!"

After saying that, I immediatly realized what I did!

One of the most significant rules in Equestria is to NOT jinx yourself!

And I just did!


Because suddenly, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow immediatly flashed a mixture of green and yellow. As soon as the bright faded, they didn't look like humans anymore!

They looked like themselves (Not only that, but Tirek's size caused him to become stuck in between the table and the seat. The table slightly broke too)!

As soon as everyone's attention was caught by the flash, they all turned to us, catching their glimpses of the villains.

And for a breif moment, I could of sworn that I heard a sinister chuckle before everything fell into place!

Author's Note:

Boom! Secret revealed! But the former villains aren't fully in hot water yet!

And that is a new fact about me all readers have now learned...


What did Judgement Law see on my drawing?

Will the trio get taken away by law enforcement?

Why haven't we heard from the pony that escaped Judgement back in Chapter 5?

All of these questions, and more, will be answered soon,


You can find the poll on my blog.

Link: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/879013/poll-should-marble-pie-get-a-future-story-role

This poll will NOT end until Sunday!

Feel free to make theories on what will happen! And always let the brony or pegasister within conquer your creativity.

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