• Published 12th Sep 2012
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Ride On Shooting Star - Closer-To-The-Sun

A strange blue box crash lands in Equestria which leads to a series of events that involve a grey pegasus and a brown stallion known as the Doctor.

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Ch. 1 Worlds Collide

Chapter 1: Worlds Collide

A brown stallion woke up. Groaning, he lifted his head up and looked around at his surroundings. The area looked alien to him. Large trees that seemed gloomy, rugged terrain, only a small amount of light from the sun piercing the canopy. Sitting up, he turned his head to look more and he saw his TARDIS had crashed and was leaning up against a large boulder. What caught his eye, however, was that on top of the police call box, it read "pony box" instead of "police box". The Doctor then looked down at his limbs and was in shock and horror: he had become a pony.

While is first thought was to panic. But the Doctor knew better than this. Consoling himself, he began to talk to himself aloud. "Calm yourself and think. Let's see, I was fighting against Daleks….and losing….and now I'm a….horse? Curse regeneration. At least I'm not a woman."

Trotting up to the TARDIS, the Doctor struggled to open the door, but was finally able to after a few tries. Entering the roomy interior of the TARDIS, the Doctor saw that it was a mess from the impact of the crash. Sighing, he walked to the hexagonal console in hopes of starting it time machine up. However, the console seemed to unresponsive.

"Darn, shot to hell and back," he muttered to himself, then turning his voice outward, "But something tells me you wanted me to be here." He spoke aloud for his TARDIS to hear. There was no response to his words.

With no reply from his machine, looked around and saw that he could repair the machine quite easily. That is, if he had the right parts. He estimated that could repair it within two or three days but that estimate was if the planet he was on had the available technology. This new horse ears perked up at the thought, where was he and when? Seeing he was not able to tell from inside, he began to trot outside. However, the Doctor paused when he saw his reflection in a broken piece of mirror on the ground. He looked at his new light brown coat that covered his new body and his two blue eyes. Moving a hoof through his dark brown mane, he gave himself a smile. He seemed pleased. His smile vanished as he moved towards the door, making a comment, "Still not a ginger."

Exiting the TARDIS, the Doctor froze in a panic as he saw another creature sitting a few meters away from the time machine. It was a grey pegasus with a blonde mane, yellow eyes and a blank expression. She blinked a few times in silence as she stared at the Doctor and the blue TARDIS.

'A local?! Oh dear, gotta make something up and quick!' The Doctor thought to himself. He spoke, "Oh, hello there. You must have seen this thing crash and were curious too, huh?" It wasn't until after he spoke that the Doctor realized that what he said was ridiculous.

The pegasus's face turned from the blank stare to a warm smile. She giggled before speaking, "What are you doing in the Everfree Forest? Nopony is supposed to venture too deep in here."

The Doctor reversed the question to save himself, "Well, what are you doing here?"

"I'm a mailmare!" the pegasus proudly proclaimed. Standing up on her hooves, she turned to show the saddlebag on her back. "Derpy Hooves, at your service!"

The Doctor looked at the bag on her back, he see that it read 'Equestria Mail Service: Please do not give the mailmare muffins'. A small smile came across his face, 'At least I know where I am at.'

There was a silence between the two when they heard a growling of a stomach. The Doctor seemed embarrassed. "Oh, heh, pardon me," he apologized, "I haven't eaten in a while so…."

"Then you will come with me!" Derpy interrupted the statement.

"Huh, what?" the stallion was confused.

Derpy used her front limbs to pick up the ponified time lord but his front limbs and began to fly with him. "I'm going to take you back to my home where we with both have lunch!" Derpy said excitedly.

"Um….Derpy, was it? You really don't have to do this. I really should get back to repai-….I mean looking at the mysterious….thing," the Doctor tried to convince the pegasus to let him back on the ground. However, she didn't hear him as she was repeating the word 'muffins' as she flew above the tree canopy and towards civilization.

The Doctor had given up trying to reason with the mare. "Well, better dealing with Daleks, I suppose," he quietly muttered to himself.