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Twilight awakens one morning to find a newspaper detailing that the Canterlot Mint has been robbed, and the prime suspect in the case is somepony very close to her heart: Princess Celestia! Now, the purple pony must work with her friends to help clear their leader's good name and find the true culprit.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 15 )

Wow, I'm very intrigued how this will go on!

And as a huge Celestia fan, I'm extremely rooting for Twilight and her friends.
I just hope that there won't be a twist in the end, that Celestia is actually evil :fluttercry:

I will track and read later. You get a like from the premise alone. This looks interesting.

Canterlot Mint? Whats that?

It would be comparable to a huge financial institution in the real world.

Its Luna and Cadence. There I solved the mystery in like two minutes.

Those are called banks :))

Of course, but I'm going for a comparison that's larger than just your local bank. This is more like Fort Knox or The National Reserve. This is the Equestrian elite when it comes to finances. That's why the fact that Celestia's been accused of robbing it is so huge.

I can neither confirm nor deny. You'll have to keep reading! :)

I’ll stick to my theory until proven otherwise, but truth be told I don't expect it to be that easy but everything I read so far points to it. I’ll just keep reading and see what happens.

The plot thickens 🤔

Not the whole truth. Who is the second mare?

If you'll reread that part of the chapter, I've now named her. :)

Now we got our robbers, we know their motives, but how the heck are they gonna try and rule equestria.This feels like a how are we gonna take over the world with a white Michael Jackson scenario.

Why the heck was she sent to prison. Surely house arrest would have been sufficient, especially if she was being beaten up at prison.

Ooh no, how will Twi and Moon get out of this predicament 😮😮😮😮😮😮

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