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The bounty hunter Jean De Basse has been forced into a contract by Governor Muck of the Griffon Frontier and the corporate lackey Edwin Clay of General Petroleum . A contract so valuable, so lucrative, that half of its reward could fund Frosthill for another five years.

Join Jean in his first misadventure as he is thrown into a hunt far beyond his expectations. He must navigate an increasingly impossible contract in the face of sinister machinations lurking in the shadows.

This job will take him from one end of Equus to the other, through the thick of the fighting, the shadows of tyrants, and the light of unsung heroes.

For now though, all he has to do is escape from Azkaban, target in tow...

Set in the Equestria at War universe.

Received special mention in for Third Annual Equestria at War Write Off!

Amazing Art done by: JowyBean!

Sequel Story: The Prench Connection

(EDIT): Title changed to "Escape from Stalliongrad" due to several instances of confusion!

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hey look a griffon story with the main character as a griffon!

and their not anthro or human or its a stinking crossover.

THANK YOU SO MUCH AUTHOR. we need more griffon stories. oO

Isn't Azkaban the infamous prison in the Harry Potter universe?


Yeah, there's this little island on the map in the HOIV mod that the "Red Island" is based on. I think it was joke, but because the island's name in the mod is Azkaban, I just played it straight!

Also was a good way to fiddle with heavy handed foreshadowing.

Hmm id enjoy a sequel to this hopefully a lil longer. You got that talent to write. Hopecto aee more from you in time.

Loving the positive vibes so far, if there's a reason you don't like the story let me know here!

Hey there!

This was reviewed here.

Thanks for picking me as a reviewer. I hope you find what I have to say useful.


Comment posted by Jean De Basse - Woolie deleted May 7th, 2020

**looks at title** Does this mean dementors will appear in this story? Because that'd be cool.

Sorry man! No dementors, its just the name of an island in the HOIV mod!

This fic is the compilation of classical themes and images. Description of the Frontier realities is nice, Stalliongrad looks like one big stereotype, but I can forgive it. The story is simple, but not bad or poorly written, so it can be read just for interest and fun. Thanks the author for his work, I've heard a tough that large-format fics aren't popular and this fact displeasing me, so I hope that his creativity will be continued and rated by as many people as it possible.

Changed title to "Escape from Stalliongrad" due to several people being confused!

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