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Ok this was an interesting story.

Nuclear launch code is: 1934809
Be careful out there

That was short and sweet clop. 10/10 would read again. :eeyup:

Just last night I was hoping for more Limestone Pie stories, and you have delivered! Christmas has came early!

That was good, I could see Limey being into getting roughed up a bit.

Oh hey it's my art. Nice

Thank you for posting such wonderful art.

Thank you for writing a wonderful story

marble knew.

but that end note killed me.

NBQ #11 · Dec 9th, 2019 · · ·

Oh, this note at the end :pinkiecrazy:

Was a great read, thanks!

I read the first part and I thought, oh it's going to be one of those stories
Then I was like wait a minute this is a limestone fic so I kept reading
I was not disappointed
I'll be keeping an eye on you 😉

When Tops collide, MLP X Human version

Ahh hate bucking, the sexiest way to work out aggression lol

I was thinking the exact same thing, which inspired me to write this.

Holy shit, 10/10


Rock hard. The way I like it.

Sheds are serious and scary business. :rainbowderp:

Most excellent.

I want a spin off with Luna.

The two of you shoved your tongues down each others' throats.

Damn that is some intense kissing

HA! Limestone's character was spot on.

Okay that was uh

That was something else

That was the actual Luna during Anon's dream.

Gonna be waiting for that threesome chapter. Luna is probably the one to watch out for. Either super sweet and demure like in his dream or she'll come walking into the bedroom floating all sorts of dominatrix stuff in her magic. Full outfit too.

You loved them all almost like a family, even with the intense workload and strange family values were a bit difficult to adjust to.

Needs rewording or even just a which after values.
Great stuff though. love a good hate fucking.

I was going to ask about Luna and loved the answer

That was the actual Luna during Anon's dream.

Aaaaand, that's worth a follow.

Great characterization, steamy scene, hilarious ending. What more could you want? :twilightsmile:

I have sequels planned. Don't you worry, this joke shall continue.

The fun has been multiplied by the desired amount!

That last Author Note got me.

this sounds like angry sex incoming

EDIT: it was even better

Will there be a sequel? Like a short series with anon and Limestone doing innuendos.

Possibly two.

Well, that was short, but sweet, fun and hot! :trollestia:
Great job!:moustache:

Something had happened in the shed and none of the Pies were quite sure if they wanted to know what.

Good job, Marble, you made a miracle happen :trollestia:

Calling limestone pie a cunt, then plugging her backside in a shed really resonates with me. Very fun romp, Chief.

Author's Note:

That was the actual Luna during Anon's dream.

This is the real bombshell


One: My pants feel a size too small.

Two: This was too hilarious to jack it to.


That was the actual Luna during Anon's dream.

Made me laugh my ass off.

All the kudos to you, good sir/madam.

Got a really good Mr and Mrs Smith vibe from this one.
Great characterization for Limestone, lol.
11/10 kicks to the ribs :rainbowwild:

This was awesome I hope there are sequels.

I have two planned.

>that was the actual Luna in anons dream
I laughed out so loud! Good fic!

Best story ever

Heist failed.
The Velum was destroyed.

grate story. loved every thing about it. but most of all the note at the end was extremely funny.

Oh my! This is too good! XD I really enjoy it,:rainbowlaugh::raritywink::twilightblush:

I was waiting for Luna to appear in the dream but the note at the end explained it nicely lol.

Good stuff :pinkiehappy:

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