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Writer of Fillies doing lewd things and Ponies doing cute things. People seem to dig that stuff around here.

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i can just agree with spur, that was awesome ! :D

That was a really good clopfic about Spur's first time. The characters had enough variety to keep it interesting.

Spur is an awesome filly.

Aw, thanks! I did go out of my way to make the male characters a bit more interesting in this one, which is a rarity for me.

The puns...BOOO! BOOO!

The puns....YES! YES!

Nothing against this story, which is well done clop as usual.

But seeing the character you've worked on for the past month and started to sympathize with get deflowered by two burly stallion OCs...kind of killed the moment for me if you get what I mean...:pinkiesad2:

I also always imagined Spur to be into the Equestrian version of BDSM. Cause her cutie mark is a spur, after all. :trixieshiftright:
And is Spur actually 12-13? In Growing Up is Hard to Do, I thought the CMCs (without aging spell) were around 12-13, and Spur/Biscuit were early high school, maybe 14-15. The Mane 6 are in their 20s.

Spur is a cutie! Maybe I'll write more of her. If it's any consolation, she certainly enjoyed it, heh. As for the age, judging by the way the CMC act, the other foals around their age, and their classroom at school I'd say they're 7-9. No way Spur and Biscuit had the maturity of a 14-15 year old, in my opinion.

Who knows though, I might write more Spur in the future! (Probably)

Mmmm spurs. Don't mind me, I'm just over here thinking of Applejack.

Now that was a damn good read, Spur is a cutie :heart:

Good job on this, have a follow, friend.

Great work!

“Hello, fellas.” Spur gave a kind smile to each of them, “Anything new?”

Reminds of a certain cowboy

awesome continuation, loved it :)

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