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Anon is at Celestia’s day court with concerns about a certain subject, but that subject is quickly dropped after he notices the Matriarch’s strange behaviour...

He decides to confront her directly.

Author’s note: This story is what happens when you have no plan nor direction. Also, this was typed on a phone instead of a computer. I don’t think I need to tell what happens when you decide to format on an unfamiliar set up. But I have a feeling you’ll find out if you continue.

Edit: why the hell was this featured? You’re telling me I go away for a day and this happens? You all must have incredibly low standards, this story is literally garbage. But hey, thanks I guess?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 192 )

Not only is it poorly formatted and written...

Not only is it bland an predictable...

Not only is it a poor parody of an actual problem...

But perhaps the greatest sin of all...

It's an Anon fic.

Respect your elders you fucking Zoomers

You're talking about the Zoomer problem, right :D

Of course Celestia believes in Climate Change. She can just snuff out the sun, and the climate will change. Maybe she should, because you fuckers don’t appreciate how warm she’s making the world.

9929229 It's going to get a whole lot warmer...

You know, the whole Apocalypse thing. :trollestia:

"We could fix global warming if we blew up the sun...
Globe would cool right off."

Seems bought right.

Great story! Love it, and I have some advice for formatting since you're unfamiliar with mobile format (most of my stories were done in mobile due to financial difficulties):

Good idea is to have a 5 sentence paragraph, then break if it's a new character speaking. Keeps it relatively well formatted, and makes it look more "beefy".

Proofreading is kind of tricky, I find myself having to switch to desktop site. On chrome it's pretty easy, you just hit the options at the top right, then check the box for desktop site viewing. Be warned- it'll make the font really really tiny to read so you'll probably have to zoom in.

In this context, that's actually a viable option. >_>

Ponies do control their climate. Also they don't use fossil fuels

they use coal, presumably for steelmaking and for running steam engines but not much else as widespread electrification is never shown as far as I'm aware

“-this was the same evil your student and her friends saved me from, the same evil I swore would never touch this earth ever again.”

So... you're saying they fought Nightmare Boom?

Once I saw the title I couldn't stop smiling and it was written so well even on a phone 10/10 would zoom again

That thought is blasphemy. But likely. It is good the elements of harmony brought Zoomer Logic to her royal highness.

Thou must not poke holes in a story so grand. Thou must simply enjoy it.

I hate to bring this up, but doesn't Tia's age make her OLDER than Baby Boomers or Gen X? Thus...technically she can't be a Boomer due to her being too old? :-/

I expected "Ok, boomer" as the punch line. I was pleasantly surprised

My dead mother is turning in her grave.

This is... something.

That was an experience.

There isn’t any other way to describe this.

this...was an experience, an experience that, weird as it was, was not entirely unpleasant. i don't know what can be said to rationalize what humanity has been given, but it was an experience nonetheless

I don't know what I expected but I think I got it

That makes no sense. That's like saying a vet from WWI or WWII is one of the "original Boomers." They have nothing in common. Or Hell... Medieval Knight or a ancient Roman in toga and sandals.


Ok Millennial Hipster. Go back to eating you Avocado Toast with a cup of soy latte.

I can see the sequel now: "twilight the millennial hipster" lol

You realize it what I said was meant as a joke, right? It wasn't meant to be taken as a serious answer.

I'm not sure whether to hate the internet or the people on it for making Zoomer a thing. Does that make me a Boomer or do I just roll the dice now to decide?

I don't know if you've noticed, but this is a story made about fictional multi-chromatic talking horses. I don't really know if any of the normal age things apply. Boomer is a term for people born between 1946 and 1964, but it also is a mentality that baby boomers often carry, but is not exclusive to baby boomers.

"Boomer" was originally an age demographic, yes, but it has since evolved into describing a mindset.

Fucking Zoomer...


The problem is you people are Climate Alarmists and no better than other Doomsday cultists, but you're worshipping Mother Gaia and not Jesus. People like you were ready to sign The Green New Deal when, if you actually read the document, it was about implementing Socialism. Even the creators of that Deal admit to it. Can't fucking stand you people and your fear mongering. Do you all really know how stupid you look outside of your echo chambers?

Yes, I know this is a joke fic, but I really want to punch that Anon in the stomach.

As a Swede I am so sorry for Greta Thunberg. She is sadly another example of wealthy people using a kid as a shield.

>wasn't drinking a can of boomer juice while the accusations occurred
For shame author, that would of cemented her as peak boomer.

Thanks. Sadly, she's not the first I've seen and it's obvious her parents are the ones coaching her. There's pictures of her parents with Antifa shirts on, that Greta is also wearing. I've also seen children used to promote Planned Parenthood\Abortion, a 6-year old "Syrian refugee" on Twitter talking with the same eloquence as a college student, and a very similar climate change child activist to Greta back in the early 1990's at the U.N. too.

It's a tactic of authoritarian activists and regimes use all the time. Don't have the facts on your side? Use emotional rhetoric, fear, and children. It's so old that Walt Disney put out World War 2 propaganda saying it.

You're partly right. The path we're taking will kill us, but life will find a way. Probably mostly plants for a while, because higher CO2 levels to support them.

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