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Here to show whatever mediocre stuff is born from my twisted thoughts.


A handful of humans get dropped into the universe, we follow the one who woke up in Griffinstone.

We catch up to him after he is drafted and sent out on duty without any training, the griffons believe that if you can’t learn on the battlefield you can’t learn anywhere.

This human doesn’t get Six of the most important people in the country to instantly become his best friend, he gets some random griffins who he has no choice but to entrust his life to.

This human doesn’t have some latent magical powers or anything like that, if he wants to get something done he’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

Most creatures call him evil since he lies, cheats, steals and betrays if it will get him and his friends out of trouble, he prefers his actions being called opportunistic pragmatism.

Chapters (2)
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well. Out of the fryer into the brain scrambler. Hopefully he gets his ass in gear and builds a gun cas crossbows kinda suck when your enemy can do magic or slice you to ribbons

Baju #3 · Saturday · · · Freak ·

Good story but I have to ask is the shovel a primary weapon and if so keep it

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