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Rarity is best pony!


During the Rainbow Roadtrip, the Mane 6 wind up sharing beds on the overnight stay, what might happen this most wonderful of nights?

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 9 )

I'm hoping the one Applejack is staying with is Rarity. If this story goes AppleDash, I'm writing it off.

And here I was hoping a couple of the main six would pair up with the main princesses. Mainly Fluttershy and Luna but that's just me. Good story though can't wait to see how the next chapters go.

Pretty good. FYI, you might want to think about capitalizing the chapter names.

Yay all of my favorite ships in one neat package!

A little straight forward, but some genuinely sweet moments throughout. Not all my favorite ships, but they all work.

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