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I'm just a guy who writes stories for the fun of it. All I want is to make people laugh/smile and entertain them with my work.


Alternate title: The Magical Tale of a Snarky Bug Pony.

Zach's life was average, boring, a little disappointing really.
He wished he could have a real escape from the depressing monotony of it all.
Well, besides just what escapism he could get from a videogame.

As it turned out, he got his wish. Though, it wasn't exactly what he was expecting; these things rarely are.

Now he finds himself in Equestria, something that would have been a dream come true for him...
...five years ago!

Nonetheless, it couldn't hurt to sit back, relax, and make the most of this opportunity to experience life as a pony in the world of Equestria.
Sure, he wasn't exactly a fan of the show anymore, and this whole turn of events wasn't something he really wanted, or asked for, but hey.
Who knows, maybe it'll be fun? Better than sitting at home playing video-games at any rate.
Time to go on adventures as a pony!

Well, there is a slight problem: he's not a pony, per say...
He's a changeling.

that may complicate things...
As if that weren't bad enough, events in Equestria don't seem to be happening quite the way he remembered them happening in the show...

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

Phase Two? Such a cliche thing for a mastermind to say. It's been done so often, you can find it in speech therapy 101.
Still, please continue. I'm surprisingly enjoying it.

Tbh, it feels like a self insert for me lol.

... This looks fun, as someone who stopped watching MLP since Luna fought and defeated the Tantabus, I wonder what his reactions will be once he finds out about what the series holds after the wedding...

he's less "mastermind" and more, "I'm probably going crazy so I need something concrete to focus on to avoid diving further into insanity."

I'm glad you're enjoying it though, this story is proving to be very fun to write!


It's proving to be quite fun to write.
I myself stopped watching shortly before the Sombra incident, though I stuck around for the fan created content and occasionally watched a few episodes here and there.

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