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In one plane of reality, Pinkie Pie sees everything that Chara went through and proceeds to setup a situation of eternal annoyance and frustration.

In an entirely different plane of reality, Pinkie Pie sees Chara's situation and, despite everything Chara did afterwards, not to mention the chaos Tzeentch and his lackeys have undoubtedly sown by this point, proceeds to help her recover from it in the only way she knows how: by warping reality.

An alternate ending to New Chaotic Friends! that gives a decidedly more hopeful ending for Chara, as well as to show just how far Pinkie Pie will go to help someone smile when they clearly need it.

Spoilers for both Undertale's Pacifist and Genocide Runs, though given the subject matter and the game's age those should be expected.

New Chaotic Friends! originally written by GMBlackjack
Cover art originally made by DakotaDAYO

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