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When Twilight Sparkle is summoned alone to Canterlot for a top-secret meeting, she expects the fate of Equestria to be on the line once again. As it would happen, she was only half-right.

The human world of Earth has lived in the shadow of Nanites, the microscopic machines unleashed nearly five years ago in a world-changing event. The multinational Agency known as Providence is the last hope in the never-ending war against the Nanite-created EVO monsters.

And it now seems that Equestria and the Elements are joining the fight alongside Providence's secret weapon...

An amnesiac, teenaged, weaponized EVO...named Rex.

Generator Rex Crossover, set during Season One and in Season 4 of FIM. Will have gore, swearing, epic action, and some romance. Some OCs are an added bonus.

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Comments ( 5 )

I might have to go back and rewatch/catchup on GR. Any ideas where i can watch it
But I can see potential in this

Try Kimcartoon.to

On a school iPad and wont let me on the site

Thx tho

This was in the popular stories column. I'm pretty happy right now.

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