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I am a person who wants to be a author by writing books of my own. I never have gotten the chance to express my stories that I come up with and I decided to share these stories with fimfiction........

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Its a good read its really dark but still good:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Yeppers, and it only gets darker from here. :pinkiecrazy: All abroad the train before departure!

Welp the world is fucked unless someone goes through every episode after Season 4 to find the most powerful/evil thing the main characters of MLP has faced and defeated or reformed since those seasons including the movie.

Those evil or whatever forces to be needed to help the War effort against Tirek.

Can the world or the Coalition as I will call the forces against Tirek, pull a Japan with a Perl Harbour?

(Pull a Japan means the fact Imprial Japan was able to achieve stunning success against US and British forces during World War 2 for 1 and a half years [1941-1942] but then suffer severe setbacks by year 3 and a half [1942-1943] and then outright losing by the last two years [1944-1945].)

The Coalition is stuck in a do or die situation.

The only problem is that Tirek can easily crush a army, instead the Coalition will need to rely on guerrilla and insurgancy tactics to stand a chance or god forbid friendship.

Why am I trying to help a group of creatures against a hopeless situation where success is 98% likely to fail without proper training of friendship.

Heck the military situation is more likely going to end how the Polish military did against Germany in World War 2 but instead of a army of tanks and planes, it is one Centar supported by loyal subject's.

Thanks story for pointing out the obvious by the way, this is hopeless only a going underground will work.

Oh and My answer on the "pull a Japan" question.
It is unfortunately very low and is likely to end with the Coalition using hit and run tactics instead of conventional warfare of frontlines and logistics. So their will be few Stratgic victorys and the cities on the Coalition side will be falling rapidly in less than a month to Tirek.

That's an interesting way to look at this conquest of Tirek's. Hmm. Canonally speaking, the only thing that can soundly defeat him is the "magic of friendship" (Elements of Harmony, I suppose in this Season). What's an interesting bone is that he can willingly give up the stolen magic in his body. That basically means he can super charge and steal from any magic-using creature he wants. That kind of ability is godlike on its own in a magic filled planet.

It is possible for more than one nation to join together. But you have to remember that the Era in time is kind of jumbled up. But one things for sure is that news getting spread to other countries is close to nonexistent. As a matter of fact, the only other nation around this season that had decent communication with Equestria is the Dragonlands which are rarely interested in pony affairs. So you're right. The chances, if this was an actual legit war story, of the combined nations actually winning again Tirek is close to nothing. And even if they do win, the countries will only, realistically, just take pieces of Equestria's land for themselves because none of the kingdoms (Besides maybe the Hippogriffs) cared about friendship to begin with.

Politically speaking for Tirek, the ponies are this still having a hard time accepting Tirek as a king. Which is briefly explained, or maybe implied, in this chapter. And physically, Tirek is a more superior force by himself. But he realizes that charging in each country and destroying each capital city of every nation is not going to cement his 'rule of the world' so to speak. He's an actual competent villain in this twist of a story.

Trust me. I'll explain it all throughout the story. Also, I did warn you at the beginning. If you don't know what I mean, I made it him winning in the end plainly obvious on purpose. This is a porn centered story, not a lore and worldbuilding centered story. I just like adding upon the worlds I create because, to me, it's fun doing.


To address the communication issues.

Well the world can rely on sail ships or Airships or a mail system using flying creatures/land creatures and Dragon fire instant communication that we see Spike use or last resort a modified version of the spell Twilight used to have instant communication with Sunset Shimmer in Equestrian girls or what I like to call Equestria's version of email (It will revolutionize the face of the planet to the scale that planet Earth changed from 1900 to 2001 but much more greater).

We know Equestria has a established mail system that is so great that it works in Tartarus.

So it's not that hard to guess that some creatures have limited communication that may be delayed by a week but nevertheless means that coordination can work, no matter how poorly and commissioning a few skilled unicorns who have magic in them to teleport to secret locations to provide quick and easy communication and intelligence to the leaders of the coalition can easyly be arranged with money.

Theirs the other fact that Changelings can use Magic to spread information.

But then again I'm explaining a Geopolitical situation in a story that's suppose to be focused on porn.

Still the very meaning of the Coalition distracting Tirek from fun times with the Princesses and later their leaders will be considered a victory.

Would you mind writing pregnant sex scenes and lactation scenes of Twilight x Tirek
and Cadence x Tirek for the future chapter of this story?:twistnerd:

I think it will be more interesting for this story if you make Twilight and Cadence become pregnant mares with Tirek's foal in their womb.:pinkiehappy:

My favorite fetishes are pregnant sex and lactation.:rainbowkiss:
I hope you will consider my request.:raritywink:
I love "Master of the World" and "Master of All Magic" so much.:eeyup:

I'm glad you're liking the story so far. Six months have gone by, so I would say they are pregnant. But thanks for the input! I will at least incorporate one sex scene. Who knows, there might be some more that don't involve Twilight or Cadence.

Though now that I think about it, that's, at least, two heirs to the throne. And I'm pretty sure that Tirek wants to keep his title forever. :twilightoops:

Standing in front of the open grave of the world, looking on at the slaughtered mass of the innocent proletariat who did nothing to him, the dry-eyed stoic in the moment before being killed for daring to think, must ask the bloody-handed bourgeois tyrant, "Why?" It's a question that will never be answered. Because the tyrant doesn't care. And their puppet master doesn't know. They're not stupid, merely ignorant. They haven't invested the thought into it to know. Like driving a car without knowing how an engine works or pressing a button to flood a factory with poison gas without knowing biochemistry. It's always the same. The same old game.

This text would have been perfect for the first paragraph of the first story. In my opinion. I appreciate you taking the time to read the 'story' though. :twilightsmile:

"It's the same old game, just a different name, you can play it in the stars or in the mud. For power corrupts, and it fills its cups from the first to the last with innocent blood." I love that song.

Huh... that brings to mind another song. What happens to the children? "Is it ever and always the children who pay for their parents mistakes?" And it's not even their mistake.

Any idea when the next chapter will be?

So far, so good. I'm hungry for updates now! :yay:

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