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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D


A year ago, a few months after the changeling invasion, a pony, only calling himself Joker, turned up and started to spread chaos.

He killed ponies, planted bombs, hurt the ponies of Equestria and the mane 6, badly.

Twilight is determined to find out why he did these things, she wants to understand, maybe even rehabilitate him. She goes in with a recorder and decides to interview him, listen to their conversations as Twilight tries to dive deeper into this pony's head and hopefully make sense of his madness.

Only question is, can she trust what he tells her?

NOTE: This is just a story I do when I feel bored. This is just a pony version of A Joker, not THE Joker. So don't go into this story if you expect a perfect replica. This is purely for fun, some light writing so to speak. This is just a version of A Joker. Please keep that in mind before you read. :pinkiecrazy:

P.S. The Joker is not Cheese Sandwich. :rainbowlaugh:

This story is inspired by:

The killing Joke
Dark Knight Rises
DC Comics

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Hmm...this has caught my attention if only a bit. Just wish the chapters where a bit longer. Through I am putting together a picture from what happened during the Joker's rampage.

P.S. The Joker is not Cheese Sandwich.

Well, you could have fool me with that vague description of the stallion. In the first chapter. Orange shades coat and brown mane and tail beneath the green dye.

Thanks looks cool can't wait for more this is an interesting

Yeah, that is what I thought too when I wrote it. I just found a pic where I liked the colors, how they were matched as a pony with clown makeup, that is why I picked that. I later realized people could mistake him for Cheese Sandwich, so I figured I better clear that up from the start.

As for the chapters, they are short on purpose, but I understand. It is just a little baby story I do whenever I feel like writing something short. :twilightsmile:

I'm interested so far. Ignore the dislikes and complete your story that's what I have to say.

Thanks, that means a lot, I never really cared for those, people can just stop reading. ^^


Well, in my opinion I think you should leave the readers guessing who the unknown pony stallion is. you see one the things people love about,The Joker is the fact he's such a big enigma. There's literally nothing known about his past and whatever he said about his past on the rarest of times. you have to take it with a grain of salt. Because like the clown prince of crime once said.

"If he had a past he would prefer it to be multiple choices."

That's one of the keys to making a good Joker story maintaining that mystery about him and hit the readers with unexpected twists.

I totally agree, but that is why I am using tapes and short chapters, and also why I don't use Cheese Cake, because I knew people would go to him first, and I did not want people to think that, to obvious. :twilightsmile:

So I totally get you, but it is also important to say, I won't be able to capture a perfect Joker, I am only able to make a Joker that will serve my story. which why I put the warning in the beginning, not to expect a perfect Joker or anything. This is just a story I write on whenever I feel a little bored or just wanna write something. :derpytongue2:

There's no such thing as a perfect Joker. Every version of the Joker is different from the DC comics to the cartoons and live action movies. How each Joker is portrayed is what makes them unique and memorable from the rest. The Joker from the Batman the animated series is iconic thanks to the wonderfully voice acting of none other than Mark Hamil and when came to the live action movies, The late Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix killed it. Both of their versions of Joker are different from one other and yet memorable for years to come.

So with that said. don't worry about it. Make this version of the Joker yours and make it a good one friend.

I shall strive to do my best, that is the only thing any of can do. :raritywink:

I hope you don’t intend to stop making these because this is amazing.

No no, not at all. In fact releasing two tapes today. :pinkiehappy:

This is just something I do without a like, uhm, a schedule, something I work on just to write out something.

Thank you for saying that however, it really makes me.... SMILE... :pinkiecrazy:

Are you going to have a prequel to this to show the events they're talking about

I have given it some thought, so I will say maybe. I’m not sure if it would make this one better or worse. So if the mood is right, then yeah, I would consider it.

Do you like to see a prequel with this story?

Totally, every chapter adds more mystery as to what all the joker actually did. I would love it.

Ah yes, but that is my dilemma, would it ruin this story if I revealed his backstory?

You don't have to add in his backstory in the prequel. Just start it when he came to Ponyville

Hmmm, that is certainly something to think about.. Thank you for the words of encouragement! :D I will think on it!

Pinkie Promise :pinkiecrazy:

They need to stone Pinkie, she become loyal to a monster. OR a Harley, thou Harley did break away from the Joker in the end.

Why Applejack is so...... I don't know the best word for it but let's say dumb, simple
Like stereotypical farmers that are put in the shows for a joke

Dumb? I would say she is emotional. I did not mean for her to sound like she was simple minded.

Is it the attempt of southern accent or is it the things she says?


"But, maybe we can finally get answers to why he did what he did, what triggered all of this, what-"

"A'h don't care, Twilight."


"A'h don't care why he did it, nothing can justify what he did. We're trying move on, trying to put it behind us, we don't need this. You do."

That's an example of her not caring about the source of the problem just to forget that there is a problem

What problem? She is reacting that Twilight is talking to a pony who hurt them that much. She does not care about why he did what he did, to her it does not matter as his acts were vile no matter what. He’s in prison and she wants to move on while her friend seems to still being stuck in the past to satisfy her curiosity.

Not saying it is sensible or even fair, but she is reacting on an emotional level as she rather not want her and her friends going through that again.

I don’t see how that makes her dumb?

Pinkie needs help and your first reaction is to STONE HER!?

Like I wrote before I didn't know what the word fitted better
So I choose "dumb" but now thinking about it, it doesn't fit that much, but it is still selfish reason with "let's move on and forget that it even happened" vibe

Hmm, I can see what you mean. That was not what I was going for, but thank you for making me aware of that possible misunderstanding.

The point was kind of to give her that emotional reaction, like she wants to move on and forget about it. Twilights wants answers, Rainbow and pinkie is still dealing with the impact the most.

So I hope it shed some more light on the scene ^^

You heard of Harley Quinn? Do I need to explain? Ok...Living punch bag, stress relief for the Joker to use and abuse 24/7.
always was used and thrown aside, got treated, tries to live a normal life or live, only to crawl back to her pudding over and over again till she finally wised up,. but is permanently damaged.

she used to be a therapist who was assigned to the Joker, and in the time she went from smart sensible woman to lunatic mallet welding manic who do anything for him.

I'm hoping Pinkie doesn't go the same way. but.......

You wrote this like an angry feminist who watched/read a Batman series where Joker abuses Harley so have that opinion on every version

That's not the case with all Harley's in comics. Plus, the author did say that this was a version of A Joker. So there may be plot elements that are different here.

Am I defending Joker? No. I will never defend the Joker. But to say one Joker is like every Joker is a bit shortsighted. Each Joker has their own reasons, methods, opinions and so on. I mean, in some universes, the Joker's a good guy.

Which makes me wonder what this Joker is.

On that note, loving the story DanishDash.


I mean, in some universes, the Joker's a good guy.

Yes but it's not always easy to see, he hides his goals
Like theorized there

Ponies would never understand joker, they are too childish
Ponies sometimes can be in some way mature, but they are mostly children minded, and at the same time too innocent to see their flaws while hurting others
Like children who don't know they are hurting someone

When reading this, I can't help but read it in the voice of Joker from the Batman games. Best Joker, by the way.

Damn. Grilled her ass.

Id love to see a prequel to this

Maybe where he is freed by ponies who want revenge against corrupted system like him

Every time they kill someone in high position they also release all his records, manipulations and other evidence of corruption

He would probably also get information from ponies working under them that got wronged, working as spies

Then his support would rise
What can alicorns do when ponies they failed to protect are on his side?

I'd love to see a prequel, to see everything what happened before this story. Or even a sequel where he breaks out, or someone frees him.

I would support any sequel or prequel to this. Awesome job!

There's also the one from that mirror world in Brave and the Bold I think, where Owlman is from. Considering Joker helped Batman to stop his own evil counterpart in the guy's home universe, and as a result Batman thinking there might be hope for his Joker, seeing how a good one turned out.

Looking forward to a sequel and or prequel.

I like this joker already

God damn it, twilight is making the same mistake Batman does every time, he’s gonna get out Twilight, every single version of him is the same in that regard, you caught him early, the pony is still in there, the clown hasn’t killed him yet, but he will, he always does, he will be a hundred times worse once that happens, he is your new reacuring villain, Equestria’s very own Clowned Prince of Crime

this needs a prequel and sequel the prequel being the events talked about in this story! anyone know of a similar story like this with a joker like pony

I feel like someone should do a YouTube video reading this story.

I would love that, but I'm not sure my grammar or spelling is there yet to create a good and easy read. I try however. :twilightsmile:

The problems are easy to fix. I would be willing to help you with that if you want.

If you have experience with it I would certainly apretiate your input. :eeyup:

Less experience and more that I am a writer and a poet.

Oh, well I would apretiate any insight or help.

"Yes, you'd hurt them, and I am only here to get answers from you, not to play whatever sick games you have up in your head."

You should replace you'd with you.

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