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An autistic boy who loves to watch wrestling, cartoons, anime and other sports. I also love playing video games and creating art as well.



This story is a sequel to Equestria BatGirls

The Rainbooms and their Ninja friends from New York are back again for another adventure. After helping Batman and other heroes, they find themselves back into their dimension, only to be taken over by an army of metahumans. Because of that, they are now recruited to a team of time travelers who can help them restore not just their world, but Earth-1 as well. It’s now up to them to figure out who orchestrated the plan and what can they do to prevent it.

Chapters (1)
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Anyone else remember TMNT Flash Forward? Because the description tells me that this should take some things from that. At the very least, Cody needs to show up at some point.

Jax Jefferson

It's Jefferson 'Jax' Jackson

Okay, this looks interesting. Don't forget of the side effects in the next chapter.

Nice to see you put this here too

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