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I have been watching the show since 2012, following the fandom for just as long and I am now wanting to add what I have to it.


The Aether. A dark place where the most vile of creature is sent to once their mortal bodies parish. Limbo. A space in between where time itself holds no power over those who are trapped. Within these two realms lies a shadow, forever imprisoned with no hope of escape. However, forever is a long time. A lot can happen.

EDIT: I updated the title card with a redraw. I hope you like it.

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Comments ( 3 )

This is good! I only wish there was more....🙃🙂

This needs a sequel.

Also in my head Canon Stygian took Sombra as an apprentice, and they found the Pony of Shadows together. While the PoS took Stygian as it's host, it gave Sombra his shadow powers.

You know, This is really good, I always felt there was connection between Sombra and the pony of shadows. Hope you make a continuation to this.

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