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"Jimmy Hook's the Name, Transformations is my Game" (Victim of The Cursed Gift since September 2016)



The 31st of October is normally a cheerful night of spooktacular fun. Tonight, however, Manteo will be plunged into a living nightmare.

Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night everyone! :pinkiecrazy:

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Well, here we are.

oh hellooooooo midnight!

Interesting story.

twilight sparkle... excorsist?

That's better. Grab your proton pack, we've got a daemonette to bust!

Got it. And I got Pinkie for good measure.

I'm here!

Rally the rest of the Mane 7! I ain't afraid of no ghost!

I'm getting them now.

Incoming target! FIRE!

Come on girls. FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!!

Proton pack engaged! EAT THIS!

See ya later Midnight.

What'a this? A hole in the floor?

Maybe that was a bit too much girls.

I am inclined to agree.

Does anyone here realise that, jimmy is killed? Somewhat?


Does anyone here realise that, jimmy is killed? Somewhat?

You do realize blue cookie in that, for my transformation saga, I don't get myself killed. I just merely transform into a Fictional Female Character. :/

Okie =3

Anywho, what do you think of my transformation lifestyle? :3

Really arousing, i might say (sorry for late reply)
(Would be nice if jimmy could've had a mental wrestling with midnight sparkle, like fighting for control)

He temporarily ceases to exist, as his old personality is supressed (but not erased).

Halloween. A compression of the words All Hallow's Eve, many of the traditions and activities that take place on October 31st have their roots in a much older, Celtic, pagan world of ghosts and demons. Not to mention the tradition of trick and treat, as many long time users on this website will know, has a gruesome and horrific origin.

Halloween...a time where the darkness can truly run free:pinkiecrazy:.

Indeed, as many years ago, the offering of candy to Nightmare Moon was withheld, and what followed was a night of horrific slaughter as the Candymare killed everything in her path. Eventually, that reality was horrifically obliterated, and the world of Equestria Girls followed. Nothing could stop her, and she consumed all she found. Truly those of that really live in a world without hope (also known as post-Brexit Britain). But we are not in Britain today. Nor are we in the nightmarish domain the Candymare calls her own. Although there it is called Nightmare Night. But anyways, we find ourselves in Manteo, North Carolina. The sun was beginning to set upon the world, and the sky was replete with fireworks as the light became good enough for them to be seen clearly. Children happily ran back and forth between homes, dressed up as witches, wizards, skeletons, and all sorts of other strange and ghoulish things, knocking on doors and offering to trick and treat. But apart from that, many residents of Manteo simply locked their doors and hid from trick and treaters until the next day dawned and All Saint's Day arrived upon them, which was a considerably less horrible night for some of the pensioners who lived in the town.

Pretty active huh:rainbowderp:?

The darkness was of no hindrance to Jimmy Hook. Jimmy proceeded down the path outside his home to head toward the fireworks display, which as stated above was underway. He had fond memories of trick and treating as a younger child, back when he had lived in so many places across the world. Back when all was good with the world, before all went into a handcart and rode to Hell.

Even when...

No. Jimmy dismissed that thought as fast as he could, and decided to focus on something else. Tonight was Halloween, or Nightmare Night depending on which side of the portal you lived, and it was time to have some fun. He strolled along the waterfront towards the big dock. A coastal town, Manteo depended upon the sea for its livelihood, as well as other industries to many and varied to name here. The houses were all lit up in Halloween lighting, and festooned with cobwebs. A few had fake headstones outside, and others still had cackling objects lying outside that went off on a motion sensor. So, unless you wanted to get spooked, don't get too close. Jimmy, as such, avoided them, and soon found himself in a park which was mostly empty. This made him suspicious. Parks at this time of year were rarely mostly empty, usually being packed full of people having fun and celebrating. As he moved forward slowly, he suddenly spotted a small, circular object lying on the ground. It was colored purple, and had a rotating light on the top. There was also a small clasp holding it shut, and a cable coming off of it, as if it was meant to be tied around a wrist or hung around a neck.

Uh-oh, looks like Nightmare Night has other plans for you Jimmy:pinkiecrazy:.

"This is Twilight's energy pendant from Friendship Games," Jimmy said, and began to back away from it. "No. This is a very obvious trap." He thought he had it sassed out now (although Sunset Shimmer was not there).

Suddenly, the pendant opened up, and there was another loud boom. A ball of purple energy appeared in Jimmy's hands, and he was helplessly sucked into it as it expanded.


And then... he was gone.

Well...here we go again:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Jimmy felt like his entire body was being ripped apart as this invasive and bizarre energy did it's messy work. A pair of purple boots appeared on his legs, with more glowing turquoise light coming off the heels. Two wings floated off the back of them. He also wore a dress that barely reached his knees, and was colored purple with a purple bodice that had a pink line running down the middle. An outer skirt, colored pink, surrounded that, which had several stars on it, and his forearms and hands were covered with sleeveless gloves. A necklace with an 8 pointed pink star along with a purple strap to hold it in place appeared around his neck, which tightened his Adam's Apple so much because of it's size.

First the boots, then he wings, and the dress! Then he skirt, and the gloves, and the necklace:scootangel:!!!

His manhood vanished and her chest grew into a pair of breasts. Her Adam's Apple vanished which made it much easier for her necklace now. Her entire body grew in size till she dwarfed even the largest of humans. Two purple wings with a black wing blade suddenly tore their way out of her back, and a turquoise horn sprouted from her forehead that grew to more than eight inches in length. It had a gnarled, damaged texture, and this glowed brightly with barely suppressed energy. Her face reshaped itself into that of an evil being. Two flaming jets of very light cyan color appeared around her eyes, melting her red glasses and flaring out into the sky. Her irises turned from blue to turquoise, as her hair lost it's brown color by changing into a mixture of deep purple, luminous vivid magenta, and a very deep purple and suddenly it became able to counteract gravity and float in mid air. To wrap up her transformation, her skin turned to a very deep purple. With that, her transformation was now done.

Then the inner thighs, then the wing blades, then the face, and the eyes, and the skin:scootangel:!!!

Midnight Sparkle warped back into reality, and saw all around her. There was so much here, so much that she could use and make use off.

"Hahaha!" she laughed, as memories of Jimmy faded from her mind and memories of all who had wronged her and the world flooded in. Now she had the power to remove this blot forever. She could take her revenge. "Let's get a true party started!"

She fired off a bolt of pure energy that caused a neighboring house to burst into flames, and explosions began to echo across Manteo.


Such a pained world indeed:ajsleepy:.

When the alarm in the fire station goes off on Halloween at 10 in the evening, it's never good news. That was what the fire crews thought when the station bell began ringing.

"Somebody's probably set off a firecracker again!" one of them said. "Into the vehicles, go!"

Oh boy, here we go:twilightoops:!!!

The fire engines started their sirens and got off on their way. When they arrived at the scene, however, was the last thing they could have expected. Fires were burning everywhere, and holes were opening up in reality that threatened to consume everything. The commander ordered his crew to link up their hoses and start fighting the blazes that were erupting all around them, as building after building caught fire in strange purple explosions. People lay injured on the sidewalk, and paramedics were already rushing in to pull them out. It was going to be a busy night, that was for sure.

As the water jets began to put the fires out, a strange purple creature flew over, firing beams of purple light into objects. That was the cause of the fires, it seemed. Military choppers flew in to attack it, but it simply opened more portals and they flew into them, exploding as they did so.

"NOTHING CAN STOP ME TAKING MY REVENGE! HAHAHAHA!" The creature fired a shot at a group of firemen, who fell into a portal to a place full of... ponies?

Says who:flutterrage:?!

"What do you want?" the fire commander asked.

"REVENGE!" this creature cried, which was clearly insane. She let off more shots and explosions, tearing another few homes apart. More ambulances raced in as flying doctors were called to the scene, and even police units began to shoot at it, which had no effect.

For what:twilightoops:?!

Her work done, Midnight Sparkle flew off into the night. The fires were eventually put out, but there were casualties of that terrible night. That morning, a pall of smoke so large it could be mistaken for a forest fire rose over the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Manteo would eventually need to be rebuilt over the next several months, but it remains to this day a haunted place, where the Earth does not rest easy.

It's going to be a looooong several months:applejackconfused:.

The title is a reference to Friday the 13th.

Such a classic film...

Fair enough. I'd advise skipping Halloween 4, 5, and 6, jump to Halloween 20 Years Later, then miss Halloween Resurrection.

I thought we were talking about the hockey mask guy?

Isn't Halloween the white mask one?

I might be thinking of Scream, idk.

Yes. Jason, not Michael.

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