• Published 20th Nov 2019
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Unpleasant Correspondence 2 - StormLuna

Everything has come full circle and now it is Twilight who sends her protege to Ponyville. Needless to say, Luster isn't one bit happy about it.

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Five years after becoming Starlight's protege.

Dear Bright Beam,

I am writing you to first tell you how incredibly proud of you I am. Your magical talent had increased by a ton since you first came here. To be honest, your powers almost match my mother's and she is a natural born Alicorn! It is quite obvious that you are destined for greatness. I am also impressed with how well you get along with your schoolmates. The mares you study with the most have always told me about how helpful you are when you aid them in studying. Now I know I probably shouldn't be telling you this but they have also said that they enjoy the "sexy times" that the six of you have.

Now I am going to tell you something else, something that could change your life dramatically. You have done such a good job in both magic and friendship that I have decided to offer you a huge opportunity. You see, I recently had to fire the vice-schoolmaster down at the School of Friendship in Ponyville and I believe that you will be perfect for the job. You could aid the unicorns in their magic study and you can help the students in developing and maintaining friendships as well. Let me know what you think.



Dear Starlight,

OMG! You bet I'll take the opportunity you're giving me! I am so thankful for everything you have done for me over the past five years, helping me grow the way I have and I am even happier now. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I promise you that I won't let you down, I'll hopefully be the best vice-head mare ever!


Bright Beam

Dear Bright Beam,

That sounds great. Come Monday, I will help you gather your possessions and we will get you moved in down there. For right now you will be residing in the former vice-schoolmater's quarters until we can get you something better. For now, go ahead and take some time to relax. Being the vice-head mare will take some work but I know you'll make me proud.



Six years after becoming Twilight's protege

Dear Luster Dawn,

Alright Luster, I have an assignment for you. As you know the "Festival of the Two Goddess-Queens" is coming up soon and this year the location of the festival will be Ponyville. I want you to go down there and set it up. Now don't worry, I will be sending Spike with you to make sure you don't fuck anything up. Faust knows what the hell would happen if I was to trust you to do something on your own.

Oh and I do have another task for you to complete, make some friends! You see, in the six years you have been my protege, you have only ever hung around the students you have to study with and they do complain that you tend to struggle during the "special study sessions" that you all have. It is no wonder you never befriended them. If you would just be a good girl and put out for those you should have befriended, maybe I wouldn't be sending you to do something so menial. Now you and Spike get your asses to the train station and to Ponyville, ASAP.

Having No Faith in You (At all),

Goddess-Queen Twilight Sparkle.

Dear Twibitch,

What the fuck? You honestly think that I can't do this on my own? What happened, did Spike piss you off or something? You know that Spike doesn't like me any more than you do. What I would like to know is why the fuck you think I can't do it on my own. Also, why the hell is it you want me to make friends so badly? Don't you remember how I said that making friends was a waste of time since they probably won't last forever?

Look at how your friendships fell apart. Hell you gave two of your friends away to those other friends of yours just so they'd have sex slaves and domestic servants. Apparently some friendships last while others don't and I figure that if they all don't last, then they aren't worth pursuing to start with.

Now I will go and set this stupid glorification ceremony up but then I'm heading home and getting back to my studies. I don't feel like having to spend any more time in a backwater shithole than is absolutely necessary. Well I suppose I will see you and Starbitch sucking face down there in Ponyville when you get there.

Hating Your Guts,

Luster Dawn


How many times have I told you that you are to address me as Goddess-Queen Twilight Sparkle. Now let me make myself clear, I have decided that because of your disrespect, upon finishing setting this festival up you will remain in Ponyville until I decide to allow you to come home. Tell you what, I'll even let your precious little ass live in my old castle down there. The bed is still there and I found it quite comfy so you should be perfectly content. Now yeah, there aren't any books in what was the library in there but I suppose I can get some in there for you.

Now like i said, get your ass down there, set up my festival and make some friends!

Ordering You to Stay,

Goddess-Queen Twilight Sparkle

Dear Thorax and Pharynx,

Ok, I need to ask you guys of a favor. I need a changeling to go to Ponyville and crash the festival that will be held for my sister and I in a couple of days. You see, I have sent my arrogant protege down there and I want to see if she is capable of keeping things running smoothly under pressure. Let me know if somechangeling can do it.


Goddess-Queen Twilight Sparkle

P.S. Now my sister has a protege of her own, a pastel green unicorn mare with a silver mane and tail. I know that she will likely be there and when she comes out, land in front of her. You see, she knows enough about changelings that she will know you aren't a monster. Start having a casual conversation with her and then turn into your natural form. Think of doing that as a favor to Starlight since you two know one another....doing this would be much appreciated.

Dear Goddess-Queen Twilight,

I can go up there and turn into this big purple and black insect looking thing. If you want to know more about what I will look like, talk to Starlight since she has seen me in that form. Trust me though, if you're looking to give this protege a test, I'll give it to her.

Looking Forward to Testing Your Protege,


P.S. Consider it done regarding Starlight's protege. I don't know what's going on but it sounds like you really hate your protege and want to make her look awful. If you want me to knock her down a peg or two, I'll help out with that!

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