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Comment posted by sigmund deleted Nov 26th, 2019

Holy shit make more like this the curoopton of champions fic is one of my favorites

I'll be honest I sort of want you to do a COC Equestria story in full.
Maybe after your other story though.

Comment posted by SolarEclipse912 deleted Nov 27th, 2019

I loved this, it hurts that Towan no longer continued this story, like many others, if there is a continuation on your part I will be happy to read it.

I'd really like to see more of this as a series maybe as an idea crystal empire gets raided

I was thinking of reviewing the first mature fanfic with the porn tag and somewhat low popularity I see just for laughs, but I suddenly decided that I'm about to do the second mature fanfic with the porn tag and somewhat low popularity I see just... for reasons

Can we get a sequel please?

Oh? This still isnt marked complete. I'm curious if there is more.

Two more chapters, eventually, about 10k words more in total.

Comment posted by V-H-SClop deleted May 11th, 2020

She began to salivate at the thought of being spread wide by those thick imp cocks.

"You will. But only after our boss has fucked you first."

Comment posted by V-H-SClop deleted Oct 30th, 2020

I just need to wait for TOWAN to continue with its part, although I do not know whether to consider this as a spin-off, or something like that, I liked this fic and a question, is it the last thing we will see of Corrupted of equestria on your part? If so, you did a good job.

Fantastic chapter as always

she had no time to think about what she was seeing.

weak mind and left her a limp mess of jerking limbs.

what she was going through right at that moment.

Roma's belly alone was taller than Bubblegum. Stretched wide, but it didn't look as painful as the filly would have assumed. Quite the contrary in fact. The adult mare's eyes were rolled back into her skull almost completely, hazy, unfocused, and not staring at anything in particular. Her legs were splayed out on the ground, limp and unmoving barring the occasional spams that wracked the mare's entire frame. Her mane and her tail were messy and dirty, and her coat covered with sweat. From between her thighs, a slowly flowing stream of sticky, white fluid dripped out, and the filly found herself drawn to its smell.

Okay seems legit

At first only a portion of the tip,

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