• Published 31st Oct 2019
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TCB: The Last Witchblades. - Neutral Boy

The torn world of Earth's fate in it's hands of the remaining humans with some ponies and the Witchblades against the Utopian Empire and the army of X-con.

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Prologue: All isn't lost yet.

Ruins of Houston.

Utopian Harmony territory.

Somewhere in Texas.


Feels like just yesterday I can hear the calm & loud chat around me. Busy news, cops chasing criminals, couples planning to take the next level, kids going to school, workers taking breaks, driving to restaurants, met family members, sports people in match ups, yeah the usual stuff.

Yet now, I cannot hear them no more. Just only dust and echoes.

Ever since this so called 'Equestria' country have made contact on our world, things haven't been the same for these past few years. Mankind has been put on defense and call to action when the Alicorn ruler, Queen Celestia, made a 'conversion bureau' to help humanity be cured and turned to ponies from all the chaos and everything that were consuming us. Does this ruler ever seen the whole history of human kind? Because the way I see, she's just another tyrant behind her innocent face grinning with insane madness to see an entire species wipe out from existence.

A year ago, barriers have suddenly popped into multiple places and are slowly consuming every state and country, one by one. Starting in New York, California, Mexico, Rio, France, Sydney, Germany, Vietnam, and a few others.

Then the next thing, there was some bombardment of magic hitting in my hometown and everyone flee for their life. Everything has been consumed all over the places, even my own neighborhood and the schools I went to.

Me however, I miraculously survived the impact of the strange magic. Either I was somehow protected by someone or if there's something else going on. So I didn't think on it too much and wait for the coast is clear before find some shelter away from the Equestrian forces.

Since then, my whole life has changed. The worse news however, not only have the humans been forced to turn into ponies by the magic potions, but also there have been reports of humans mysteriously missing. Not by the ponies or their own, but from something else.

About 5 months ago, while I was hiding from the pursuits of flying pony patrols, I found something near small lake river. Carefully of not getting spotted, I stealth my way over to the object and moved a couple of rocks over to reveal an unusual grey gauntlet. When I slowly touched and picked up gauntlet with my hands, my body, eyes, and brain felt hazy for about several minutes before I felt myself ready to puke. After having to throw up and wash my mouth with water, I calm myself down and glance over to the gauntlet. For some reason, my hazy vision was telling me about how it can change the tide of war and perhaps save humanity from both the invaders and those messed up armies of machines.

The next thing, I felt some rumbling on the ground. I look over the river to see multiple unknown figures heading right toward my location. Fearing that it might be the ruler's forces, I quickly picked up the gauntlet again and hightail it out of here.

I glanced to my left shoulder to see those pursuers didn't look like ponies, but actually some form of unusual predator hunters I never seen before. Perhaps it could be those things the vision showed me.

Suddenly, I felt a massive pain when one of those monsters scratched my back with their sharp claws and another one punches my injured. I flew away from the punch and toward a long fall of a large pond and I hold onto the gauntlet tightly to brace myself of an impact.

I gasp when I came up to the surface of water and slowly swim across to the shore. Making it safely, I glance up the tall hills to see no hunters pursuing me. Sighing in relief, I got up and limply walk away to find any good shelter to rest in.

Thankfully, I spotted a hidden military hideout with humans working there. Someone spotted me and run up to me before I collapse from the pain on my back and injured right leg. I was then transported to the hidden base and got treated of my injuries for a few weeks.

Since then, I'm all healed up and made a few friends, but yet my mind still can't get over the strange images I had in my dream. It was the ones involving those machine hunters against dozens of figures with their weird gauntlets the same as the one I found.

I asked one of my friends named Thompson, the medic who carried me to the hidden base, on what's been happening and are we winning or not. Thompson just shook his head to me and told me some very bad news.

Turns out. . . more than 50% around the world is consumed by the barriers and most of the governments are losing their foothold grounds and some humans being already turned from the potions by the enemies. Not only that, but the ruler's six loyal element bearers; Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity Belle, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie are leading the attack all over the United States. He says that if we don't do something soon to act quick, then all of the states will be gone and the other countries will be next.

Sighing in frustration, I think back on the gauntlet, ponder on if this thing can perhaps help us or turned against us. So later, I told my friends to meet up with me inside the command room.

From there on, I showed my friends, officer ranks, and scientists the gauntlet glove to explain myself of how I escaped the pursuers and all the way up to finding their hidden base. At first they didn't actually believe me, but one of the scientists named Dr. Winston believed me and examine the glove.

He also pulled out a booklet about ancient artifacts to turn some pages over until he stopped at the page of a similar picture of the gauntlet. Winston says that he and a friend of his also found a similar, but different gauntlet during their research investigation of missing people. He told everyone that once these gauntlets are put on, the special gem on top of the wrist activates and transforms the users as the reapers of abyssal chaos, Witchblades.

Witchblades, I wonder if they are the ones who battle those machines in my vision dreams? If they are, then I can find the secret origins of the gauntlet I have now and form a combat team since I can't actually face all the enemies alone, including those six bearers and the hunter I encountered.

I asked Dr. Winston on where exactly did he and his friend find the gauntlet.

He told me the last known location he found it; Tokyo, Japan.

. . . . . I guess this'll be a long week to get there.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone and my fellow followers, how's it going? Sorry it took so long. I had to deal with some things and also busy with starting over on a couple of my games cause I just felt like it. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoy a happy Halloween.

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