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Rising Tide - Gladiolus

Urban Wave confronts her curse, and learns over time to accept herself.

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Solar Tide

The sun rose over Canterlot, and another day dawned. The sun was quite beautiful and radiant, and those onboard the early morning train could see the gentle rays of warmth flood past the city and into the valley below. If one looked closely enough at the castle, they could even see the shimmering figure of Princess Celestia herself as her magic raised the sun.

Urban Wave was lucky enough to be able to see all of this herself, and she gazed upon the capital through the window of the arriving train. Urban sighed deeply, and then sat back to once again read over the letter she had received. It was quite special, after all, to be personally summoned for a meeting with Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. To receive an audience with one was special- but both? Urban could hardly guess at what they could have done to receive such an honour.

The letter didn’t say why Urban had been summoned, it only made mention of her recent graduation- with honours- from the Phillydelphia School of Urban Planning. Urban received the sisters’ letter only days after receiving her diploma, and it was quite a surprise. That it came with a 100 bit advance to pay for transport and a hotel in Canterlot was something pleasantly surprising too.

The letter was even sealed, although strangely both Celestia and Luna had put their own seals on it, leaving the seal a sort of warped parody of what it should be when the two overlapped and smudged each other.

While Urban sat and waited for the train to arrive at the capital, she anxiously looked to her sides and wiggled her hips. When she had sat down here at first she had made sure to count out the number of lines on the fabric her rear took up. The mares thick rear end took up 4- which looked to be about 40 centimetres by her estimation.

A little wider than average, but nothing Urban was too concerned about, and normal for her. Urban’s prime concern was if her size-related curse would rear it’s ugly head again. It was a fear that had been following her ever since she had boarded, and she could hardly imagine what embarrassment her curse could cause in the capital.

Urban sighed in relief to notice her width hadn’t changed, although she did blush slightly when she noticed that her pear-shape was rather obvious with what she was wearing. Tight black pants and a proper dress blouse, and proper business heels, meant she was looking great; and that every curve of her mildly overweight body was well on display.

When the train stopped at the station, Urban took a breath and gathered her resolve. Canterlot was a city with special rules she was well aware of from earlier in her life. Stallions and mares were expected to walk with confidence and poise, and with a gait that expressed happiness with ones body. While Urban might have wished she was a little thinner, if she was going to fit in she would have to do her best to match.

The other aspect of Canterlot that Urban was less accustomed to was the leering. Those born here wore their sexuality on their sleeve, and a good deal of wandering eyes was expected. It meant Urban was immediately being gazed upon by the two guards watching over the train station, and could almost feel their gaze upon her. To one level, it felt good- with a sense of desire- but it also left her flush in the face and like she was on display.

It took all of Urban’s willpower and personal strength to make it to the castle without giving up, and a firmly reddened blush covered her cheeks once she arrived at the gates.

As expected, the guard moved out to block her. The armoured mare was well over a foot taller than Urban, and yet even with her armour her hips were thinner. Her chest was smaller as well, and she almost seemed to loom over the shorter unicorn as she glowered at Urban.

“The castle is closed to public access today, unless you have an audience- and proof of an audience, you’ll have to leave,” The guard mare explained, with a gruff enough voice that it sent a shiver of intimidation down Urban’s spine.

Urban presented her letter with a mild shake to her hand, “My name is Urban Wave, Princess Celestia asked for me,” she explained.

The guard took her letter, and read it over in silence. There was an awkward quiet, and the faint sounds of the city life around her and the castle fountains were anything but comforting in those few moments. Urban soon heard a soft creaking of cloth straining, and bit her lip as her eyes widened. Not now she thought.

The guard adjusted her outfit, and Urban soon realized it had been her that was creaking. Urban was soon handed back her letter, and drew out a relieved sigh.

“This looks legitimate, you may enter. Do not dally, go straight to the throne room. Invited you may be, but that doesn’t give you freedom to wander,” the guard instructed, and her horn glowed brightly as the gates opened.

Urban stepped through quickly, and could almost feel the gate hit her as it closed just moments after. She only sparred a moment to collect herself, and then stepped forward as confident as she could to enter the castle itself. When she entered the door she again heard that subtle noise, and for a moment felt a tightness on her rear that quickly vanished.

The mare deeply hoped she was simply paranoid. The curse that caused her pear-shaped body to swell to distinctly absurd sizes had been dormant, for a time, but in the capital her fears were heightened.

When Urban Wave entered the throne room chambers, she found the door to be open and both Celestia and Luna seated in their thrones. She had not expected to enter so easily, or without introduction, and her nerves played across her face as she looked to the two. With slow and forced steps, and her rigid body language betraying her intimidation by the two ruling monarchs she approached and bowed her head before them.

Celestia and Luna were bickering about something unknown to her, and remained at it even after Urban raised her head again. With her being unnoticed, Urban’s eyes played over the two and she noticed that they were less intimidating in person than she had thought thanks to their body shapes. It put her somewhat at ease, although she remained quiet and unwilling to interrupt, and fidgeted in place.

Both of the mares were heavy in their own ways. Princess Luna’s weight was mostly in the chest and midsection- an apple shape. She carried it well, and was only about as far overweight as Urban herself was. Celestia was far larger, and had a bottom-heavy pattern to her body that was almost an image of Urban given a hundred and fifty more pounds. They both wore beautiful dresses in vibrant silk, purple and gold respectively, and their shimmering manes flowed elegantly behind them.

Eventually the dueling voices silenced, and Urban felt a strange pressure around her as she was dragged up closer. There she stood, and Celestia’s horn glowed for just a few more moments, “I trust you weren’t planning on waiting all afternoon, were you?” she joked.

Urban moved to introduce herself, but was interrupted by Luna, “Well go on now then, I would have your name.”

Urban blinked and sputtered something before she could speak properly, “U-Urban Wave, you asked for me a few days ago.”

Luna nodded, “We did. You are the valedictorian of this years class of…”

The lunar princess trailed off, “… some sort of urban planning school.”

Celestia coughed slightly, “The Phillydelphia School of Urban Planning. I founded it myself, Luna, twenty years ago.”

“We are aware sister,” Luna returned, and Urban glanced between the two, trying to figure out who to keep her eyes on as they continued to argue.

In the end, Urban decided to just stare at the table between them.

“It is the opinion of our sister that Equestria needs… change,” Luna spoke, “I dispute this but…”

Celestia again cleared her throat. “It is my decision that Equestria should be keep with the times- that’s why I founded that school to begin with. You, Ms. Wave, are here to settle a simple dispute.”

A scroll rose from her, and held magically it was deposited into Urban’s hands. “You will travel Equestria on our behalf, and you will determine that I am correct,” Celestia began to explain- and Luna rolled her eyes before speaking over her.

“You, Ms. Wave will determine that we are correct by seeing whether the tried and true planning of the past- or the foolish modern approach- is more…”

Luna paused, and leaned forward slightly, “Are you feeling… well, Ms. Wave?”

Urban Wave blinked, and heard that creaking sound once again. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, and desperately hoped that what was about to happen wouldn’t. Even so, Urban knew it was futile. Her tight blouse continued to creak, and then with a sharp splitting noise her white panties spilled through. Only then did her curse halt, and she was left with a vibrant blush.

Luna continued to stare, and then laughed. With her hand on her chest, she laughed deeply and loudly. Celestia, in turn, simply stared curiously at her with a concerned gaze in her eye.

“My dear sister, you’ve hired us a cursed mare! It’s been an age since I saw such a thing, I’ve forgotten how to cure it myself – I hope you have spare clothing,” Luna mused, and levitated up her tea as she quite enjoyed this display before her.

Celestia kept her eyes on Urban, “Cursed indeed, the signs are obvious to those as… well experienced as us. Such an interesting one as well- is that the only effect?”

Urban nodded rigidly, and shrunk into herself while her eyes turned towards the floor. “M..mostly, sometimes it makes me seem heavier too..”

The mare’s chin was soon bathed in golden magic and tilted up to look to Celestia, and she smiled warmly. “I fear I can’t help you now, but complete this task for us for now and I’ll see to it that some cure is found. Perhaps consider this a reward for your quest, Ms. Wave,” Celestia suggested.

Luna snorted and laughed again, “Dear sister, haggling with the poor thing?”

Celestia scowled at Luna, and Celestia’s horn continued to shine. Urban could feel the seam on her pants repair itself, and squeaked loudly when her butt shrunk back to it’s former size.

“Call it what you will, sister,” Celestia spoke to Luna, and turned back to Urban. “You should be free of your curse for now…”

Another sharp tear filled the room, and Urban felt hot shame come over her again. Celestia tilted a brow at this, “That is quite the curse. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of this.”

Celestia sat back, and slipped a pastry from the table into her hand. “Go, settle our little… disagreement and return. I don’t generally interfere in the affairs of my subjects, but I can’t let such dark magics go by. I’ll do my own study, but I am quite a busy mare- you should speak to Twilight Sparkle while you are on our quest. If there is a pony in Equestria that can speed this investigation up, it would be her,” Celestia instructed, and there was a clear pride in her voice when she brought up her student.

“First Class,” Celestia soon spoke, and directed her attention to a unicorn that seemed to have appeared from nowhere, with a quill in her magic and a book in her hoof. “Give Ms. Wave a ring of royal credit to cover expenses and… I believe it’s time for lunch.”

Celestia’s stomach soon growled, and she blushed slightly.

Urban nodded as she listened intently to the alicorn, and then sighed with frustration when she almost fell over when she turned to leave. The additional weight, and her curse exaggerating it, was always difficult to contend with.

With her quest ahead of her, Urban Wave was escorted out of the castle hastily by one of the royal guards. The Princesses were, naturally, quite busy and Urban was neither a savior of Equestria nor a noble pony, and she soon found herself back outside the castle gates staring at the fountain, and with quite a few eyes leering at her now even more shapely body.

Urban had a blush painted on her face as she stepped into Canterlot, and decided that it was best to get some food and a good night’s rest before setting off for her first target: Cloudsdale. The city had been almost entirely rebuilt over the last few years according to the very theories Urban had learned at her school. The mare figured between that, and the ancient buildings of the Crystal Empire, she could contrast the two for the Princesses.

Urban yanked up her blouse as she walked along the street, and did her best to look as confident as she could while she idly rubbed the ring of royal credit on her finger. It felt so strange to have even the small amount of faith they had put in her. Urban was aware, of course, her expertise was simply being used to settle an argument- but that sung to her self-confidence. She had something to offer.

The mare’s stomach growled, and directed Urban’s attention to a pastry shop down the block. Urban hesitated, and wondered if she could indulge. Her curse had gone back down, but left her pants stretched and, ironically, too small. If her appetite got away from her there wouldn’t be any going back without hard work.

Urban’s stomach growled again, and her hesitation broke under a cloud of hunger. The mare soon pushed open the door and eagerly stepped up to the counter. Across from it Urban Wave saw something of an image of her future, and her eyes widened.

The mare across from her was bent over and gazing into a baking oven. Her rear end was enormous, easily double what Urban Wave was, and every slight movement made it jiggle. The scale of the yellow-coated Pegasus mares obesity was hard to exaggerate, and Urban glanced between her and the sugared goods. Urban put a hand to her thigh and squeezed it, and left as she had came as the fear of not being able to stop if she started overwhelmed her.

Urban ended up not buying anything sugary that morning, and she sated her hunger with only a salad. Her stomach made its disapproval of her low-calorie meal obvious enough, but if she wanted to keep her body from turning into a bottom-heavy monster it was the only way. Exercise and diet- that could manage her curse, she hoped.

Exercise came in the form of a sightseeing tour of Canterlot- which started with a new blouse. With the middling authority Urban’s ring of credit provided her Urban was able to experience the city the way few could. She went to Celestia’s School and toured the library, and was even able to visit the museum of pony history. By the end of it all her feet had started to hurt, but Urban was filled with energetic enthusiasm throughout the day.

When Urban stepped out of the museum into the evening air, the mare gently gripped her butt. When she felt that it was, as she should have expected, exactly the same size as it had been five hours ago she sighed deeply and rolled her eyes. Inwardly she chastised herself- why would she have thought it would be that easy?

To counter her curse fully Urban knew she’d have to work out twice as hard, every day, and eat only the bare minimum. Even then, all it took was a sudden growth spurt to ruin it. Frustration and dark thoughts clouded her mind, but a sudden screech from the sky surprised her and drew her attention.

It was the Wonderbolts, and the flying team did an elegant pass over the castle. Urban watched in awe, and then remembered her ring. A mischievous grin came to her face and she quickly made her way through the streets to the stadium.

Unfortunately, when Urban arrived she was too occupied with putting on a mask of confidence for the gate pony that she didn’t notice her pants had become tight again. Despite her exercise, her curse had ensured the mare was just as heavy as she was this morning, also despite Celestia’s magical help, and her pear-shaped body once again filled out her clothes.

The gate pony didn’t seem to mind, but he blocked her way as he looked to her with a tilted brow, “Government business?” he questioned, and glanced at her ring.

“Yes…” Urban returned, “I’m uh…” she stammered, and awkwardly shuffled in place as she grasped desperately at some excuse.

The stallion glared daggers at her, and then laughed and stepped out of her way, “You think you’re the first pony to bend the rules like that? Just don’t get in the way of paid guests. Enjoy the show.”

The stallion winked at Urban, and she blushed hotly as she stepped into the turnstile. As the mare went through it she felt it against her thighs and a burning pleasure grew between her thighs. She whimpered quietly from it and then a panic grew inside her. Her lower body becoming hyper-erogenous was always a sign her curse was going to flare up.

Urban swallowed, and prayed to Celestia it would at least wait until the show was over.

Quietly, and with care not to bother anyone, Urban stepped into the stadium past the Unicorn Emergency Services ponies outside. They seemed to recognize her, and she could hear giggling amongst them. Urban just rolled her eyes- it was natural for them to be here incase the Wonderbolts crashed or something, but she never liked the reminder of how often she saw them.

Urban quickly entered Star Bright gallery and slapped a hand to her forehead when she saw how full it was. The only remaining seat was at the bottom row, in the middle. Thanks to her earlier exercise, her legs were trembling and in dire need of a rest. She could feel her oddly large weight baring down on her feet, and soon Urban threw caution the wind and stepped down the steps.

The mare could feel beyond what was normal every jiggle and wobble her heavy bottom made going down the stairs, and could swear she could even feel each and every eye they drew. It was almost like a second sense, and embarrassment and shame grew inside of her.

Thankfully most of the assembled eyes were on the Wonderbolts, and Urban’s soon were too after she shuffled herself in. Thankfully her rear wasn’t big enough to prevent her movement, even if she had felt it brush against someponies nose.

Urban sighed and finally relaxed once she sat down. The sun had set just moments ago, and the Wonderbolts flew back from behind the castle towards them. They were all wearing brilliant lights on their bodies and some sort of spotlight on their heads that made them appear as coloured blurs.

The showcase was absolutely stunning, and for a time Urban’s worries melted away as she watched in rapt amazement at the sky. The Wonderbolts flew around and through the clouds, and left some sort of magical devices in them that lit them up. After a few minutes the act itself became apparent as the different clouds formed Celestia and Luna’s cutiemarks.

Urban giggled, the pandering to royalty was cute. They certainly knew what city they were playing to.

The clouds soon exploded in colourful sparks, and the cloud cheered. Urban did too, but as soon as she raised her hands she felt a sudden cool breeze on her hips just as a warm pleasure radiated throughout her lower body. The mare didn’t even have to look down to know the curse had ruined her pants, but for now Urban tried to put it aside as best she could, and forcibly buried her worries.

Despite that Urban’s worries gnawed at her while the show continued, and all too soon it was over. Urban didn’t wait for the smoke to clear from the sky to get out of her seat, and instead took the distraction of the closing show of Wonderbolt reservists to make her way to the exit. She swung her arms ahead of herself and grunted with the effort it took to get her ass off her seat.

While it looked only like a moderately obese shelf-ass, it weighed at least double what it looked like. Urban had long since gotten used to the effect, and steadied herself with a deep breath before she started up the steps to the exit.

On the way a hot, warm, radiant pleasure spread from her thighs and through her lower body. Urban gasped and knew her curse was working again, and dashed up the stairs as quick as she could while the weight at her rear grew and slowed her down. The mare raced against time, and dove through the doorway.

Urban did not, however, exit the doorway. With a fleshy thump her enormous rear end got stuck in it, and she could only shiver with intense pleasure and writhe in place as her expanding rear sealed her body in place. Once the feeling subsided, Urban’s body relaxed and she slumped down. Her entire upper body was held in place and seemed only to be attached to a strange blob that grew behind her when viewed from the front.

Viewed from behind that blob blocked the doorway and jiggled profusely. Urban could soon feel a warmth as a spotlight was trained on the strange thing blocking the crowds exist, and then she could feel curious ponies poking and prodding her- and soon yelped when one slapped her.

The crowd shoved and pushed, but nothing could be done, and Urban simply resigned herself until she saw her saviours approaching. The very same medics she had seen from earlier approached her from the front, and soon the lead EMT crossed his arms and looked out to her.

“You, Ms. Wave, are a hazard to the public,” he mused. “What did we say about keeping an emergency potion around?” he chided, and gestured to one of his colleagues. “A quart of curse-counter,” he directed before turning his gaze back to Urban.

Urban huffed and crossed her arms, “I can’t just go around with a bottle everywhere!” she whined, “I was meeting the Princesses earlier, how would I explain that?”

The medic rolled his eyes, “As medication. For your condition, put it on a belt or something,” he returned, and reached out to take the offered potion before stepping up to Urban. “It’s not my job to tell you how just that you need to.”

“Open,” he commanded, as if Urban was just a little filly. She hesitated, for a moment, but parted her lips and accepted the potion.

As soon as she started swallowing, a burning but bearable pain came to her rear and it deflated rapidly. Soon Urban returned to her usual size, although her shorts had been destroyed to the degree she was nude from the bottom down. The mare squeaked and covered herself with her hands as best she could, but was soon pulled into an embrace by the medic who wrapped a blanket around her to keep her decent.

Urban watched as pony after pony, even some griffons and zebras, walked past and beheld her with annoyance. Some of their eyes registered some level of understanding, but plenty of them whispered about what a weird stunt that was, or if the mare just had some strange sexual fetish for this. Perhaps she was drunk, or this had been a dare.

At least with the medics arms around her Urban had felt, to a degree, safe. Wrapped in a warm blanket and protected like that there was a sense of security, but it was all too fleeting when the crowd eventually passed and Urban was released.

“Urban,” the medic spoke up, and held Urban’s arm “I don’t mind helping you out like this, I really don’t, but this has to stop. If I catch you in public without your emergency potion again, I’m going to have to get a court order for house arrest until we find a cure. Do you understand me, Urban?”

Urban Wave swallowed, and a heavy wave of anxiety and fear fell over her. Her curse had been an annoyance, a frustration, and to no small degree was starting to ruin her life- but now she was forced to consider how it affected others. She glanced towards the crowd leaving the stadium, and caught a few eyes staring back at her.

Urban just nodded, “I understand…”

The medic sighed, and put his hand on her shoulder before pressing something into her hands. “Here, take this bottle. Keep it. If you run out, this stuff is pretty easy to make- any alchemist worth their degree can do it. Just make sure you have it on you, I don’t care how. Buy a… really stretchy belt or something.”

Urban giggled mirthfully, “I’m not much for belts,” she returned, “Can you drop me off at a hotel?”

Urban Wave slumped against her hotel room door as soon as it shut, and slowly slid down until she was sitting on the floor. She soon released a deep sigh as a days with of built up tension dissolved. The stress remained, but she was just too exhausted to care at this point. In her arms she held her bottle of potion like it was a child.

The room Urban had was comfortable enough for a single person. She had a bed large enough for a mare of Celestia’s size to sleep comfortably, and a moderately usable television. An open window let in the moonlight, and the flickering night lights of Canterlot filled the horizon.

With her assignment, Urban Wave had a way to prove herself to the Princesses themselves, and perhaps get a nice cushy job in the Canterlot Urban Development Committee. Yet even as she had this blessing, she still had her curse, which threatened to derail it.

Urban slapped her hands down to her hips and squeezed the thick fat between her fingers. Even now, after being given a temporary reprieve, she was still fairly bottom heavy. Every time she lost a little weight, as soon as her curse kicked in it was all for naught: she always returned to this size.

Eventually Urban felt a deep rumbling grown of hunger come from her stomach, and with a huffing groan rose herself to stand. She was just about to open the door to get food before she realized that the crown was paying for her lodging expenses. Ergo, she could bend the rules and pay for room service with her ring.

A coy grin came to Urban’s face, and she pivoted away before dropping herself backwards into bed and putting her hand to the bedside telephone, and soon put it to her ear, and left the potion on the table.

“Good evening…” a cheery voice on the other end spoke.

Urban didn’t even wait for them to finish speaking, “I want a cake. A chocolate cake, a whole chocolate cake…” she spoke simply.

There was only a brief pause before an equally cheery “Okay!” sounded through the line, and informed Urban that it would be thirty bits. Urban giggled before she hung up- the Princesses wouldn’t mind, surely.

Urban Wave lounged in bed as she waited, and had almost forgotten about the whole thing and fallen asleep before the door opened and a bellhop pushed a cart inside. Urban languidly watched as it was pushed in, and swallowed nervously as she saw just how large the cake she had ordered was. Three tiers, each looking plenty heavy. It must have been five pounds of cake.

The bellhop turned to her, and Urban felt his eyes upon her body. A blush came to her face, and moments later the bed creaked when her curse forced her rear-end to enlarge. Awkwardly, this pushed her legs up and apart, and rose up her lower body.

“Oh you must be… the same mare from that Wonderbolt’s event this evening,” The bellhop returned.

Immediately all sense of attraction faded from his face, replaced by a sense of revulsion and disgust. “Well uhh.. enjoy your cake, I guess. There’s containers for leftovers in your fridge.”

Urban’s upper lip trembled, and the bed creaked again. Once the stallion had left her alone she felt tears well up in her eyes. Urban looked to the potion at the side of the bed, but soon an angry fire burned inside her.

The curse had ruined her. Every time things looked up, her curse dragged her back down with the weight of her own body. It was happening right now, Urban could feel her butt expanding and edging towards the side of the bed. The exaggerated weight of it was even making it creak and bend.

Urban turned to the the cake, and looked upon it like a predator eying it’s prey.

If Urban couldn’t lose weight, and the curse was going to rear it’s ugly head at any given time- then there was no reason to hold back. So with what strength she could manage Urban rose herself into a sitting position and wiggled forward on the bed until her legs hung off it and the cake was at hand. Urban took a breath, and then slapped her face right into it.

If Urban was destined to be a pig, disgusting every available mare that saw her and getting stuck in doors thanks to her own body, then she could damn well at least enjoy eating like one.

Urban’s butt stuck out behind her and wobbled like jello while she greedily sucked down cake, and tears flowed down into the chocolate mess. Dark thoughts filled her mind of how doomed she was to forever be a sexually unapproachable, cursed, overweight mare that went through pants by the day. Slowly but surely, the thoughts were replaced by the cathartic feeling of consumption.

Sugar and chocolate soothed the pain away, and when Urban had finished the first tier of the cake she took a break and released a loud belch before wiping chocolate off her face. When she sat back, Urban noticed her middle had swollen just a bit, and filled out her lap more than usual. Curiously, she felt it with her hand.

The cake beckoned her, and a greedy fire swelled in size inside her mind. Only a fat pig of a mare could possibly be greedy enough to eat the whole thing. Urban’s other hand slapped to her side, and she pinched the fat of her thick thigh in her hand.

A thought grew in her mind: She was a fat pig of a mare, so she might as well at least enjoy herself like one.

Soon enough Urban slapped her face back into the cake and snuffled through it, vacuuming up cake into her mouth and pumping the thick chocolate mass into her growing stomach. Slowly but surely the cake started to shrink, and Urban coated her entire front body with chocolate as her stomach grew to contain it. Minutes after she started a low grumbling began to sound from her stomach, but Urban was too lost in the euphoria of unrestrained gluttony to care.

Urban only became away of the sheer amount she had put away when her ten-minute long gorging session had come to a head, and she found herself simply licking the bottom of the silver tray. Urban blinked, and then felt a hot pain in her middle before she hiccupped and, again, belched. It was a low almost bubbling sound that came out of her before she groaned and fell backwards onto the bed.

Full was an understatement. Urban was stuffed, bloated beyond anything she’d experienced before, and her stomach was filled with an intense feeling of overstretched pain. It grumbled and growled, and slowly digested the absurd amount of calories.

Urban sighed, and slapped her chocolate covered hands to it to rub herself. If this was really the life of a fat mare, it was more exhausting than she had thought it would be. While she rubbed her gut to soothe it, an intense sleepiness fell over her and Urban yawned deeply before she closed her eyes.

As much as her stomach hurt, there was still a certain sense of pleasure to being so full, and the euphoria of consumption hadn’t quite worn off. So she fell asleep with a half-smile on her face, and her body bubbled away turning it to mass on her body. Doubtlessly, it was going to go to her hips before anything else.

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...Why does Urban Wave sound like a stallion's name?

You'd have to ask their owner, but I think it fits just fine.

I don't plan to read this, but I'm already laughing, so maybe if I come across it in the future.

I am not quite sure what you mean

I mean I'm not going to read it as it only started and I'm not much into anthro or have a big butt fetish, BUT if I come across it in the future and it has more chapters and or is finished I may just read it for the LOL's.

I love the pacing and how well you describe a scene. Is there another chapter to this?

There will be. You might like my Totty story, that one is closer to being complete. Paced faster though, I think- and more stuffing centric.

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