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Hello there, I am steve and I love to read FanFics from time to time.


Edit- 10/29/19: Wowza! This fic made it to the top of the popular section!

(Yes, I know. Another Anon-A-Miss fanfic, you thought. Well, it's just my take on the Christmas special, inspired by the other Anon-A-Miss fanfics so please bear with me if you find this boring or cringey. Feedback is encouraged though!)

With the embarrassing secrets being leaked in MyStable by a user known as Anon-A-Miss, everyone believed that it is Sunset who's behind the secret stealing and leaks that led to their humiliation. Sunset tried everything to prove her innocence, even going as far revealing her browser history but to no avail. No one believed her, not even her friends.

Now Sunset is all alone and has no one to talk to, no one to hang out with, no one to believe that she is innocent.

Sunset thought she is all alone until she met a very familiar face and friend that will turn things around for her.

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I see major potential here

i agree nice work:twilightsmile:

looking good so far, gonna keep my eyes on this :pinkiehappy:

This is interesting. I'm curious what will happen next.

It is good but how did sci-twi even found sunset?

Reee I forgot to post that in. I was sleepy when I typed out the fanfic. Thanks for pointing it out!

9912597 Twilight just happened to be driving down the street at the right time.

Random chance... or possibly harmony working in mysterious ways... but I suspect narrative convenience. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I like it can't wait to see where this goes.
Only issue here is that it feels a little rushed. Things happening to fast.

Interesting... a bit quick, but interesting.

Wasn't there more then one chapter? what happened to the other chapter?

I hope everyone goes well for sunset and was quite a shock to see sci twi in my opinion

This was a real interesting read. Lots of ideas to think about.. some that even connect to our real world here.
One thing I noticed, basically the only major thing, was that this switched from past tense to present tense in little flickers... shown here:

Amidst the busy small town decorated with Christmas decor, Sunset Shimmer walked alone on her way to school. It's been a week ever since the user known as Anon-A-Miss has been leaking personal secrets of her friends and the students of CHS.

So, that would sound better either as this:

Amidst the busy small town decorated with Christmas decor, Sunset Shimmer walks alone on her way to school. It's been a week ever since the user known as Anon-A-Miss has been leaking personal secrets of her friends and the students of CHS.

Or this:

Amidst the busy small town decorated with Christmas decor, Sunset Shimmer walked alone on her way to school. It had been a week ever since the user known as Anon-A-Miss had leaked personal secrets of her friends and the students of CHS.

Otherwise, I'm excited to see where this will go! Good work so far! :twilightsmile:

I like this chapter, better written. I'm hoping to see Sunset REjects the Rainbooms but not forever thou.
Rather she refuses to speak to them for a long time, and they have to prove themselves.

Hope you have it pointed out to them they acted the same way before with each other when Sunset broke them up, for them to fall for it again either they dumb as bricks or never really friends with her or truly forgiven her.

Also can you have this pointed out, everyone only assumed Sunset was guilty because of them?

Thanks for pointing that out, I added it just now! And don't worry, there will definitely be a Sunset Rejects in this story!

As fate has it, they soon encounter the five girls in the food court, with Rainbow Dash slamming her fist down on the girl’s table.

“What the!?” The human Rainbow stammered.

“That’s my line, you idiot!” Dashie slapped her counterpart, with Fluttershy rushing to her aid.

:rainbowlaugh: That was so satisfying!

The Rainbooms shouldn’t be able to use their magic either due to how it works. You could have them trying to pony up in a later chapter, only to find that they can’t or that using their magic is hurting them in some way to punish them for turning their backs on Sunset.

Not a bad idea. >:3

Don’t get too excited. It’s the magic of friendship. However it decides to harm the Rainbooms in that scenario will be pretty tame.

Like Pinkie Pie hearing a voice every now and then asking her why she took Sunset’s smile or Applejack hearing a voice repeating the very harsh truth that even family can betray you and that, no matter how much she wants to, she can’t dismiss the possibility (or cold, hard fact in this case) that the person who really betrayed her could very well be her own flesh and blood.

Fluttershy’s punishment would likely be the harshest as she’d feel Sunset’s sorrow wash over her at random intervals (and by that, I mean Fluttershy would just start crying out of nowhere) and hear a voice asking her where she was when Sunset felt that pain and why she did nothing to comfort her at the first given opportunity.

Or at least that’s how I’d write it out.

As for Rarity and Rainbow Dash, I really can’t say. Generosity and Loyalty are harder for me to peg than Laughter, Honesty, and Kindness.

Gilda really wants to go to jail, doesn't she? Thankfully Sunset now has backup with Pri-Twi & Dash joining her side

Besides a few mis spelled words this was still pretty good 👍

Interesting concept. It does feel rather rushed in its writing, but I think that can be written off as something that can be improved with practice. I also noticed that there were a few moments where it suddenly switches to present tense :twilightoops: Try to be consistent! It’s a pain to do, but it makes the text flow a lot better without jarring the reader back to reality.

For example:

As Twilight opened the door, she is greeted by a small light mulberry dog.

Sudden change in tense! It goes from past to present, then back to past tense on the next paragraph with little to no warning. What would sound better would be:

As Twilight opened the door, she was greeted by a small light mulberry dog.

Still, grammar errors aside, the story seems worth to track!

Look forward to the next chapter.

Interesting premise, but missing a lot. Such as how Sci-Twi and Sunset even know each other.

Thanks for the idea! I'll definitely use it in the upcoming chapters!

Jesus Christ this was dark...

Was it? Would this make my story turn to Rated T though? :o

Give all the girls guilt-induced nightmares?

That almost felt like the fragment of the EoH living in AJ were telling her that she's wrong. Well done.

I didn’t expect Honesty to throw Bright McIntosh and Pear Butter into the mix, but it does say a lot that Applejack’s own Element of Harmony knows how to hit her where it hurts. Well done, and I’m glad that I could inspire you.

Trust me, it can get darker depending on the Element of Harmony. Laughter has the potential to be incredibly dark since it can punish Pinkie by showing her a vision of Sunset committing suicide due to extreme depression. Making people smile is Pinkie’s purpose in life, so showing her the absolute worst possible outcome of letting Sunset stew in her misery too long would be horrifyingly eye opening since she’s ignoring her out of petty spite.

Not to mention Laughter would further torture Pinkie by saying something like “This is the ultimate fate of those who lose their smiles for good! Just as a smile can save lives, a frown can take them! Many find that life is not worth living if there’s nothing to make them happy! And some decide to act before salvation can reach them! Sunset’s only source of joy in her life was her friends! You made her happy! Then Anon-A-Miss happened and you abandoned her! You left her to rot in her misery and this is what came to pass! Nobody was there for her when it mattered most and there was nothing left to save when she finally got the help she needed! When Sunset lost her smile, she lost her reason to live! And it’s your fault it happened! Why did you take her smile?!

Yeah, I can be pretty dark when I want to be. And the end result of the vision would be Pinkie being at war with herself over whether she should cheer Sunset up and prevent a dark possible future or continue to ignore her with the knowledge that the next time she sees Sunset could be the very last. Sunset may have both Twilights and Pony Rainbow Dash on her side now, but that doesn’t mean the thought of just ending it all isn’t on Sunset’s mind as far as Pinkie knows.

Keep it coming.

I hope Sunset presses charges against Gilda, like Sci-Twi wants her to do

I believe Applejack is starting to finally see straight here. Or as the common adult people of today like to say: Pulling her head out of her ass.

9954638 About the ONLY reason that I think of that she wouldn't want her to do so would be the fact that she is an undocumented alien.
The "alien" being literal, because, as we all know, her being from not only a whole other country (Equestria), but also a unicorn from a entirely different DIMENSION!

Which, as we all know, would likely be hugely problematic for not only HER, but the OTHER two transformed ponies (Twi and Rainbow), as well.

9955214 I believe you're right.
About time, too.

“I thought you girls would teach her the friendship of magic!?”

Magic of Friendship.

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Don't worry, it's just a short while hiatus. I'm still recovering from Writer's Block as we speak. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiesick:

Nice work on chapter and That's ok:twilightsmile:

Take it easy and have a great New Year

This is a pretty good chapter and the way Sunset reacted to Applejack calling her was justified. Happy New Year!

Thanks for the feedback, and a happy new year to you too!

Also I might as well say this, there will be two endings with two different sequels :)

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