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Their shared history - Askre

Princess Cadance wanted answers from King Sombra regarding his rise to power in the Crystal Empire. He gave her a bit more than she bargained for.

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Epilogue. And life goes on.


Princess Cadance stood once more before the stained glass window that depicted Princess Amore. The alicorn thoughtfully regarded the silent image of the former ruler of her empire. She wasn’t sure how accurate the image was. It had mostly been done from memory by the crystal ponies. Perhaps it portrayed a more fanciful image of how they saw their late ruler. Right now she didn’t care or mind, she liked it and it was how she wanted to picture the pony she never got to know.

“Well mother, your empire is flourishing,” Cadance addressed the window. “The Crystal Ponies have mostly recovered from Sombra’s reign. The first foals that will never remember his rule are growing up.”

“We are a protectorate of Equestria now, though we do make our own trade deals. The yaks are constant visitors. They really like our crystal corn and buy it in bulk. We are also in trade negotiations with Saddle Arabia. They produce the best silk in the world and we certainly have the gems to buy it,” she continued and sat down.

“Your granddaughter is full of energy and life, making our lives very interesting. Our own Royal Crystaller has his hooves full, but we give him breaks to catch his breath and clean mashed peas out of his mane and beard,” Cadance chuckled, having a mental image of Sunburst from the morning’s breakfast. The poor stallion had been practically turned green from all the peas. The alicorn sighed sadly. “I wish you could have met her.”

“Honey?” Shining Armor addressed her. He had noticed for the past several days that Cadance kept going to the memorial room, yet she never looked unhappy or sad while doing so, more like she was looking forward to it.

“Shiny,” Cadance looked at her husband and smiled. “Just filling mom in on the latest events.”

The unicorn nodded and walked into the room. He looked at the window and bowed his head a little in respect. When he raised it again he turned to Cadance.

“Are you alright?” he asked and sat down next to his wife.

“I’m fine. The last few days have been shocking, but revealing. Not the best way to get the answers I’ve asked for for so long, yet I can’t really complain,” Cadance told him and patted her husband on the hoof.

“Can you imagine though, if King Sombra hadn’t taken over the Crystal Empire? We wouldn’t have met?” she turned her head back to the window. “I would have been raised as a pegasus princess, the daughter of the legendary Commander Hurricane and Princess Amore.”

“That’s almost a cruel irony I think. How about we never tell the crystal ponies that,” Shining said with a chuckle. The princess nodded in agreement.

For a moment the couple sat in silence, watching the image of Cadance’s mother. It was depicted with a warm smile and the princess liked to think that she was smiling on her. She didn’t notice a mischievous glint come into her husband’s eyes.

“Well ma’am, I’ve done my best to help your daughter in our life here in Crystal Empire. But tell me, was she always such a pain in the neck?” he asked teasingly.

“Shining Armor!” Cadance snapped and dove for her husband who ducked out of the way, laughing.

“Also, did she always snore?” he laughed and ran out of the room, chased by his wife.

Cadance halted in the doorway and looked back, trying to keep an indignant look, but deep down she was laughing. “Never mind him, mom. He’s a dork. Come back here!” she then shouted and raced out of the room to chase down her fleeing husband.

The room fell mostly silent and for a moment there was nothing except the faint echoes of laughter from the royal couple. That soon died out as they went further into the castle. Then there was only the silent watch from the still image on the window.

Suddenly a sliver of a shadow from the display stand holding Amore’s crown started to snake its way across the room. It stopped right in front of the window. Slowly it enlarged in mass and started to form a tall pony shape.

The shadow started to dissipate, revealing a tall unicorn mare, dark gray with a flowing black mane and tail. She wore a red cape, her hooves and chest were clad in armor and on her head rested a steel crown. For a moment her horn was red and bent like a knife but slowly changed into a normal gray and straight one. The red piercing eyes glanced at the door before turning towards the image.

“An Empire in the north,” the mare said softly. She lifted a hoof to touch the image of Amore. “Just like the Empire in the south that I ruled.”

“What drove my son here? Why was he interested in your little empire, Princess Amore? What held him here?” she glanced at the stand with the crown.

“What drives a son to betray his mother? To leave his sister alone and defenseless?” The mare looked back at the window. “You have a beautiful and strong daughter, Princess Amore. My son did you an injustice. A grave injustice.”

“Have no fear. When I’m ready, I shall punish him. It is my duty, after all, as his mother.” She nodded to the image and started to walk back to the shadow of the stand. As she began to merge back into it, the mare took one last glance at the image and she smiled almost in understanding.

“A favor, from one mother to another,” she whispered before disappearing into the shadow. Soon the room was empty again under the silent watch of the Crystal Princess. Above the window was a new plaque that had been added by Cadance.

In memory of my mother, Princess Amore, the Crystal Princess. Cruelly betrayed, never forgotten. A loving ruler and caring mother. The dark shadow no longer touches her subjects. Her empire is free once more.

The end

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