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I'm just a part time writer who enjoys a good story, and wants give those good stories his own patented equestrian twist


Alfred Matthew Yankovic has enjoyed a very successful life up until this point. Five Grammy awards, four gold records, six platinum records, a cult classic film, and countless appearances on television is more then most musical artists can boast in a lifetime. But this may prove to be his 'weirdest' adventure yet.

When a prank goes horribly wrong, Al soon find himself trapped in Equestria with numerous other beings that share his voice. It'll now be up to Al and the ponies to find some way to send them all home again, before the world becomes too corrupted and forever changes into a insane parody of what it once was.

A crossover tribute story to the comedy and talent of Weird Al Yankovic (expect a lot of references)
Edited by SociallyAwkwardBrony

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 24 )

Wow! That’s pretty good!
🎶Oh Girls just wanna have lunch...🎶

He's still alive, right? This isn't that kind of tribute, right? Enough famous people have died recently, we don't need more this soon.

Boy, I hope he's still alive :rainbowderp: I'd be very sad if he wasn't :fluttercry: It'd be Stan Lee for me all over again

But anyways, I don't think the word tribute specifically applies to dead people. According to the dictionary's definition, a tribute is: an act, statement, or gift, that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.

I know, but they tend to happen in great droves in the couple of days immediately after someone has died. (I found out about the creator of SpongeBob's death when a bunch of sad SpongeBob stuff popped up on DeviantArt all at once)

Well, good news is he's still alive :pinkiehappy: I just noticed one day how many voice acting roles Weird Al had so I decided to make a story out it. That's the only reason I decided to use the word tribute.


weird al is 20 years that he's been given for dead every couple month.


yeah, and since it was 40-ish that he keeps up the "no, I didn't die. maybe next time" routine going on

I want Weird Al to sing Eat it in front of Rarity and Pinkie.

Comment posted by SociallyAwkwardDashite deleted Nov 3rd, 2019

No it is not weird that Weird Al will be the straightest character of this story, because he’s actually a super rational and nice guy.

Pinkie Pie also seems very OOC, however, I’m still liking this story.

Comment posted by EquestrianTwist deleted Nov 3rd, 2019

Can I get a list of all the things I need to watch/read before I read this? I like his music, but I haven't really seen anything he voice-acted other than the mlp cartoon.

I don't really want to give away spoilers for the future chapters, but rest assured I'm going to put in images of the characters I'm using and I'll start adding a reference list in the description box from now on :eeyup:

That was the one he specifically didn't want to work on, wasn't it?

I could name several of his roles, unless the author wants me to keep them under wraps...

Hoo boy, looks like one of those days.

I would like to state that I edited this, and pitched a couple ideas.

So if there’s anything you don’t like, feel free to pin all the blame on me this chapter.

Don't listen to him. Anything you don't like about this chapter is only partially his fault. :eeyup:

Very funny so far! I hope Weird Al will be okay.

so, when's the next update
this is looking great so far

I've just got started on the next chapter, so I'm hoping it'll be out soon.

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