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After centuries of ruling, Celestia and Luna finally walk away from their roles as Equestria's leaders. But when one has been in a job for as long as they have, it can be hard to really settle down and ease out of it. However, never let it be said that the two sisters aren't determined to try.

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May you grow old like Alicorns

Nice, very nice. I... am confused why and how this wound up in the New Stories list, but nice.

Short but sweet. Nice job. :)

It's the serious opposite and decent end to a story I wrote about the beginning of the entire show.
I love this in its simplistic beauty.

Still pointless for their retirement anyways. -_-

sorta yes. Also they didn't really get a proper ending so that pisses me off too. But the story is very sweet :)

-sigh- I just really wish they hadn't to choose that. I mean, it's bad enough leaving Twilight as the solo ruler in the scenario like that. :/

I guess we can't change that. As much as I appreciate season 9, it semmed kinda rushed. Also I am not ready for the new Generation. Not my cup of tea.

Yeah.... :( That's why we have fandom to change it :P

I LOVED the little bit of reflection on Celestia and Luna's part concerning their former roles and responsibilities early in their retirements. REALLY good characterizations in this one shot. Wonderful first new story of the new year.

Nice, charming story.

A lovely short. I shall cherish this story.


Also I am not ready for the new Generation. Not my cup of tea.

You mean Pony Life? That's not G5. Outside of the leaked concept art, we have no idea what G5 will be like.

This was nice reading. Always good to see a story with the two sisters! :pinkiesmile:

Honestly I feel like the sisters did not get a good sendoff in the finale either.
Which made the retirement bit(especially for Luna's case) bother me even more..

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