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"I am life...I am death...I give everything...but I take all. I am a King...a Queen...an Assassin...an Army...I am...the Savage Kingdom!"


Very Important Note: This story is a brand new version of the old one that has been recently deleted, while this one is a remake. Some things will be different, while others will be kept the same, and maybe even have a mix between them both.

One thousand years ago, on the three thousandth year of the three thousandth day of the coronation of the Royal Immortal Pony Sisters, Queen Luna Nightwalker instigated a revolt against her older sister, Queen Celestia Daybringer. Overwhelmed by the hatred that their subjects threw at her for ruling the very darkness they feared, she let the inner demons inside her loose on those who caused her pain. It then gave way to an all out war between the Lunar and Solar Queen, which soon ended in the latter banishing the former to the Moon she raised. Thus putting an end to what was labeled as the bloodiest war in Equestrian history. With the Dark Queen and her minions all gone, and her followers eliminated, the mare was left in the past. Fading into an infamous legend that that was soon forgotten in the centuries to come.

Or was she?

On the thousandth day of the thousandth year of her banishment, the stars aided the Dark Queen in her escape from her beautiful Moon, allowing her to make her way back home. Once she returned, the mare wasted no time on planning her revolution once again, intent on finishing what she started a whole millennium ago. Unbeknownst to her, the world she once knew had changed, so much so that she is completely unprepared for the retaliation that is soon to throw itself at her. All of which will come in the form of seven powerful mares with a bond that will grow ever stronger by the end of their adventurous night. Will this bond be enough to help them overthrow the Dark Queen and save their land from her tyranny, darkness, and horror? Or will they be her first bloody victims and slaves in her folkloric blood-soaked world of Eternal Night?

Warning: Rated T for serious animal violence, brutal fight scenes and mild sexual themes, mainly for comical relief, along with some references throughout the story. This will also contains a ridiculous amount of OP'd characters with powers that seem like it should take longer to achieve. If that's not what you're looking for, feel free to leave.

Other Character tags include: Celestia, Trixie, Shining Armor, Spearhead, Granny Smith, Spike, Derpy, Dinky, Cloud Kicker, Blossomforth, and Amethyst.

Extra Blue Tags: Comedy and Random

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Its good nice work:twilightsmile:

Thanks man, get ready for some laughs in the next few ones:raritywink:.

Thank you, I was give some feedback on extended sentences and some of them not really making a whole lot of sense. So I decide to fix that up here:eeyup:.

nice work on chapter and both versions of your story are great:twilightsmile:

Thank you,
I’m glad to hear, though I couldn’t help but feel something was missing:unsuresweetie:.

it was great but if you think something is missing i havnt spoted it

I was talking about the old version, but that's fine:twilightsmile:. I'm already planning on adding some new things in this version:twilightsmile:.

Thanks, bet you didn’t see me giving Pinkie the ability to stretch like Luffy coming did ya:coolphoto:?

Thanks dude, with each mistake I catch, I can see each chapter becoming smoother:eeyup:.

nice work on the 4 chapters out so far:twilightsmile:

Not much to edit, but it'll definitely happen in the next one:twilightsmile:.

Look down below in the summary, it'll show it inside the Extra Tags. Though if you want, I can take out the comedy tag and just add that instead.

Next time things are going to get pretty dramatic, just wait and see:raritywink:.

Thanks, I felt like this chapter was pretty dramatic on my part:raritywink::pinkiesad2:.

As was stated, this a split version of the last one, but thank you for your feedback:twilightsmile:.

This was pretty fun for me to do, and I can only imagine the next chapter after will be as well:raritywink:.

I felt that this chapter was one of the ones that needed the most change:ajsmug:.

Сасный фанфики. Ля, читаю и охуеваю. СЛАВА УКРАИНЕ

Don't worry about the translation, I saw the actual one on my user page:twilightsmile:.

Thank you; Nightmare Moon will be seen more often, that I much I can tell you:twilightsmile:.

Oh, and uh...how're you liking the story...if you meant to leave your thoughts on it:twilightblush:?


ХОЧУ КОНЧИТЬ. Oh, sorry, could not resist: applejackunsure:


Захар, шо творишь в Америке?? Я думал ты в Новосибирске.

Rather, Russian, Latin did not study. I'm not a Catholic.

Oh, you already released chapter 17. Commendable, commendable

I know what it translated), and I understood the meaning. This is what happens in life, and all because I learned at 3 years old what sex is. Hyyyy. Schizophrenia one love

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