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Pinkie Pie is a very busy mare. Between her friends and her family, her party-planning job and her world-saving Element duties, she barely has any time for herself. Sometimes she wishes she had some help.

This wish is answered in the form of a small changeling, lost and alone.

Little did she or he know what series of events this would kickstart, or the marvelous new chapter it would open in the party mare's life.


Cover Art and Proofreading by NecroHorse.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 32 )

A wonderful tale of everything going horribly right. A bit of an anticlimax at the end—almost a foregone conclusion, really—but still a great tale of victory through pink. The only question I have is why Pinkie never got sucked dry, no matter how many changelings she fed. Perks of being queen? And there is the question of what the Joy Hive thought of the pastel reformation, but I suppose something had to give to fit in the word limit.

Whatever the case, thank you for this and best of luck in the judging.

This was a delightful read. It did leave open the question; what happened to Rarity? Concerned minds would like to know.

Ahh, I'm sure she's fine. Probably locked in a closet somewhere or something!

I got to the end and loved it. Though I won't lie I said I can't wait for the next chapter... only to see it marked complete.

Indeed, Chryssi was really banking on her missing subjects still being loyal. Oops.
As for Pinkie's endless supply: The fun answer is that she just naturally is an endless font of happiness and joy. She is Pinkie Pie, after all. A more worldbuildy explanation though would be her connection to the Element of Laughter. Trying to drain her is like using a battery that's still itself charging from a wall outlet.

Alas, such is the nature of writing for a contest with a word limit. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

i hope u decide to do a sequel

Now this was marvelous. 'tis so difficult to get Pinkie right, but you definitely managed it.

Poor Rarity, forgotten again. :pinkiecrazy:

9936666 I mean, have you ever seen Chrysalis and Rarity in the same room?

Other than all those times?

Aside from Rarity's whereabouts being left unexplained (Pinkie should've just sent some lings to find her), and a couple spelling errors, nice work.

The more i think about it, what this needs is an epilogue to wrap up things Pinkie, her hive, Chrysalis and Rarity.

To those readers who have been wondering about Rarity, I have heard your concerns. I've written a small additional scene to tie up that loose end, however, as this story is still being judged for a contest I cannot make any official edits. Therefore, I present it to you below with a few lines either end so you know where the scene goes.

If you are not a judge or other person related to the contest, please enjoy this additional scene:

The changeling queen screamed and fought to the bitter end, but to no avail. With almost anticlimactic ease she was overpowered, magically sedated, bound, and transported out.

"Now that that little problem is squared away," Pinkie said, "We should probably send someling to go look for Rarity. Feldspar?"

"It has already been taken care of," he replied, already back at her side. "Shortbread and his scouts went looking the moment Chrysalis dropped her disguise. She has been found, safe and sound, podded in the Boutique's storeroom and is being brought here now for the celebration."

"Celebration?" Pinkie asked, "I don't remember us having anything planned today. What's it for?"

"Why, for your coronation, of course. Something all of us in the hive have felt is long overdue."

Twilight and her three remaining friends watched these proceedings with mute cocktails of shock, confusion, and bafflement.

Definitely interested to see where this goes, also wondering if changlings feeding off of pinkie is different and she is almost like a generator to them rather than other ponies which seem to be more like a slowly filling battery

Loved this story, I hope we see more from the joy hive

Well this is certainly a very cute beginning. Pinkie Pie has to be one of the better possible ponies to discover a lost changeling.

C'mon, Pinkie, you know how this works with parasprites... For pretty similar reasons, actually.

Interesting that these changelings understand but don't speak. I assume communication back to Pinkie will be coming at some point.

Reading between the lines, it seems like in the hive they're from, giving names is something that does happen, but only to certain very special lings, maybe, and in a kind of ceremony.

For now this continues to be extremely cute.

:pinkiehappy: What are you unleashing, Pinkie? Independence in changelings? Who knows where this will end...

Couple of typos in this chapter: "good am mimicking" should be "good at mimicking", and "her usual au natural style" needs to change "au natural" to "au naturel" (probably in italics but that's up to you).

This chapter was delightful. I was suspecting Rarity's hypothesis was wrong somewhere, but I absolutely was not prepared for her imagining a liaison with one of the Flim Flam Brothers. And I laughed out loud at the bit where Rarity "wished her good fainting chaise wasn't at the cleaners." Lovely.

(Though I was taken aback by the mention of Starlight Glimmer. I had thought this was set around season 3. Or is there meant to be an implied timeskip?)

This is certainly adorable. But I do find myself wondering quite how Pinkie Pie caused these eggs to come into existence. We've skipped forward to season 8 now, so we're years after the hive first formed (and the mention of Maud suggests that at least a handful of other ponies know about Pinkie's little nation here). If eggs can spontaneously form near satisfied changelings I'd have expected it to happen sooner.

There are hints (or at least, there's supposed to be) that we've been skipping along trough the canon timeline.

This was fantastic. I love it. Such an unapologetically cheerful and sweet way to deal with the changelings. (The extra scene is indeed a sensible addition.) I'm particularly entertained by how Twilight views Pinkie as doing an insultingly poor imitation of Pinkie's voice!
Thank you very much for writing it, and best of luck in the contest!

But given how much work that takes off her hooves, it's clear that this is where their independence pays.

I regret nothing.

Yeah, I worked it out eventually :twilightsmile: I'm so used to reading stories set in season 5 or later that it didn't even occur to me that the mention of the roots of Twilight's castle had pulled us forward in time a bit. The timeskip cues are reasonably well done, I just missed the first one or two until we got to the really blatant one here :twilightsheepish:

This was bloody delightful. I don't think I've ever been happier to see Chrysalis--whom I normally adore--being smacked down. The ending felt really abrupt, both with Chrysalis' appearance and Pinkie not really getting a chance to explain things, but dammit, this was fun and endearing and I just loved it. Thank you so much for writing this! :pinkiehappy:

I love it when Pinkie's engineering side comes out. Party Cannons and Helicopters don't just HAPPEN you know.

Given how ling hives morph and shift, and that Pinkie Pie was involved in the design, I expect this to turn into a hyper-dimensional Tardis like structure soon enough.

That's adorable. The first changelings born loved.

I wrote a critique/review of this story. It can be found right over here.

You know, it seemed really odd to me that given her personality and upbringing Pinkie Pie had only one child at her apparent age in the season finale. But, if Li’l Cheese has a few hundred older Changeling brothers and sisters that would explain a lot.

This was quite nice.

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