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Strange, considering that the Griffons in MLP are really fucking poor. They wouldn't have the resources or organization to fund a war.

This is an alt-universe where they've capable resources
I apologize I forgot to clarify in the description

The leaders at the Equestria Games seemed to imply there were several other griffon nations on their planet.

I always find likes and dislikes useless, since people will just dislike a story out of ignorance, just because they don't like the kind of story, without even reading it.
I can say that, even if I'm not a fan of gore and vore, I enjoyed reading this story because is well written, good job

I enjoyed this story. Shows that at some point the Griffins were strong. But that against Celestia that strength was meaningless. Could also show just why the Griffons became weak.

We need more stories like this

Not my type of thing under normal circumstances, but the idea, plus the cover art, had me curious, and I read through it. It's not bad, well written, with good descriptions of the various scenes, and a lot of good moments. You do this well.

And not just the men, but the women and the children too! They are like animals! So I slaughtered them like animals! I HATE THEM!

Basically Celestia in a nutshell in this

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