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Spore Harvest

A simple Slovene bronie that decided to write weird stories about mlp. And sometimes I hang out with eldritch monstrosities that usually suggest my story ideas. Just a heads up for your sanity.

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he seems nice, I mean this was a case of clearly defending himself.

Also where in the timeline is all of this taking place?

It is taking place a bit after Discords recapture. After all the mad god does need entertainment.

Dude I love how original this all feels, from the character to the magic to the personality, I fing love it! Good job man!

If I was reading this right, Celestia and Luna had created Discord via exploring something they had no right in. Instead of owning up to it, they swept it under rug and blamed him alone on everything that went wrong and the 'elements of harmony?' allowed them to seal him.

I quoted the elements of harmony because this didn't very harmonic in screwing someone over and then deny helping them unless they didn't want to help him but seal him away since if he was cured of his insanity he could confess what they had done to him related to his creation.

Yup. You are absolutely right about that.

i enjoy this story very much

nice to see pinkie_pie is in character in this chapter instead of racist pinkie_pie from when he first showed up. I expected her pinkie_pie sense to kick in during the encounter to warn her to not do anything hostile or at least to help prevent what happened to rainbow_dash.

+1 traveling companion?

I want to see more of her in this story. She's better than the ponies by already not jumping to attack him.

If things turn out right then yes.

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