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I have been writing Twirax stories since 2019.


HUNK, one of the most interesting and mysterious characters in the Resident Evil franchise finds himself in Equestria during his mission will he be able to escape from the beautiful and peaceful world?

My new story everyone! I hope all of you will enjoy it! And also this is my first crossover story and I'm really excited to write it!

Also I do not own anything in this fanfiction, Resident Evil belongs to capcom and My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro. And the image I am using belongs to it's original owner.

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What's HUNK stand for? Is it even a real acronym?

The name HUNK stands for

HUNK is one of the most mysterious characters in the Resident Evil franchise.

Hello everyone reading my new story. I'm sorry that it is taking a while for me to write the next chapter and the reason because of that is that I'm working on my older story, but still don't worry I will upload the next chapter as soon as possible.

HUNK doesnt really mean anything atleast in the canon resident evil verse unless creators say something. The human unit never killed thingy is fan created thing. Where did the name HUNK came from? If i remember correctly creator said just that he though it sounded cool. Others also call him Mr.Death for his ability surviving impossible situations.

Yep, your correct. HUNK is one of the most mysterious and interesting characters in the Resident Evil franchise.

good chapter.

Thank you. Which one was your favourite part?

Him beating the royal guard.

Yeah, I had that idea in my head. The guards shouldn't have challenged a highly trained soldier.

Editor, i tried reading a few chapters bit the grammar goes haywire, id say you are trying to hard to describe something it becomes convoluted, dont know if english is your first language but there is that, also try and keep chaptera between 1000-1500 words any less risks being too quick to enjoy for some people.

Okay, I will and thank you for reading. And it's still my first time writing stories. But still, please enjoy my first crossover story.

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I'm liking this VERY MUCH! I've added it to my Tracking folder, can't wait for the next chapter!

This was definitely worth the wait and for first-time writer this isn't that bad at all Awesome chapter keep up the great work

You are welcome! Keep up the good work! :pinkiesmile:

I will, just have to search up for more enemies from Resident Evil 4.

Grammar is much better, Characterization aside the pacing is good, a little fast for my taste but nothing practice doesnt fix, overall its shapi g up nicely.

Thank you very much, and also which one was your favourite part?

HUNK getting hugged and then telling them to stop, i love when a character breaks the standard habits of MLP, getting annoyed at friendly acts, saying "dark" stuff with a straight face.

Yeah, I agree. HUNK is a strong and skilled soldier. He never smiles, and we can never see his face in the Resident Evil games.

Oh, and also, would you like to read my other stories? I think you will find some of them quite entertaining.

Awesome c chapter the fact that Hulk got some friends that would probably help him a lot to do the story is it nice to have keep up the great work

Thank you very much, and his name is actually HUNK not hulk. But still, thank you for reading.

Oh, and also, would you like to read my other stories? I think you will find them interesting as well.

Sorry for the misspelled and I'll keep those other stories in mind

Thank you, and its alright, and I'm sure you'll love some of my other stories.

Since the Ganados dont actually speak it seems cumbersome to have their dialogue in both grunts and translation, maybe put it on italic so readers know its a diferent language and Krauser not get it or just have Saddler psychicaly knows they are saying, that way you can have a sort of mystery later on.

PS: jeesh, i can inly imagine Krauser shot the arrow weak enough just so it would get stuck on Scoots leg.

Yep, agreed and thank you for reading. And also, did you find it funny that HUNK got hugged twice on a single day?

These are the evil douchebags I love it

Thank you, and I bet you will also love the next chapter.

And also, which was your favourite part of this chapter?

I think my favorite part is when the CMC connect with HUNK

Glad you liked it. And did you find it funny that HUNK got hugged twice on a single day?

Yes but not as much as other Resident Evil fans I'm not a big one

That's alright, glad you like my story.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom were shocked to see the creature speaking Equestrian, but they put that aside ans ran up to him and hugged him.

Correct spelling is 'and'

Yeah, an epic battle between a tough soldier, ganados and an American.

Thank you for correcting my mistake. I typed too fast in this chapter.

Thank you. The next two will be even more perfect.

Niiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccce chapter and. He got knocked the buck out

Yeah, HUNK is more superior than Krauser. And fighting him in Resident Evil 4 is easy. And also, HUNK managed to take his lightning hawk magnum and a few clips to it as well. So that means, he's got a new gun.

I don't even know what to say that was just an awesome chapter I do feel bad for Fluttershy I getting injured but she got herself in the mess where is Awesome chapter and keep this up can't wait to see Sweetie Belle's reaction to Rarity

Thank you very much. And did you find it shocking that HUNK burned Pinkie's face with his hand grenade?

No Cruz if there was no burns I can't see pinkie a snake saying war war never changes and hank is to much a bad ass not to do so

Yep, HUNK is an awesome character. And soon the story will get even more interesting in the next two chapters. And also, I'll add another villain.

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