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"Wash away this lying world! Terminate THIS IRON FIST!" -Unearth, The Oncoming Storm

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I understood a bit....

But I'm no guitarist. Sweeping is a foreign concept to me... "Sweep sweep sweep..." -twilight sparkle

Excellent understanding of harmonics though. (Was this just a big pun on harmonics and harmony?)

Sweep picking is a speed technique shred guitarists use where they play a string and immediately mute it through a combination of palm muting and fret hand muting before playing the next one. It's often used in conjunction with regular solos. Twilight figured out natural harmonics are already muted between strings, so she could focus more on the picking technique without having to mute each individual string. Surprisingly, this was not a pun. XD

Questions of why Twilight Sparkle is a metalhead aside, this is awesome. Just one more question though since I don't get it.

Are they ponies, or human? Rainbow's last line didn't help.

They're ponies, but the story is rooted in reality, so it's a bit ambiguous. Metal is highly diverse. There's pretty much something for everyone in the genre, and being that Twilight likes to challenge herself, shredding and progressive techniques are right up her alley. I could pretty much assign styles of metal to each member of the main six. Twilight would be shred, neoclassical, and prog, Pinkie would be power metal, Fluttershy would be post-metal and atmospheric black metal, Rarity would be Gothic and symphonic metal, Applejack would be groove metal, and Rainbow Dash would be speed and thrash. Spike would be kind of a mix between Twilight and Rarity.

Well I pretty much understood nothing.

Basically some frets on a guitar produce high-pitched melodic tones without having to press them down. Those are natural harmonics. Twilight figured how to incorporate them into her sweep picking technique.

"I've been on a bit of a deftones kick lately. Their song 'Change' is really basic by itself, but if you add another guitar layer on top of it, you can create a whole other dimension for it. It sounds really killer. The chorus in particular offers plenty of opportunities to improvise."

Grammar nazi time. I just noticed it too. Deftones should be capitilized here. When you say "Their song 'Change'", deftones is the name of a band. Common sense here.

Thanks for checking. I do all the proofreading and editing myself, so it makes sense I'd miss something.

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