• Published 19th Oct 2019
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Hello, Good Night - Closer-To-The-Sun

Spike sends you, the viewer, a letter.

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Hello, Good Night

Hello, it’s me, Spike.

Kinda crazy to think about how much has happened, hasn’t it? Over the years, I’m sure you saw our wild adventures. From Twilight Sparkle first moving to Ponyville and Princess Luna returning from the moon, Discord breaking free from his prison, Queen Chrysalis invading with her changelings, and then the changelings finding their own way, the friendship school opening up, Lord Tirek coming back with a vengeance, and of course what just happened with all of Equestria coming together. Pretty wild, huh? A lot of that feels like forever ago.

It’s crazy to think about how something that is such a part of your life, that something so wonderful and look forward to and you think would go on forever, can come to an end. It’s surreal, even for us. With Princess Celestia and Luna retiring and Twilight passing the school on to Starlight Glimmer, it seems like an end of an era. But despite all of the disbelief, change is inevitable. It’s a part of life, everything must come to an end. It’s funny, as much as we all loved Twilight studying under Celestia, and all the letters she wrote the Princesses, I feel that even she knew that they would eventually end. But endings don’t have to be sad. As Twilight might say, the ending of one chapter is simply the beginning of another.

By the way, we all knew we were being watched. It was a little weird, but we also thought we must be doing something right if others were watching up on us, especially if they were from some other, far off world. With that knowledge and on behalf of all of us here in Equestria, I want to say thank you for watching us.

Our adventures might seem like they’re over, but they are truly never done. After all, the magic of friendship never ends because a friendship is like a living creature. You nurture it so it can grow, just as you and your friends do, so they can become stronger. It’s a lot of work, but it’s always worth it. Our friends make us want to be the best possible versions of ourselves, and we want the same for them.

Sorry, this is getting harder for me to write. I guess there’s just so many emotions going on that it’s hard for me to write. But I guess I’m, in some weird way, happy. Not happy that it’s all over, but rather what it gave us all. The good times where we seemed to stand at the top of all Equestria, and even the bad when all seemed lost, but we still had each other’s backs, knowing we can win if we work together. After all, you gotta have sadness in your life every once in a while. It makes those good times all that much better. What I’m trying to say is that while it might be cruel that something so great might come to an end, we’ll always have the wonderful memories.

Truthfully, I don’t think we’re going to be gone forever. I feel we still have plenty of work to do. Our world is going to be okay. After all, we have a pretty awesome council of friends. They were the ones who were able to help others change their ways. We never thought those who fought against us would become our close and trusted friends. But that is how powerful friendship is; there is greatness in everyone, and it’s up to us to help them shine. Every creature deserves a chance, every creature deserves a friend, and it is never too late to change for the better.

Of course, that doesn’t mean life is easy. The world can be a scary place full of uncertainty and fear. Fear of the unknown and fear of rejection. That’s why we have to be brave, because true bravery is to go on in spite of fear. It doesn’t matter how bad things can get, because it means the good will shine brighter when it arrives. And the good news about all of this is that friends can and will help you through the worst of it, helping you shoulder the burden. You can’t predict what might happen to you, but with a little help, it’s much easier to get through it.

Endings do happen, though. It’s only natural that at the beginning of something, and ending will eventually happen. But that should never stop you from making friends. Saying “goodbyes” are never easy, and I don’t really like them. But we shouldn’t build walls around ourselves just out of the fear of being hurt, but rather we should be building bridges to each other for us to connect. And, eventually, you will lose ones you care about for whatever reason, but that should never let you stop letting others into your life. Even if they are gone, you will still have the memories you shared with them. As the first yak student at Twilight’s Friendship School, Yona, famously said, “yaks know things not forever, that’s why yaks smash and rebuild”.

To be honest, there is no real secret to being alive. The real meaning of life is just to be alive, be oneself, and be kind. It’s not some big mysterious secret.

I guess I’m getting off track here. More than anything, I’m writing this to thank you all. I’m overjoyed we were able to share a bit of our world of Equestria with you, and I hope you enjoyed it. Ever since the beginning of all of this, I wondered if others would be grateful for what we tried to bring to them. With all of you watching from your world, I feel we did help, even if just a little. And maybe that’s enough.

But let me ask you something; how are you doing?

Sure, my story might be done for now, but I’m curious about how your life is going. What’s your home like? I bet it’s a beautiful place with all sorts of amazing creatures, big and small, along with wondrous places that steal your breath and inspire awe.

Our paths together might end here, but yours continues onward. I’m very happy they crossed. You’re going to do amazing things in your life, I know of it, but there will be times you’re gonna get hurt. It’s okay to be afraid of those times, but don’t stress. Rather, use that uncertainty to encourage yourself to do better. We are all living creatures that are supposed to change and grow, and it’s up to us to make those changes for the better. You might not see or know what greatness you hold, but I know it’s there. I’m glad you exist. You are an amazing individual to join us for all these years.

I do hope your world is kind to you. And if it isn’t, I want that to change. Sometimes going on can be too much, and I get that. But you do have friends to help you. They are there to help you stand up and keep going. As a dragon, standing on two legs can be tricky, but it’s much easier with the help of those you care about and those who care about you. I know life can be hard, but when everything is going wrong, just remember that along with your friends in your world, all of us here in Equestria are rooting for you. We believe in you, just as you believed in us.

There is good out there, no matter how bleak things look. It’s worth striving towards it, and it’s even more worth sharing with all. The universe can be a chaotic and unforgiving place, but a little love and kindness can go a long way.

You know, it’s funny, I believe our lives here in Equestria might have been swayed you a little. We had you watching our lives and adventures, and when our lives or the fate of Equestria hung in the balance, I like to believe you were there. I like to think that you were with us, rooting for us and helping us get through the hardest of times. It’s as if you were watching over us, cheering us on, answering our prayers for help. I don’t know if you have somepony like Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, or some other princess that rules over your world, but I hope they are looking after you. I hope they are rooting for you and hoping for the best for you, just as you did us.

Don’t forget about your friends in your world. Your friends need you, and they will always need you. It’s because they care about you and want you to be happy. Don’t give up on them, because they love you dearly. After all, you have to let the magic of friendship grow and let it blossom. Strength doesn’t come from oneself alone, but their friends. Check up on them and let them know you care about them.

And finally, please don’t be so hard on yourself. No matter what world you might be from, life can be very hard. But no matter how tough it might get, I know you can make it through the worst of it. You’ve made it this far, and I know you can keep going. And don’t forget that you have friends to help you as well. So, whatever you do, don’t give up. I’m proud of you, all of us in Equestria are, and we all want you to keep going, because we know you are strong. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I know you have to go; your own world is calling. But I still wonder what it is like. I want to think it’s someplace magical like Equestria, but I know that might be a bit naive. Nevertheless, I know it’s your home and I want it to treat you as good as you treated ours. I hope the lessons we learned here helped you as well.

Don’t worry, it’s okay to cry. Crying makes us strong. In fact, never be afraid to be who you truly are. But what I hope is that you become a compassionate individual who wants to make your world a better place for all. I do hope we helped you.

In the grand scheme of things, I guess it has only been a short time for us to get to know each other. It’s strange, it feels so much longer than that. Thank you for your continued patronage. From all of Equestria, I thank you.

It might be seen as a sunset, but it can also be seen as a sort of dawn. Like a new day for us all to take all of what we learned and employ it in our lives.

Please don’t forget us. I know we will never forget all of you. Thank you for watching us grow. We love you. I hope we all get to see you again soon.

Good night,


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That was beautiful, thank you! :raritycry:

Dii young fahdon. Hin part ko daar adventurdro fen Ni kos vodahmin Naal hin people ahrk hin friendde. Hi lost
done pogaas wah raise fin voderstanding do un people thankke wah hi Mu Nu lost aan kinbok tol los willing wah change. Praan assuraan tol thdro wuth dovah fen Ni forget hi over fin pogaan yeadro ahead.

fin bronze dovah

07 Goodnight, Sweet Prince...

Brilliant! Reminds me of the many speeches his voice actress gave in her panel at Everfee this year. I remember one of the things she said was, paraphrased, "keep the show with you."

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