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'Freedom is not an instantaneous holiday, as we once dreamed. It is a road. A long road. We know this now.' -Svetlana Alexievich


Prequel of The Burden of Hope.

Act I: Left orphaned after a conflict that raged in Equestria, Forge is left wondering what his place is in his new life. Directed by the Princesses toward symbols of hope, the colt takes up a title and responsibility he is yet to understand. With rumours of beings that seek to disrupt harmony, Forge is tasked to stand with legends to preserve the delicate balance between unity and chaos.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 2 )

Interesting story so far. Curious when it's taking place.


Thank you for your comment and your interest! The story is taking place quite some time before Nightmare Moon's banishment to Equestria's moon, just to give some time scale. Hope you enjoy reading the following chapters!

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