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Farewell, and Thanks for Coming In! | [Retired]

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I don't think I've ever seen this premise before. Kudos to you.

I am interested. Need to read this.

wait didn't you ghostwrite this?

No. If I did it there be a lot more butts.

Loved it! Unedited as it is, still awesome for all that is written!

Keep been you, bro!:moustache:

You are wild and untamed...which is awesome.

I would love to see a sequel

Oh, cool. You do your best work in a half-unconscious daze, I better check this out and report back.

How do ya mean?

Good news, you write pretty well at 3 AM!
Bad news, you're writing at 3 AM for some reason...

this is thoroughly enjoyable

Thanks broski!

I liked this story. good job my friend!!

I’d like to find the artist of the picture, but every time I search their name I get nothing but weird music.

Was... was that a laugh or exasperation? I’ve gotten both from people.
(I would really like to find the artist tho)

Try NC Mares on Deroiboru

AH! I should’ve known it was NC by the style and macro! I’m already following them!

Good man.

Shrunk into Fluttershy's Panties is still my favorite thing of yours, and you said you wrote it on little sleep.

Oh yeah. That one's up there for me too. Shame I never wrote it properly.

The wanks would have been worth.

I wouldn't mind getting a sequel to this.

Do you think you could do a non-macro fic?

Of Celestia and Spike?

Another where Spike doesn't give a damn fic.

I gotta say, there's a lot of words here for three AM. It's quite an impressive feat.

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