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Nocturnalis Storyhart

I love the night and all it has to offers. Princess Luna is the best. I love to make friends, give advice, and help others. I love interaction with others, so comments and PM's are highly welcomed.


This story is a sequel to The life of Nocturnalis StoryHart

Nocturnalis Storyhart has gone through a lot. She is told, if you help others you will help yourself. Sounds good, so that is all I do. But after so many yrs of this happening, I..I can't do this! I give and Give, yet no one ever gives in return. I have always given the disguise of a happy, carefree, friendly, nothing is wrong pony. And they believe it. Every single lie they believe. They can't see the truth. Maybe this will finally explain everything.

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Comments ( 10 )

Interesting read.
Thanks for the authors note at the end, you scared me for a moment there. I'm sorry you're having a difficult time, I hope things get better.

i provided the note, so we wouldn't have a website criss cross warning others about another suicide note. the last one got every one worried

Life truly isn't fair. My soul's been dying since day 1, growing more tired and angry with every push, every slight, every shove. It never stops. So why should anyone else? That's what I've always thought. If the world won't stop, why should we? If the world won't give up on pushing us down, why should we give in?

That would let it win.

And ya know what? Fuck letting the world win. Tell it to shove it's shit back in the shitter. And if you want someone to give back, then you have to keep giving until someone finally does. That's all there is to it. Heaven knows I'm willing.

9890165 Good to hear. Shoot me a message if you ever need to talk. Timeless Celestial#1965 I may be busy most days, but I'll always get on at some point and reply, you can count on that. Hope you kick the World in it's dirty ass ass. :rainbowdetermined2:

Absolutely know where you are coming from with this piece. A summary of myself I guess I need not try to write now.

Thank you for sharing this. Sorry to hear you are another burning out in the same way as me.

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