• Published 13th Oct 2019
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Equestria Changed - TheOneWithoutAName

The Elements didn't appear, Twilight failed and Nightmare had almost won..at least until Celestia beat her with some help and imprisoned her. Now she is trying to get her sister back with any means necessary.

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that potion could solve that cadance telling any one about the underhanded dealings without killing her. There's already one alicorn getting raped, might as well add another to that list.

Absolutely love it. While the gay scenes aren't my thing, I adored tye segment with Rain Shine getting dominated.

And as for the potion, I very much look forward to its use on Cadance and her subsequent rape.

Any idea when the next chapter will be?

This shit keeps getting worse. Doesn't much care for his wife at this point, so he didn't love her that much. Raping other creatures now as well. Man, this is twisted shit.


That is the idea! :pinkiesmile:


Hopefully next month. Though, first I gotta finalize the plans for the second art with the Commissioner.


It is twisted and dark, which is why some like it and others don't. And yup, Shining is slowly drifting away from Cadance. Heck, one could argue that morales in general are loosening or tipping more in favor of debauchery. There is an actual reason for this too.

But it all really depends on if you even want to read further. If this isn't interesting for you, then that is fine.

I guess I am trying to figure out if there is going to be someone or something that will fix all this? Nightmare Moon and Cadence are the only ones I can think of and that doesn't seem likely since they are captured. If you are following the pictures I've seen then there doesn't seem to be a good conclusion. Unless you've got one in mind that wasn't shown?


In all honesty, the ending of this story depends on the Commissioner. I am just a writer, making suggestions, giving advice, helping to form and then bringing an idea to life in hopefully the best possible way.

Well that doesn't seem promising. I'll stick around for awhile but it's going to depend on where it goes I suppose.

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