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Artist, writer, gamer, singer, and violinist. I know all of my stories suck. Most of them are from 2019. More info about me on my page.


After a night at Cafe Du Mane, she doesn't want to leave Rainbow Dash. Then she realizes that she might feel more for her rainbow maned friend than she thinks. Applejack finds out that she is now a fillyfooler. She loves Rainbow more than just as a friend. But one question still remains: does Rainbow love her back?
Soon, Applejack finds out that she isn't the only fillyfooler who likes Rainbow Dash. Now Applejack us nervous to confess her feelings. Does Rainbow even love her? Or does she love the other pony?

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"Man, this is the second best soul I've ever tasted

I understand you don't look through these anymore, but damn that makes it sound like there's something wrong with Cafe Du Mane AND Rainbow Dash xD

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