• Published 16th Oct 2019
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The Perfect Friends - Rasazy

After a night at Cafe Du Mane, Applejack realizes she might feel more for a certain friend of hers than she thought. But it turns out she isn't the only one who likes Ranbow Dash.

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Chapter Two

"Where's my plushie?" Rainbowrio called to Rainbow Dash, who was currently reading a Daring Do book.

"You still sleep with one?" Rainbow smirked.

"DON'T JUDGE ME!" Rio yelled, stomping her hoof on the ground.

"Alright, alright. Jeeze. It's under my bed."

"WHY is it under your bed?"

"I thought it would be funny."


"You live with me. You know, if you need a plush of me to sleep, why not just sleep with me instead?"

"I move around when I sleep. Do you want me to hit you right smack in the fucking face???"

"Good point."

"OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!" Rainbowrio stormed out of the living room, heading for Rainbow Dash's room.

"Jeez. That mare needs to calm down." Rainbow said, turning back to her book.

"I HEARD YOU!" Rio called from upstairs.

"Can you shut up so I can read?" Rainbow Dash said, trying to find the sentence she left off at.

"Fine." Rio said.

Applejack paced around her room. She normally didn't do this, but she was very nervous. Why had she been acting weird around Rainbow Dash. It wasn't a first timer, but still. Why?

"Applejack? It's time to eat!" Apple Bloom called from outside Applejack's door, breaking her concentration.

"Alright. I'll be there in a moment." Applejack said, picking up a quill she hadn't noticed before and put it on her table.

I know some people don't read authors notes, but this is important. I am not using the thing people usually use for the authors note because some people will ignore it and be like "PLEASE CONTINUE."
So I will have to cancel this due to how little time I have to update stories now and I kinda lost interest in Appledash. Life isn't just writing stories about pastel ponies and shippings. So I hope you all enjoy what I have of this. I will be able to update other storied but this one is not going to be continued anytime soon. I know, I know, you were hoping for more Appledash. But I'm sorry. This is only the second chapter and I have to cancel it. I'm sorry, everyone, but it's just how life is.
I'm not going to change this into canceled yet because even after thinking about canceling this for about ever since I started chapter two, I'm still not 100% sure I should cancel. But I'm 99% sure I will. I want to be 100% sure before canceling it completely.
Please help me. Now I have to handle school, homework, update my YouTube channel, update my stories (cause I don't want to cancel them), and continue stories on other websites and apps. I would move the finished ones onto FimFiction, but I only have about two finished ones and over 33+ stories going on (about eight cancelled. This is the ninth one) so...
Why do I have so many fucking stories... :facehoof:
Plz help me.

After so many months, I have finally decided to cancel this. I have COMPLETELY lost interest in Appledash (sorry to all you Appledash fans out there) and officially interested in some other ship and stuff.

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