• Published 21st Oct 2019
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King: The Beginning - DanishDash

The big day is here, Celestia's son has been born! From moment Celestia laid eyes on her little Spero, she knew he would do great things. Follow him on adventures and as he grows up, find the answer to the question that still lingers. Who is his dad?

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Chapter 3

This was it, the moment all of Equestria had been waiting for. Celestia knew this had to happen, but still, she hadn't been so nervous about public appearances since her very first one. Years of practice and still she was nervous, not about herself, but about sharing her young foal so soon.

It was something that needed to happen, something he needed to get used to. As a princess she knew this, but as a mother, she wanted him to just be a little foal and enjoy his childhood for as long as possible, but.. That was simply a luxury a royal could not afford, no matter how much they wished it so. She would need to lead him by example, to share her vast experience and show him there was nothing to fear.

"Princess..?" Miss Inkwell stepped closer. "It's time."

The sound of the massive crowd gathered below the palace was incredible, it had been so long since their ponies had gathered in such massive numbers, such love already shown to her little foal, it warmed her heart.. The balcony and the royal family was only separated by the red curtain, the two Solar Guards ready to lift it aside so they could walk out.

Taking a deep breath, she looked to the foal on her back. "This is it Spero, ready to meet our subjects?" She asked with a small smile. The colt smiled back, fluttering his wings a bit in excitement. "That's my little brave colt." She said and nuzzled him once before she looked back towards the curtain. With a nod the guard moved the curtain to the side and let them pass.

The crowd started to roar in excitement as soon as Celestia stepped out with her little foal on her back. The streets and the courtyard in front of the palace was a colorful sea of ponies, all waving, taking pictures, holdings signs, cheering and calling to them.

Celestia let them cheer for about half a minute before she held up a hoof, and just like that the crowd of ponies quieted down. When there was enough silence, her horn glowed and her voice could be heard all throughout Canterlot.

"My dear little ponies, yesterday marked a historic day, not just for me, but for you. For a long time, I thought I would never have the great honor of giving birth to a foal, the honor of motherhood. An honor many of you have experienced already and have done well."

The crowd cheered.

"I can only hope I will do you all justice as I try this new adventure myself. The road is long ahead, but I know in my heart my son, your prince, and the first male Alicorn shall make you all proud." She smiled at the little foal as he giggled, earning him some 'awwws' from the crowd below, at least for those who could see him.

"And so, I hope you will stand with me, as we show him the way of kindness, friendship and what it means to be a loyal and honest pony. That way he will learn to love you all as I do." She smiled and levitated Spero with her magic, showing him to the crowd, but of course she did not hold him so high that it was dangerous. "My son, prince Spero."

The crowd went wild, cheering, stomping their hooves or clapping, taking pictures and called out praises. Spero was confused at first, looking down at the many ponies, his big round eyes seemed to grow as he looked at them all. He started to giggle and wiggle in delight as he floated gently in the air.

The crowd started to cheer again and call out.

"Long live the princesses! Long live prince Spero!"

Celestia levitated her little Spero down to her, she nuzzled him lovingly. "You did so well my little sun." She held him in one foreleg, while the other princesses waved dignified. Celestia would wave too, if she could, but the crowd understood and liked to see the prince close to his mother.

After about five minutes the group went back inside, soon enough they could hear the music start up again from outside and the festivities continued. Luna let out a sigh. "Well, that went really well Tia."

Celestia smiled and nuzzled Spero again. "He did so well, not crying or showing fear." She giggled as Spero reached up his hooves and touched his mother's muzzle. "You're so like your fath.." She stopped herself, her expression growing sad for a second, but quickly regained her composure and continued. "Such a good colt, you're mommy's little sun, yes you are."

Luna and Cadence exchanged a glance, worrying about Celestia. However they chose to not press the matter, she would tell them once she was ready. Luna smiled and stepped over to her sister. "Tia, the elements will be waiting downstairs, they are the last visitors for today."

"Thank you Lulu, let us depart then." Celestia said, thankful for none of them had pressed her on her foal's father. Again, she knew she could not avoid the questions forever, at some point she had to address the issue, but for now, for the second time in her life as a princess, she wanted to be selfish and just enjoy the quiet for a little while longer.


Twilight and her five best friends all waited in one of the salons of the palace. Rarity enjoyed some tea while Pinkie Pie enjoyed one of the many cakes. "Ah must say, it is mighty kind of the princess to invite us all here." Applejack said as she looked out the window, seeing the festival starting up again in the streets.

"Oh yes." Rarity smiled and removed her tea cup and wiped her lips with a napkin. "It is an important occasion after all, to think, a born Alicorn, and a colt no less."

Twilight nodded in agreement. "I was pretty shocked too. I had no idea this could happen, well, I mean I know Alicorns can get pregnant, well, I was pretty sure of it." Twilight rambled a little, but her friends was used to it when she had a lot of questions on her mind. "I am just surprised the foal was born as an Alicorn, I wonder how his magic will be growing up. As an Alicorn he should already be pretty strong. Oh, maybe I can teach him and learn more about him!"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes a little. "Yea, that sounds fun, but what about the little guy learning to fly? That's important too you know." She smirked and stuffed a cream cake into her mouth, chewing for a few seconds before swallowing the whole thing, earning her a disgusted look from Rarity. "Who's the stallion that knocked Celestia up anyway?"

"Rainbow Dash!" Rarity scolded. "That is not way to speak in the palace."

Rainbow lowered her head a bit. "S-sorry, I didn't mean anything bad by it." She looked to Twilight. "Don't you know anything?"

Twilight shook her head. "Nothing, I wanted to ask about it, ask about what kind of pony he is, earth, unicorn or Pegasus, but princess Luna asked me not to bring it up?"

"Why not?" Rainbow asked.

"Maybe because it's none of our business?" Applejack suggested and raised a brow at Rainbow.

"Maybe it's because it is a bit painful to talk about.." Fluttershy added, quietly as always, but she did have a point. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie looked up from the many cakes.

"He is a secret papa stallion! Maybe she has him wrapped up and he is going to be opened like a birthday present!" She grinned.

"Girls." Twilight cut in. "No matter what we think, or how much we want to know, I promised princess Luna we would not bring it up. So please, for her sake, let us not."

They all nodded and promised not to bring up the issue about the foal's father. As if on cue, the doors to the salon opened and in stepped the three princesses and Shining Armor and of course, riding on his mother's back, prince Spero. Celestia smiled at them all. "Thank you for coming, all of you." She gave Twilight a nod. "Twilight, you have already met my son, but I think it is time for him to meet the elements of harmony for the first time." She levitated her little colt off her back and in front of her. "This is my son, Spero."

All the mares, including Rainbow Dash, let out a long. "Awwwww."

"Well gosh princess, ain't he just the cutest little thing." Applejack said as Celestia placed the little foal on a thick blue blanket that had been laid out on the floor for him.

The little foal could not stand, still he gave it a try, but each time he fell down. Then, as he looked up on the mares around him, his eyes widened, like if he was seeing them just now. His eyes scanned each of the colorful ponies as they cooed and admired him, but as soon as his eyes fell on Rainbow Dash, or rather her colorful tail and mane, he started to crawl towards her.

Rainbow Dash's eyes widened as the little prince started to make his way towards her. "W-wha? What is he doing?"

"Ohh, I think he likes you!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"Why don't you sit down and hold him?" Celestia suggested, slightly amused to see Rainbow's hesitation. Though as she suggested she sat down, holding out her hooves a little. To her shocked the little foal seemed to beam at that, moving faster towards her, even fluttering his wings slightly.


The mares exclaimed around the two of them as the little foal finally crawled into the hooves of Rainbow Dash. At first she was a little hesitant, but seeing him beam at her, she couldn't help but smirk and lift him up. "Well good job kiddo." She laughed. "You're the fastest crawler in this room." They all let out small laughs.

"Wow, Rainbow, you're good with kids, maybe you should get your own soon?" Rarity suggested with a teasing grin.

If it wasn't for the foal in her hooves, Rainbow would have yelled her off, instead she simply stuck her tongue out at her. "Hey, it's not my fault the kid recognizes awesomeness when he sees it." She lifted him up. "That's right kiddo, you know talent, and I bet you..." Her words trailed off as she heard something strange, then felt something wet. She stiffened in place while all the others tried not to laugh.

Rainbow had lifted Spero up enough so he could reach her mane, he had wasted no time in catching the strains of hair with his mouth and had started to suck and chew on them like if she was a giant candy.

Finally Pinkie Pie and Applejack fell to their backs and started to laugh and laugh at the sight. Rainbow blushed and tried to move the foal out of her mane's reach, but the little colt had a strong grip. "Ow!" She exclaimed as he refused to let go of his price. They all joined in the laughter and soon enough Rainbow couldn't help but chuckle too.

Celestia was just about to step in, but Rainbow managed to get him to let go when she started to tickle his tummy with her wings. 'Clever, maybe Rarity is right about Rainbow Dash being a good mother.' Celestia thought and smirked.

Applejack sat up, wiping some tears away. "Oh sweet hayball, that was great. So much for being recognized for being awesome and all that."

Rainbow Rolled her eyes. "Please, the kid has potential, if he doesn't try to eat me first." She said and gave a mock glare at Spero, who simply stared into her eyes and then let out a happy sound before reaching out to her with his hooves. Rainbow's expression softened. "Fine, I forgive you kiddo." She smirked.



There was only silence in the study, the curtains had been closed, and it was only the crackling of the fireplace that broke the silence and most of the darkness. Several ponies wearing masks stood around the room, waiting for the meeting to begin.

Finally the doors opened and in stepped a large unicorn, wearing a cloak and a mask just like the others. "Let us begin then.." He said and they all nodded. "The princess has let us wait for two days now, she refuses the nobility to see the prince."

"Two days, it's a scandal, the guard, the commoners, all of them got to see the heir, before us." A masked noble growled and the others nodded in agreement.

"Calm my friends.." The masked unicorn, who was hosting the meeting said. "Tomorrow she will present the prince to us and we all know what we must do. The father, we must know who he is. Now, we have all made use of our connections, I think at this time we can be certain he is not a noble."

It was true, if the father was a noble he would be up there enjoying the spotlight and attention and his new status, but no pony had done so. It had to mean there was no noble who was involved in this whole affair.

"Are we talking about questioning his right to the throne?" A mare asked.

"That would be a mistake." Another one said, and the whole group turned to another masked unicorn. "Not to mention pointless."

"Explain yourself." The host demanded calmly, but still firmly.

"We all come from old households, we cannot use the young prince yet, but we can guarantee our status and our family legacy, not to mention our families future. He's young, we can make the time to mold him into what we want. At some point he will have the power to challenge the royal sisters. Not to mention the old laws.."

The room grew silent, this was dangerous talks, it bordered on treason. When no one protested the unicorn decided to go on. "We all know about the laws of the royal sisters mother, the first born will become king or queen. He will be king, and when he is old enough he can take over for both of them, if they decided to retire one day." He looked around at the ponies who were slowly started to nod along. "I see you are all starting to understand. If we mold him, we can get the king we want, a king that will listen to the nobility. The golden age will return, if we seize this opportunity."

The cloaked and masked nobles started to murmur in agreement when suddenly the host tilted his head. "And if we should fail in this? What then? This club could risk exposure if we act recklessly."

"Very true, which is why I suggest we continue to look for the father. Though, instead of suing it right away, we hide it, like our ace, we can wait to see how best to play that card. Now, all in favor?"

All of the hooves raised to the air and all the cloaked nobles all agreed with a single. "Aye."