• Published 21st Oct 2019
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King: The Beginning - DanishDash

The big day is here, Celestia's son has been born! From moment Celestia laid eyes on her little Spero, she knew he would do great things. Follow him on adventures and as he grows up, find the answer to the question that still lingers. Who is his dad?

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Chapter 2

The news spread like wildfire, a male Alicorn had been born, he was the first prince of Equestria, first born of princess Celestia and the heir to the throne. It would be quite a while before that would happen, but the ponies liked to know they were there when the prince was born, to know the royal bloodline would continue.

Festivals around Equestria were taking place, lots of music, dancing, eating and drinking to celebrate the prince's birthday, a historic moment to be sure. Though as other celebrated, some simply watched and took in the news with no surprise. In the shadows of the alleys a group of black cloaked ponies stood and waited.

Thankfully the wait was short as another cloaked pony appeared. "So, it's a colt then."

One of the other cloaked ponies stepped forward to answer the stallion. "Yes, just as we predicted.. Should we try to approach the princess again?"

The cloaked stallion shook his head. "No, for now we watch him."

"For how long?"

"For as long as it takes, we will watch him.."


When the new day finally arrived and the festivities had died down from yesterday, Celestia gently woke from her slumber. She had rested all day yesterday and all night, only waking up to take care of her little foal, feeding him, talking gently to him and simply taking care of him in any way he needed.

The night had been pretty calm, he had hardly cried, and the few whimpers that did came was quickly silenced with some motherly warmth and a nuzzle. Now, as the Alicorn got up to raise the sun for the first time in a while, the little colt moved under his blue blankets. Celestia smiled gently, moving over beside the crib to greet her son.

Spero moved under the blankets, finally sticking his tiny muzzle out, his nose sniffing around as he slowly emerged. Celestia smiled gently seeing her son come out to explore from his warm nest. "Good morning little sun." She whispered and moved her head down and nuzzled the waking foal.

The colt nuzzled her back, his eyes opening to look at his mother. "Mommy just need to raise the sun, you just stay warm and cozy." The little foal only let out a slow long yawn out before he laid down again, accepting his snugly fate for now. She gave her son a kiss between the ears and then moved closer to the window.

As she did so, the little colt tried to stand on his hind legs, it didn't go that well, he kept falling back on his rump. Though after some effort, he managed to stand just long enough to put his forelegs over the edge so he wouldn't fall. He was just barely able to move his head above the edge of the crib, his eyes watching his mom as she used her magic to open the window.

His eyes filled with wonder and amazement as he watched his mother use her magic, and she giggled a little, but kept her focus on the horizon. Taking a deep breath, she reached out with her magic and gently started to raise the sun. It had been some days since she last felt it, even though she was still tired, it felt good to finally touch it again.

Spero's tail swayed from side to side as he watched his mother, the whole scene was amazing to witness and he watched with all the focus a little foal like him could give. However when Celestia finished, his legs could not hold him up and he fell onto his back in the crib. His wings fluttered a bit in a short panic, but as he turned he calmed down.

His mother giggled, seeing her son being an eager little colt. He had the desire to learn and explore, that much she could tell already. Her little foal moved around the crib, trying to stand, but he simply didn't have the strength yet. Picking up her son in her magic, she gently guided him to the bed so she could feed him.


Luna was tired, but she knew there was still things that needed to be done, like greeting the world with her sister and her nephew. Also the guard wanted to salute their new prince and future commander, well that would be beyond their lifespan, but not beyond the lifespan of the guard itself.

Coming to a hold at the door, the two Solar Guards saluted Luna as they let her pass. She gently took a hold of the door with her magic and slowly opened it. "Sister?"

Celestia looked up and smiled at the sight of Luna. "Please, come in Lulu, good morning." She was laying on her side, Spero close to her as he was fed.

Luna smiled and closed the behind her. "Good morning to you as well Tia. We were simply wondering how you and our nephew were faring."

"The night was peaceful for us, Spero hardly made a sound." She smiled looking down as her little foal was sucking on her teats. Luna blushed a bit, though Celestia could not help but giggle. "Come now Lulu, we did the same when we were just fillies as well, no need to be embarrassed."

Luna shook her head. "We am not embarrassed.. Well maybe we are a little, it has been centuries since we last saw something like this, and you being my sister makes it even more.. Well personal."

Celestia simply smiled and looked down at her son. "He is a greedy one." She commented and smirked at Luna who looked a bit uncomfortable seeing something that personal. "So what can I do for you?"

"Well." Luna said and walked closer to her sister, happy to have a change in subject. "As you know, you have to greet the press later, not to mention our subjects. Besides that, the guard is eager to salute their new prince." Celestia nodded, knowing it would have been proper to introduce her son to the ponies the day of his birth, but she quite frankly did not have the energy. "Also," Luna continued. "I think it would be proper to discuss the formation of his own guard regiment."

At that Celestia raised a brow. "His own guard regiment? Isn't that a bit to soon?"

Luna shook her head. "No, well maybe, but I think it would be a good show of unity." Luna explained. "The Lunar Guard is almost all Thestrals and your guard is almost all ordinary ponies." She quickly waved a hoof. "Not that it is a bad thing dear sister, but my Thestrals still faces some prejudice.." She sighed. "I think if we form a new regiment, made up of Solar Guards and Lunar Guards, ponies and Thestrals, it shows trust and the prince will grow up with all the tribes."

Celestia frowned, it was true the Thestrals still faced some prejudice. After Luna's betrayal and the short war between them, Thestrals were not treated kindly and to Celestia's shame, she hardly did anything at first. Thankfully times were changing and having their lady of the night back had helped a great deal to relieve tensions.

"I see your point.." Celestia said thoughtfully as her greedy little foal had enough of his mother's milk and moved his head away. Both Alicorns smiled as the little foal started to crawl up towards his mother, it took a little, but finally he settled into his mother's forelegs, curling into a ball and nuzzled against her chest.

"Looks like you got a fan." Luna smirked

"That I do." Celestia agreed, smiling down at Spero before looking back up. "You make a good case, do you wish to handle the matter?"

Luna shook her head with a smile. "Dear sister of mine, it is something we should do together. Don't want anypony accusing me of making his guard up with those i place in high regard." Both sister giggled as they could easily imagine some nobles spouting such accusations behind their backs. "But really now, you should get ready to meet our ponies, you won't be able to hide him away forever, you have to share." Luna said teasingly before her smile faded. "Tia.. Uhm, I know you have not wanted to talk about it, but, his father.."

Celestia frowned at the sudden change of topic. "Lulu, please, I.."

"Tia, they are going to ask, you know that. You have might been able to avoid the worst questions due to your pregnancy and the press not being so bold they would in fact intrude on you, but now. Nobles and the press alike wants to know.." Luna said with a frown. "I want to know, but I am not as foolish or so selfish I would want to force it out of you, but I just wish for you to be prepared."

She was right, Celestia knew it, of course she was. She chided herself for sometimes forgetting her sister was more clever and wise that some, even herself, would give her credit for.

"You're right, once again.." Celestia sighed. "The only thing I can do is to be honest.. I do not wish to reveal his identity and I wish to respect his privacy."

Luna frowned. "I don't understand sister, why is he not with you?"

"Lulu, it's complicated.." Celestia said with a frown. "Do not pass judgement on him, this is no more easy for him than it is for me.. Trust me when I say he is probably beating himself up, but, he feels he can't be here, he's afraid."

"Afraid? Afraid of raising his foal?"

Celestia sighed. "In some ways yes, but he feels he is not worthy of me, that he would never be worthy of his foal.. He is stubborn, he distanced himself from me in order to protect us. At least that is what he thinks, and i'm afraid in some ways he is right." Celestia could see Luna tried not protest or burst out in rage, but finally she seemed to give in.

Both of them knew the nobles would make an even bigger fuzz if the stallion was not a noble, then that would just put Spero's legitimacy and right to the throne into more question, and he would always have to dodge the questions and looks he would get.

"Though, he is wrong too. He is more than a worthy father, he would be able to give him life lessons I fear I will never be able to give him, but I have faith. Faith in our son and faith in him, I believe one day we shall be together again, and we both be there for Spero." She whispered, leaning down and nuzzled the little colt that happily nuzzled back.


"Guards, attention!" Shining Armor commanded the hundreds of guards that had been gathered on the parade square of the barracks. Hundreds of hooves stamped to the stone floor beneath them, in one unison sound. "Unicorns, present horns!" The unicorn guards that had been gathered in one end raised their heads, the tip of their horns lit up.

"Pegasi! Present wings!" The pegasi guards, in the group across from the unicorns, spread their wings, folded one back and then with the other made a salute. "Earth guards, salute the royal family!" The last group marched forward, about 20 steps. They moved as one, not one moving out from the beat. Finally they stopped, raised their heads high and saluted with their right hooves.

Shining Armor, standing in front of all the guards, Solar and Lunar, turned to the balcony not far above them and saluted Celestia, Luna, Cadence and of course Spero. "Your majesty, the royal guard salutes the birth of his royal highness, prince Spero!"

As if he had given a command all the guards yelled out in unison. "Huzzah! Long live the prince! Long live the prince!" When they were done, they returned into normal attention stances, letting their horns, hooves and wings drop back.

Celestia smiled and gave Shining a nod. Little Spero did not understand, but he seemed very fascinated and entertained by the display. Clapping his hooves together and making happy noises. As he could not speak for himself yet, Celestia spoke for her son, as expected.

"Thank you all, the crown thanks you for your loyalty to your prince and to this country. I know, if my son had the words he would say the same." The little foal, sitting on her back let out a small hiccup and continued to make sounds. Cadence found it adorable, which she was pretty sure a lot of the guards down there did too, but they had a better poker face when it came to cute things than her.

Shining nodded, saluted the princesses again and turned to the guards. "Battalions! Salute!" Every right hoof was raised to their heads, standing taller than before. The princesses bowed their heads as thanks and Shining continued. "Battalions! Dismissed!" one sound of hundreds of hooves stamping once into the stone floor later and the guards left the parade square.

Shining walked up to the balcony via a small stair case just inside. When he reached them his wife gave him a loving nuzzle. "I always love it when you use your commanding voice~." She teased.

Shining blushed, but returned the nuzzle. "Well, I say that went quite well."

Celestia nodded. "I think so as well, Spero seemed to enjoy it." She smiled and looked back on the foal that was happily sucking on both his hooves on her back. "Didn't you darling?" Hearing his mother's cooing he looked up and giggled, holding out his hooves and spoke unintelligible sounds. Celestia simply smiled. "That's right, yes you did enjoy it, that you did."

It was weird to see Celestia talking all goo goo baby talk, but in a good way. She was so happy and the foal clearly enjoyed the affections and attention from his mother. "Your highness." A mares voice said from the door. A white unicorn with glasses and a brown mane looked at them, hoping not to disturb the royals.

"Ah, miss Inkwell, please." Celestia said. "Is it time for the the kingdom to meet the prince?"

She nodded. "Yes princess, everything is ready. The crowd is pretty big."

Shining sighed and looked at Celestia. "I have three lines of royal guards keeping them away from the door, they are pretty pressed."

"Then we should get this over with." Celestia said amused. "They are eager." She looked at her son with a smile. "Seems like the time has come to finally share you with the world, my son." And with that, the group of Royals made their way down stairs, to greet their subjects and the press. Seems like things were going to be pretty busy for the young prince, the life of a royal was never easy, which was a lesson he had to learn, even now.