• Published 21st Oct 2019
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King: The Beginning - DanishDash

The big day is here, Celestia's son has been born! From moment Celestia laid eyes on her little Spero, she knew he would do great things. Follow him on adventures and as he grows up, find the answer to the question that still lingers. Who is his dad?

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Chapter 1

Once again the morning sun rose to greet the kingdom of Equestria, the rays bathed the capital city of Canterlot in Celestia's warm light. Ponies all over the city was getting up to greet the day and begin work, again the weather was excellent thanks to the hard work of the weather team.

As the streets started to fill with the many ponies, there was a certain spring in their steps. Every pony could feel the joy and excitement in the air, they all knew the time was growing ever closer. The time of the birth of the new member of the royal family.

Princess Cadence had arrived with her husband Shining Armor a few days ago, which had to mean the foal would soon be born. It was the talk of the city, the talk of the entire kingdom in fact. Most of the inns and taverns had been booked, a huge amount of visitors had flooded the city in order to be here when the newest addition to the royal family was going to be born.

There was even some small camps outside the city, ponies from all over who simply had to be here when it happened, it was a historic birth after all. After thousands of years one of the royal sisters was going to have their first foal, it was an event few wanted to miss.

Of course with the big number of ponies arriving in the city, security had to be tightened. In fact, it had not been so tight since the wedding of princess Cadence and Shining Armor, though the royal guard had improved a lot of the loopholes and learned their lesson from that failure.

Any time or any day now a new princess or prince would be born, though most counted on it would be a princess. Well most ponies anyway, some in fact counted on the opposite, some in fact, knew it. They however did not Prance around in the streets or celebrated like all the other ponies, instead they hid in the shadows, waiting patiently, as they had for over a thousand years...

"Urgh..." Luna groaned as her head rested on the dining table, this had been the fourth morning she had raised the sun for Celestia. She didn't mind to help out her sister, especially since she was expecting, but handling the moon, the dreams and the sun, she was exhausted. "This kid better be cute..." She mumbled.

"Good morning aunt Luna." Cadence smiled as she trotted inside along with her husband. "Are you okay? You look exhausted?" The pink Alicorn asked as she made her way over to her dark blue aunt.

Luna nodded. "Yes, I am fine, but I don't know how Celestia dealt with raising the moon and the sun for a thousand years.." She admitted looking a bit down, she felt a little guilty about being gone, creating a situation where she had to be banished and left Celestia with all the responsibility.

"Well she never had to deal with the dream world as well." Shining, the white unicorn with a blue mane and tail reminded her as he sat down.

Cadence nodded and sat down beside her beloved. "Yes, please don't fear Luna, auntie Celestia will be back sooner than you know."

Luna smiled and mouthed a small thank you. "I am pretty excited to see her foal, it's been the big news back at the Crystal Empire." Shining said, shifting the conversation. "I even think some of our subjects has come to bear witness to it's birth."

"Speaking of which." Luna continued. "How is security? Any news about that strange.. Uhm.. Cult?"

Shining's face became serious. "No, and I do not like it."

"Do you really think they are a threat?" Cadence asked worried. It had been a few weeks ago, during the last few days of the day court Celestia attended before she decided to relax for the foal's sake. A group of cloaked ponies had shown up, asking all sorts of inappropriate questions. They had claimed they knew the gender of the foal, claimed they knew of a prophecy that had foretold his birth.

Celestia was used to sometimes meet, strange and eccentric ponies, she had been very patient and polite. The minute they started to ask about the foal's father she had sent them away, no longer entertaining their claims or willing to hear anymore. The episode had Luna, Shining and Cadence worried, they did not expect her to share such things with a group of strange ponies, but she hadn't revealed any details about the father to them either.

"We don't know, it's not that they have done anything illegal, but they seemed like fanatics.." Shining explained. "Ponies like that can be dangerous. Even more worrying is if they are right and the foal is a colt, who knows what they would do."

"Indeed." Luna agreed. "Which is why I want to make sure everything is handled." Shining nodded in responds.

"I have my best guards covering the entire palace and the rest patrolling the city, the mountain and the surrounding area."

"Also." Luna continued. "It may still be early since we don't know the gender, but maybe we should start planning for it's guard."

Cadence tilted her head. "I had thought the Solar guard would have that responsibility?"

There were three branches to choose from with their own subsections, there were the Solar Guard who patrolled during the day. Then you had the Lunar Guard who guarded the night. Lastly you had the Royal Guard, the most elite soldiers of Equestria.

"I haven't had the chance to speak to Celestia about it, and yes, maybe at first, but the guard will expect a new regiment to be formed in the honor of the new foal." She smiled a little. "I am most excited to see the formation of a new life regiment!" She clapped her hooves a little as it had been so long since the formation of her own guard. "At any rate, I would like to retire, it's been a long night and I would like to-."

The doors went up and in sped Raven Inkwell, Celestia's personal secretary and assistant. "Princess Luna, please come quickly!"

Luna quickly stood up as the white unicorn mare looked rather rattled. "What is it miss Inkwell?"

She panted a little after having been running throughout the palace. "It's happening your highness.." She panted and adjusted her thick glasses. "It's the foal, it's being born, her majesty is giving birth!"

The whole city had gathered, the trumpets had finally alerted that the birth was taking place. Ponies talked in almost whispers, like they were afraid it would disturb the doctors and Celestia. The guards had been doubled on the palace walls and it was like time itself stood still in anticipation.

"That's it your highness, you're doing very well." The doctor told Celestia as he and the nurses worked. "That's it, yes, keep pushing, push!"

Celestia did as instructed, her fur all wet from the sweat, her body sore from tensing up and fighting through the pain as she did what the doctor asked of her. Several times she let out small and big screams, making the ponies on the other side of the door worry, even if they knew it was a part of it.

Luna felt like a stallion at that moment, she was pacing back and forth, worried, wanting to help in any way she could as Cadence and Shining sat on the bench outside the royal infirmary, reserved for the sisters. Twilight had been allowed to be here, but she was still in the city and was probably speeding to the castle with all possible haste!

"Okay, I can see the head your majesty, come on, you're almost there, push!"

Summoning all her willpower, Celestia squeezed her eyes shut, willed her body to push once more and let out the biggest and longest scream yet. She could feel the foal leaving her body and she let out a long exhausting sigh. She panted, but it felt so good even though her whole body was sore and she still felt some pain.

However, the pain vanished instantly as she heard a tiny little voice starting to cry. Even out in the waiting room, they held their breaths as they heard the tiny crying. Cadence started to cry tears of joy, taking her husband into her hooves and hugging him tightly, he hugged her back and cried even more.

Luna looked at the door, steeling herself as the crying slowly died down, as expected the doctor came out, wearing a small smile as he bowed to Luna. "Your royal highness, the princess would like to see you."

She did not hesitate one moment as she walked past him and into the room. There was of course some blood here and there, but the nurses were quick to clean it up. Celestia laid on a big bed, it was soaked in sweat, but it was only for the moment until she could be moved into a clean bed.

"Tia?" Luna said as she carefully walked closer to her older sister.

Celestia's ears perked up as she turned her head to face her, now that her head was moved Luna noticed her cradling something small in her arms. "Lulu.." She said with a tired voice, but a happy one. "Come and say hello.." Luna walked closer to see and when she did, she saw a little bundle of blankets with a small head poking out.

Luna felt her heart expand ten times over, the little colt had white fur like Celestia, a horn and a blonde mane. What was most fascinating however was his eyes, they had a golden like color, like the sun itself was burning within him. "This is your nephew , Spero."

The name was very old, in old Equestrian it meant hope. Luna however didn't mind it. "He's beautiful Tia.." Luna said softly and came all the way over to the side of the bed.

Celestia nodded. "Isn't he? He's perfect.." She whispered, a tear running down her cheek, but her smile was still there. Luna had to wonder if it was a tear of joy, or because she was thinking about the father. "He's a big boy, the doctor says he's quite strong too." She said and planted a small kiss between the little colt's ears. "Are the others out there?"

"Yes sister, only Twilight hasn't arrived yet." Luna said apologetically.

"It's okay, my darling couldn't wait, but I think it is time to inform Equestria they have their first prince. The first male Alicorn." Celestia smiled proudly, Luna however was stunned.

"Did you say.." She shook her head and smiled. "Never mind, of course sister." There was no reason to burden Celestia with all the questions now, she was tired and she and the foal needed rest. She instead turned to the door. "Captain Shining Armor." She called in a formal Canterlot voice, though not as powerful as to not scare Spero.

The door went up and in marched Shining Armor, a serious expression on his face as he stood in his armor, ready to receive the order he had been waiting for all day. "Yes your majesty?"

"Fire the cannons captain, one after another, to salute the birth of my nephew." Luna said proudly, feeling giddy for finally being able to say that.

Shining seemed to feel the same way of finally hearing those words, he didn't let the surprise of the information of nephew overtake his professionalism, but he couldn't help but smirk. "At your orders princess."

He turned and left the room, marching out of the waiting room, but as he did Twilight came into the waiting room in great speed, Spike following closely behind her. When they passed one another Shining sent her a small wink before putting on his helmet and vanished down the hall.

Twilight looked after him before she hurried over to Cadence. "The foal is born then?" The lavender unicorn asked with a bit of disappointment. "Is it a colt or a filly?"

Cadence smiled. "Don't worry, it has just happened, but I'm afraid I do not yet know the sex."

"The streets are full, I had a hard time getting to the gates, that's why I was late." She said apologetically. "We got here as fast as we could.."

"Twilight, it's fine, aunt Celestia had a bit more to worry about." She smirked as Luna came out. Both mares looked to her excitingly.

"Everything went well." Luna smiled. "She wants to see you, for a short visit, the doctor is strict and wants my sister and the foal to rest."

Both of them nodded and followed Luna inside. The nurses were already making the new clean bed for Celestia while another one got in the crib. Luna stood back, letting Cadence and Twilight go over so they would not crowd the little colt.

Celestia smiled up at them, they both saw the little colt laying in Celestia's arms, they both let out an. "Awwww."

The little colt looked over at them, he seemed confused at first, but then smiled ever so slightly and made some small baby sounds. "Cadence, Twilight, I would like for you to meet my son, Spero."

Twilight held back the urge to ask about him being a male Alicorn, like Luna she knew there would be a time and a place for all that, and she respectfully simply resigned herself to be patient.

"Hello little one." Cadence smiled. "You're a handsome little gem, aren't you?" She said gently. "I'm your aunt, princess Mi Amore Cadenza, but you can call me aunt Cadence." Little Spero did of course not understand a word she said, but seemed happy to listen to her gentle voice.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle, it's an honor to meet you prince Spero." She said happily and bowed respectfully, earning a small giggle from Celestia.

"Come now Twilight, you are practically family. I think he can call you aunt Twilight." Celestia said gently and gave her a foal a small lick to clean him a little.

Twilight was touched, her ears flattened and she smiled as her eyes started to fill with some tears. "T-thank you princess Celestia."

Before anything else could be said, a thunderous sound could be heard from outside. It was the cannons, saluting the birth of the prince. Almost immediately afterwards a roar of cheers could be heard from the entire city. The sound was almost overwhelming and for a moment Celestia feared Spero would be scared.

Instead, to her pleasant surprise, the little foal giggled in delight as the small vibrations from the many canons could be felt in the room. Only a little, but enough to make the foal giggle.

She smiled gently at her son. "My brave boy.. It seems all of Canterlot and Equestria are wishing you happy birthday." Celestia nuzzled Spero and he in turn pushed himself closer to her, his mother.