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This is an awesome concept! I loved watching
Witchblade in the past.

Alright then. Been a while since I've seen anything Witchblade and this has my interest. Though I have to ask, are you including anything from the comics or just the anime?

9884923 Thank you, expect more soon.

9884945 Oh no, definitely the comics. The anime was great, but doesn't delve too much into the lore of Witchblade. So...all I can say...there's possibily more craziness on the horizon.:pinkiecrazy:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA, you made a Witxhblade crossover... with Sunset? I can't favorite this quick enough!

Holy crap, I can't wait to dig in!

Edit: I read it at 4am, and it was just as amazing as I hoped. I'll reread it again in 12 hours.

Normally I stray away from crossovers but I do love me some witchblade.

The story's pretty good so far.

Well, this is getting a follow.

And, do my eyes detect the makings of SunPie instead of SciSet this time?

I guess it's official for Sunset, is it?:
She's a Super Girl
And she's here to save the world
But, she wants to know:
Who's gonna save her?
She's a Super Girl
And she's here to save the world
But she sure does know
She won't be so alone.

9885099 Sunset in bikini armor, cutting up monsters, and being sexy as hell while doing it. How can that not go well together? Am I right?:ajsmug:

9885216 I'm happy to have piqued your interest, stay tuned. :twilightsmile:

9885330 Maaaaaaybe:trixieshiftright:

Honestly, thank you all for liking and faving this story. Granted this will be my official foray into a mature themed story, but if you've read some of my fics up till now, then you know that I've come to borderline ecchi stuff. I'll just be taking that extra step if you know what I mean.

So expect to see some thing!

A part of me is surprised it took this long for someone to write it, another part of me is surprised that out of all my crossover ideas I've started, I never thought of this one.

Still though, so far, this as the makings of one of my favorite fics. ]eriod. It has the potential to have everything I could want in a fimfic!

So, like, I really can't wait to read the next chapter.

Alright, I have nothing but passing knowledge of Witchblade, but this was a great read so far and you've piqued my interest! :twilightsmile:

(Also why no Best Pony smilies!? BLASPHEMY!)

Other than that, I do have a minor nitpick:

fired his twin barreled rifle right into the monster’s head

I think you might have meant a shotgun instead of a rifle? Double-barreled rifles are fairly uncommon, and shotguns are better suited for home defense.

First Kamen Rider, then Ultra series, and now Witchblade? This is really interesting. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

P.S. Any chance we’re gonna see the Darkness and the Angelus?

Welp, this was a very good case, let's see how this will go, I never read witchblade, just read about it for the story, so I can't imaging what kind of villains will make the blade use armor, but I'm sure we are in for a good ride :D.

Wow. Been a while sense I thought about Witchblade. As much as I liked Sara, some of the Tales of the Witchblade, quick stories about previous wielders, where really good.

This is looking good. Hope to see more.

Okay, I'm liking it, keep it up!


That was intense.

A little surprised the police believed so readily Pinkie and Sunset's report that they nearly got raped by a monster.

OK I'm going to be honest. I thought I wouldn't like this story.
But the characters are spot on.
Comedy has its timing down.
The writing is great.
I cannot wait for the next chapter!

9885716 I thought about that, but given the old timey look of the Pie family - which I'm basing solely on Equestria Pony version since we haven't seen any of Pinkie Pie's family aside from Maud - I think Igneous would use such a weapon. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

9886001 I can neither confirm nor deny that those two Artifacts/Entities will or will not make an appearance.

9886206 I feel you, I don't know what made me think about doing this crossover, Witchblade just popped into my head out of the blue and I rolled with it.

9887060 Will do! :pinkiehappy:

9887324 They will be elaborated on as of the next chapter, if only a little.

9887636 Then wait no longer! :pinkiehappy:

Shining Armor may be too good a detective. Then again having an ally on the inside, someone who can cover her ass wouldn't hurt.

I mean it worked for Batman right?

The whole situation with the snow covered rock was awesome. Pinkie I applaud you :pinkiehappy:. You're truly the epitome of a real friend.

So Jeanne d'Arc had the Witchblade? Interesting. And I'm excited to see what you do with the other thirteen artefacts and who wields them.

Hey, a bit of constructive criticism, I noticed you tend to reuse words a bit too much. It happens too often to list all the cases but just as an example:

Sunset wasn’t going to lie, she was bi. Being a pony, where the female to male ratio was like three to one, ponies had developed into more bisexual or in some cases pansexual beings. So, right now, Sunset was very aware of how…attractive Pinkie looked right now.

You used "right now" twice in the same sentence, a possible alternative could be "how... attractive Pinkie looked at the moment"

Another case:

There was a wetness felt on her back, and the sounds of sniffling. All of the tension disappeared in that moment for Sunset, Pinkie was scared, and she just wanted to be close to Sunset right now. Sunset scooted closer and placed her right hand over Pinkie’s, she was trembling. How did I not notice that? Thankfully, the moment Sunset touched her hand the trembling stopped. Somehow, this reassurance made Sunset feel more relaxed. She was going to miss this when Pinkie returned home.

You used Sunset's named too often, try and mix it up with pronouns or other alternatives, for instance:

There was a wetness felt on her back, and the sounds of sniffling. All of the tension disappeared in that moment for Sunset, Pinkie was scared, and she just wanted to be close to her right now. The redhead scooted closer and placed her right hand over Pinkie’s, she was trembling. How did I not notice that? Thankfully, the moment the Sunset touched her hand the trembling stopped. Somehow, this reassurance made her feel more relaxed. She was going to miss this when Pinkie returned home.

Just as a possible example.

All right. You are going to make me dig out my Witchblade comics and re read them. At least the ones I have. I think I made it through about half way before real life distracted me.

oOOOoO this was a nice chapter, I really would have thought that the Main 6 learned their lesson by now.


Wow. This is certainly intense.

And Shiny's being a good cop. Wonder when his sister will start looking into things. And meeting a certain Witchblade...

Glad Sunny made it out of that scuffle with Gilda and Lightning alright.

And, looks like the girls are starting to get savvy to Sunset maybe, just maybe, not being Anon-a-Miss.

Also, don't think I didn't notice Sunset enjoying the pleasant plushness of Pinkie Pie's perky, puffy pillows pressed perfectly into her back earlier in the chapter. Clearly the Witchblade and Ray ship it too.

Shining Armor hummed as he turned away and grabbed a tablet. “No reason…” he entered his password and entered the name “Sunset Shimmer” into the database search bar. “…or maybe there is?”

Cliffhanger! Gah, curious to see what he finds. So many stories handle Sunset's papers moment differently to the point where I kinda look forward to the "papers, please" moment.

On a side note, I've never really liked Pinkie as a whole (she's just too much of... well, everything), and thus I've never really liked SunPie, yet, lately some of the fics I've been reading have been rolling with the SunPie ship and now I'm really enjoying it. So, yeah... I support SunPie!


I kinda look forward to the "papers, please" moment.

Glory to Arstotzka!

My only question is are you going to save Lightning Dust or will she suffer the same fate as that Beetle Underwood guy.

Honestly it seems like she's as much a victim as anyone killed by harpy.

I am curious to see if Lightning can be separated from Harpy. And the up coming conversation with Shinning should be interesting.

Welp. So much Sunset's new murder-monster fighting being a secret. Unless Shining and Cadance are trusty enough to keep it that.
I just hope Sunset can save Lightning from making; hands down, the biggest mistake of her life.

Fantastic update. You've got me glued to my seat waiting for the next update already~

Pinkie Pie frowned at Rainbow. “She ponied up, Rainbow! You know, the Magic of Friendship kind of ponying up! If Sunset was really the mean, cruel girl that everybody’s saying she is, then how would that happen?! If anything, she would’ve demoned up instead of ponying up!”

Ladies and gentlemen, Pinkie has raised the one point that should fucking shatter the Rainbooms’ belief that Sunset is Anon-A-Miss. :yay:

“Darling, I think that’s also what’s making this all the more confusing. But, there’s still one thing we can’t explain, if – and that is a big IF – Sunset isn’t Anon-A-Miss, then how did Anon-A-Miss get the pictures from the sleepover that were on Sunset’s phone?” Rarity asked.

“And how did Anon-A-Miss know about that story I told y’all at the party? Ah told y’all that story before and up until that night, no else knew about it,” said Applejack.

Nobody but your own fucking sisters, you idiots! :flutterrage:

I’m willing to bet so. Either that or harpy gets beaten into submission.

Well, if this goes the way that I've seen in the small amount of Witchblade I've read, Lightning is going to die by Sunset's hands.

Its too bad. Bitch that she is, she doesn't deserve it.

I am leaning towards cloned phones. But then with this world, magic is a thing to.

Nice update!
Like that lighting is standing up for Gilda.
I really hope that sunset saves lightning. I really hope so.
Also calling it now. Gilda would be jelly that lightning got wings and not her. :P

This was an intense chapter! Kudos to you, my good author!

And yes, I too wish for Lightning to be saved. I never read the witchblade comic but from the comments I can deduce what happens...let Lightning be saved!

In most Anon-A-Miss stories, authors stick with the canon fact that Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo made the account to spread secrets and frame Sunset for it out of jealousy that their older sisters were spending more time with her than with them.

It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but it has been implied that the only other people that knew Applejack’s and Rarity’s secrets aside from the Rainbooms themselves are their own families. And the only reason they’re not considering that possibility is because nobody wants to believe that family can betray you until it happens.

Then again, there’s still the possibility that I’m wrong. But the Rainbooms have already raised the point that nobody else but Applejack’s family could’ve known about her childhood nickname and the only other people in Rarity’s house at the time of the sleepover was her family.

Thanks. I never read an Anon-A-Miss story. That being known all the more reason to throw someone else in there. Then there is the description of this story.

However, as Sunset delves deeper into this mystery, she may find out that the two aren't exactly disconnected...

Makes me wonder if it is more then disgruntled school kids.


Hmmm are you useing the anime witchblade or classic?

9910490 A bit of the anime, but MORE from the comics. I liked the anime but they watered down a lot of what the Witchblade is capable of.

9895503 You're damn right they do:raritywink:

9904171 9904166 Indeed :facehoof:

9904190 9904203 9906065 9905248 9904654 9904323 9905406 All of you are really pulling for Lightning Dust. Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaa...:pinkiecrazy:

9905532 Not going to lie, that show may have had a subconscious influence in the writing of the monsters.

I mean whatever you choose is fine it's just... if something takes your soul captive and says "do what I say, or else", you're not really in a position to argue. That makes you a victim in my opinion but like I said, whatever you choose.

It’s been like a decade since I read Witchblade, but isn’t that the series where the wearer is cursed to fail cause it’s some kind of endless fight?

Wind Rider loses his legs. How will he explain this?

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