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Jason Monroe

Just a guy that has ideas and likes to try and work with them. Is willing to work with anyone, not because of desperation but because he's nice.


Joseph Swafford, a man in his mid twenties dealing with his job as a physical therapist while trying to write a book. He's a fan of pretty much every show and video game that you can think of, is a part time streamer, and is a weapon collector. One day his small manufactured home gets caught in an earthquake and one of his swords end up splitting him in half. He meets a being in the Void, the space between dimensions and universes that keeps people safe. With his memories lost due to the injuries sustained in his death, he is given an option to become one of two beings and after making his choice he is sent on his way to Equestria. What will happen when a Nephalem, a half angel, that happens to be half demon arrives in a land of magic when he is weak to magic? Let's find out! (any crossover that isn't with other displaced is going to be the introduction of an item from the series. Example: Joseph finding Agni and Rudra from Devil May Cry 3.)

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The chapters are a bit short, why not practice and aim for 1000 - 1500?

I'll try. I'm not the best, but these were mostly just to get a couple of chapters out in the beginning. I plan on trying to make the others around that much. Thanks for the suggestion!

“Son of a bitch!” I screamed before looking up and noticing that one of my knight's greatsword was hanging on one of the nails that had been holding up the shelf. Another quake sent me to my knees and caused the greatsword to come unhooked. All I could do was stare at the sword, not in fear but in acceptance as it fell on me slicing me in half as I said two words. “Fuck me.”


Comment posted by Jason Monroe deleted Oct 15th, 2019

Fun fact: The man in the prologue is based on me IRL. The biggest difference is the name and the job. I actually own a knight's greatsword.

Comment posted by god who fallen deleted Oct 24th, 2019

...Don't be as bad as the person who responded negatively to you, instead, just ignore and don't give into anger nor obsession. You don't want to be attacked again due to how you react ed with an attitude.

Comment posted by god who fallen deleted Oct 24th, 2019

I don't know how you haven't figured this out yet since you've been told off every time you've done this, but nobody cares if you're the first to comment. At all. All you do is annoy people with this.

Stop commenting "I was first" on stuff. Instead, comment about the content of the story, what you liked or didn't like, or what the story made you feel. If you have nothing of any value to say, then stay silent.

“I’m not worried about them Angelica! I’m worried that someone might foolishly attack them for what they are and will die because of it.” Lucifer said as looked forward with a worried expression on his face.

Did you used Lucifer Morningstar in this from the Netflix show Lucifer?

To stop writing this story is a small price to pay for a better future career and better grades

Do I need to read the stories that this story crosses over with in order to understand this story?

You don't have to but it is a good story. I've only done one crossover and it's shown in this story, though the ending wasn't shown as the other person dropped off of the face of the earth.

While you're commenting, would you mind answering my question? I don't get many comments so you and Nova will most likely be the only ones to comment.

Would you mind answering the questions in the message? You don't have to I just would appreciate someone answering one of my questions to the readers for once.

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