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After the ending of FIM, many Bronies have come to terms with it's ending, including our hero of this story. After his death from a bus crash, he came to the same Equestria that he knows, but slightly different from the one he knew. With his newfound friendship with the Mane 6 and more, he sets a course of the one place besides Equestria he wants to see.

The Sea of Thieves.

The same Sea of Thieves but with ponies and all the sentient creatures in the world of Equestria.

If you want to review it or if there are people that want to an audiobook of it like the fan-made audiobook The Symbiote. Be my guest and please let me know before it happens. Like the Keelhauled Podcast did in a quick mention on Episode 110.

Link to the episode here: https://captlogun.podbean.com/e/ep-110-a-short-sick-look-at-heart-of-fire-update/

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So far I LOVE THIS!!:pinkiehappy:😍👍. So far this is the first story to do a crossover with sea of thieves. I have not played the game but have seen many cool videos about it. Plus, I don't have xbox one so. But still i'm glad and happy that you are making this. Good luck with getting chapters out, and Wonderbar, Wonderbar.

Glad you like it, I have a second chapter in the works, and it will be longer than this one by at most 2000 words, keywords being 'AT MOST.'

EDIT: you can get it Sea of Thieves on P.C if you like.

Yay i have yet to see a sea of thieves fanfic on here so ill have some good expectations for you

Comment posted by Roxas56 deleted Oct 13th, 2019

Will you do a harem in this story?

Well a very good start Regal (now Regis? :rainbowhuh:), can't wait to see what you do with this. Chapters are a bit short but I've been there, my own first story Picking Up The Pieces had mostly around 1000 chapters so its no problem.

This will be quite the ride.

Anyone else sing the shanties and the song as they read?

Now things are kicking off! Why do I have a feeling that Skeletons will be coming soon now that a Skeleton Lord is here.

You won’t wait for skelies for long mate. thanks for reading my story mate. :twilightsmile:

Glad to read it. :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait to see Twilight's reaction to them.

Great work can’t wait for the next update

Whatever you do, don't put Rainbow Dash into the cannon. She will never stop blasting out of there for fun. :rainbowdetermined2:

This is getting more satisfying for me who plays Sea of Thieves most of the time. :moustache:

Skeleton Pirates rose from the ground and attacked the Ponies around them.

“WHAT THE BUCK!?” Twilight screamed.

These only be the normal Skeletons Twilight, wait until you see the Gold Skeletons. :trixieshiftleft:

So the Pirate Legend himself is Celestia's husband, I didn't see that coming. :pinkiegasp:

Looking forward to what's next. :pinkiehappy:

That sad poor gilda I hope the help her and destroy GMU great work with this chapter can’t wait for the next update

This twist of reality and the addition of my most hated thing slavers makes me only want to say one thing GIVE EM HELL GILDA

Give them hell Gilda, give the Griffins something to be proud of again and rebuild the Kingdoms into something great again.

Just wondering, not trying to rush you Regis (or could I continue calling you Regal?) or anything like that, but when will we enter the Sea of Thieves?

When Will gets at least two more crewmates and gets a ship, built by the crown.

Well, let's see how Trixie handles real adventure, glad to see she's coming along for the ride.

Thanks, mate. Will just needs one more crewmate for now, before he heads for the Sea of Thieves.

That cute great work can’t wait for more

"To look for some ingredients for a potion or two, but all of Ponyville is scared of you,"

Only just meet Zercora and already he's rhyming. :rainbowlaugh:

“You. Are. An. ALICORN!” One pony yelled in shock at me, and all of my crew were shocked and caught off guard.

Twilight saw me and nearly fainted, “Will, you’re an Alicorn!”

Wait... what? :rainbowhuh:

As I looked at myself, I had the colours of Celestia herself.

Colors of- does that mean?!

Perhaps the reason is you were born an Alicorn?” Celestia said with some sense of hope in her voice.

No way. :pinkiegasp:

Mom?” I asked Celestia with tears pouring out of my eyes.

“You remember, me?” Mom asked me with tears coming out of her eyes.

“MOM!” I said as I rushed into her forelegs for a hug, as Mom embraced me in her forelegs and her wings, crying as we let out our tears.

Always brings a tear to my eye and warms my heart to see a loving mother reunite with her son. And Ramsey is Will's father, watch out Sea of Thieves, a new legendary Lord is coming! :rainbowdetermined2:

I did not see that one coming. That's twice you've blown me out of the water Regis, that was a big twist.

I am very curious on how Will was born an Alicorn, then became human on earth, and back again.

Also was not expecting Zecora, nice addition to the crew, don't really see her to often.

Cautiously looks to big bottle of rum before sniffing it gaining a grimice as i pour it onto some daisies killing them instantly

It was the next day, and I was on my way to work at the local supermarket where the most important thing happened to me, I died in a bus crash by an idiot truck driver, who thinks he knows all the rules.

You know that thing about "show, not tell?" Yeeeah... :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, when I came too,

You came, as well? Looks like we all came, then! :rainbowwild:

I was not in my world anymore, but instead to my liking, Equestria home of Ponykind of all shapes, sizes and colours.

That's great, but... what was it like to come there, how did you know you weren't in your world, how was it to your liking, what sorts of pony things did you see that you liked, what shapes, what sizes, which colours, what are Ponykind, what does the air smell like, how blue is the sky, which direction were you hurtling, did you land in bushes, somepony's flower garden, or a complex mandala inscribed in somepony's basement, is your heart going fast, who are you looking at? And... that's what it means to "show, not tell." You know exactly what you mean when you say something like "I was sad," but you have to describe it for us more fully, to communicate all that stuff you already imagine in your head, but didn't feel like mentioning. We can't read your mind. We can only read your words.

Thank you so much for using one of the best songs from the muppet movies, that was my childhood:heart:

Am perplexed does that mean side story royal coup or main story get more alucorns

A little backstory, a fight with a skeleton lord, first use of the Ferry of the Dammed, and a new crewmate, ball's rollin' well, though I wonder what the GMU is up to. :twilightoops:

Wasn't expecting Gallus but now Gilda isn't the only Griffin, and I like the new ship types.

Quick Correction Her Name is Trixie Lulamoon. Otherwise I'm Loving this fic

More pls not a fan of the game it was good but this story is awsome:pinkiehappy:

You wanted more, you and all who are reading this story got it.

Ooohhhh boy... the crap has hit the fan, hard. The GMU is going down! :twilightangry2: Time to start gathering allies, there's a war to win. Let's send the GMU to the deepest pits of the Abyss were it belongs. :rainbowdetermined2:

Someone contact Davy Jones, he's going to have a lot of souls to ferry!



Way ahead of you, mate.

Next Chapter will see William gather allies for, what I will call, The War of Freedom.

Well, if I could or can, I would love to offer my OC's assistance. 😈

If you want to then I would accept your O.C’s help with open wings.

Go ahead, you have my permission to use Danny Eclipse.


“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.” -Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean.

“It’s not about the gold, it’s about the glory.” Ramsey Singh The Pirate Lord.

Comment posted by Danny Eclipse deleted Feb 22nd, 2020

Well Will, you are learning well. :rainbowdetermined2: I do have to ask though, I understand that the mane six are now wanted by the GMU but what happens to the rest of Ponyville? Do they believe the GMU or is something else going on there?

Either way allies are being gathered and soon the GMU will feel the wrath of the Pirate Lord.

Let’s just say that when Celestia broadcasted her message to all of Equis, there’s going to be some mass migrations coming to the Sea of Thieves from Equestria and around the Wider World. Including Ponyville, the Apple Family and two very well love and adored Parents will be coming soon.

And thank you for reading this Story, mate. It means a lot that the Brony that inspired me to write this fanfic is reading my work. :) :) :)

Happy to know they still have a large number of allies on their side, and that Ponyville hasn't turned on them. I've always seen the town Ponies as being very close to one another so reading that they're siding with Will and the others puts a large smile on my face.

And you are very welcome Regis, happy to do so. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight’s had a cutlass was more like a sword than a cutlass with a silver hilt, and a flintlock pistol with light purple as the main colour.

A cutlass is a sword, it main use is for cutting.

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