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This story is a sequel to Harmony Unfurled

Luna is tired, and ready to settle into a nice, quiet life. Being a librarian is not the most glamorous job in the world, but at long last, her life finally feels like it belongs to her.

But it's fall. With the cold air rolling in, new threats lurk into the lengthening shadows. Some are old. And others, new. It seems the quiet life will have to wait.

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“What have I done?”

You doomed Equestria, due to your own selfish hate towards Luna, Sunset.

but what if it's pinkie pie shes after?~ just a thought

Very, very intriguing prologue!

So, Evil Moonbutt has arrived again? Luna can't catch a break...
Excellent chapter mate!

Oh no... it got to Pinkie...

Woo, glad to see this is starting to get updated. I was expecting it to go after Celestia honestly, so seeing it grab Pinkie was interesting. But given her manic/depressive nature this could end up pretty interesting. Especially since it can be masked by her emotional grievances after the break up.

Also, super touching and sweet that Luna saw past her anger and dislike of Sunset to hug her. Very emotional moment that really drove home how much Sunset had misjudged her.

Aw noo.. not my favorite pone, Ponkers. :fluttershbad:

I hope you could update faster, but I understand that you're burnt out, so I wish you a quick recovery so we can see Ponkers get better quickly! Don't feel rushed though, art takes time.

Also, do you have an editor? I saw a few evil typos that really stood out to me. I'd be happy to edit for you if it'd help you get chapters out quicker! :pinkiehappy: Or if not quicker, then at least ease your mind and workload with the story.

“My own sweet apple asked me to mend some older winter clothes that were a little beyond simple sew ups.”

I love me some Rarijack :rainbowkiss:

Woo, nice to see this get an update. Sorry to hear you're exhausted, hope you regain some energy over the holidays coming up. That scene with Trixie was very nice indeed, though I quite liked Luna having small chats with all her friends. Of course, things are looking more dire with Pinkie so that's really troubling. It's pretty terrible seeing such a happy and bright pony succumb to darkness like that.

I was wondering when we'll see Ruby again, now we'll be seeing a lot of her... But, that encounter Luna had with Pinkie was quite hostile when she saw her... something indeed got her earlier

...my status in denouncing the crown and what have you.”

You mean "renouncing", yes? Or did I miss something?

In this house we (respect that largely the mane six show a variety of compatibility based on their established strength of platonic love and overlap of common interests) ship RariJack. Not that I don't respect canon but I feel like the clip of that guy; "This is brilliant, don't get me wrong. But I like this."
She tells her therapist she's been feeling down lately and the advice she gets is to go see this hilarious funny mare named Pinkie Pie, everybody loves her. "But doctor..."
Worry you not I have plans for Ruby. But also Marble, who is that unicorn guard I mentioned in Unfurled that I swapped out for Shining.
You "missed" my fingers moving faster than my mind whomp. :facehoof:

“Gak!” yelped Trixie, stumbling back over, prompting a howling bout of laughter out of Luna. Pulling herself up, Trixie groaned. “Ugh, how is it I keep managing to embarrass myself in front of you?”

Gak is back! :pinkiehappy:


Not that I don't respect canon but I feel like the clip of that guy; "This is brilliant, don't get me wrong. But I like this."

FWIW the official WoG is that nothing is officially confirmed (other than the explicit ones like SugarMac or LyraBon) in order for fans to "come up with their own conclusions" or something like that (don't misunderstand me, I do like me some AppleDash, I just like RariJack best)

Ey this one gets it.
TBH, LyraBon being canon more than made up for none of my other preferred getting 100% confirmed heheh.

This shit is great, awesome work. I read through this series all in one day and I just want to say is.



This is good, that's all I can say

The tricky part is actually getting it written, ha... I'd been thinking about how to respond to this, and while I'd say I'm not opposed, I wouldn't be able to request that of you without having some way to pay you back. It might not be the tallest task, but still, it would go against my principles speaking personally.
Quite a delay, sorry, but wow thank you. There's still something so wild to me when I see nice comments like this one. It really means a lot to me.

I hope this continues. The first story is good and I'll be starting the second one soon. I'd like to see how this one progresses.

It's good to see this story again with a brand new chapter and I think it's safe to say Luna had herself well during that press conference.

Holy shit an update, great chapter as always and I hope you continue.

Clearly Celestia wanted some sister time and I hope Luna gets back to her old profession, imagine having a monster slaying librarian!

Badass I tell you.

Things are going to get very awkward when the former couple bump into each other in the middle of the crowd during the show.

Also, more Ruby please!

Minor correction, but

...she felt not but doubt.

should probably be "naught but doubt."

Other than that, this is pretty good so far, looking forward to more :D

You know, I deliberated over this several times. On the one hand I felt "not" worked for the angle of Luna trying to streamline her vocabulary to adjust to a more modern vernacular. On the other, "naught" just looks better and also works as a reminder that said struggle still lingers. I think at some point I meant to change it, but missed it.
I'm realizing there's something very telling about myself that I wrote a character into existence with comic relief in mind and at first opportunity said "anyway here's her sympathetic backstory and a scene where she melts when she gets a compliment. Huh what was that about writing jokes?"

“She’s hopeless.” retorted Hope with a wry grin. “Stole every boyfriend I ever had.”

Why the fuck is she even still talking to Red, let alone forgive her for stealing her boyfriends (& girlfriends)!? If my brother did that, even once with my girlfriend, I would NEVER speak & look at him ever again!

I hate Red.... From now, everytime she shows up I'm skipping the scenes without reading them... Dumb bimbo

Sorry to ruffle your feathers there, friend. I was going through this chapter so fast, I didn't stop to think about how that might hit a little close to home for some folks and what I could do to soften it a bit. And while not wanting to play my full hand just yet, I'll say there's a little more texture to that situation to come. After all, they were still within earshot of the band when she said her bit about it being water under the bridge. :raritywink:

"How do I end a chapter in a work of fiction?"

1. Find cliff.
2. Hang story off cliff.
3. ...
4. Profit!

All right I'll wait and see what you have planned

Rainbow Dash is a metal head. You know what would be hilarious? If Fluttershy was secretly into gutter punk or death metal.

Huzzah! We have another chapter. It's good to see things getting better between our favorite characters.

The chapter's cool and all, but tell me more about the birdman

I am so tired rn it took me five minutes to figure what "birdman" referred to. He's a "hawkman" model from the Dark Sword miniatures company. It's mostly pewter, which can be a chore to work with, but there's some real gems if you look hard enough. Just don't browse while at school or work, if you catch my drift.

Welcome back. Only person you owe anything here is to yourself.

I'm going to print this one comment out and lay it atop my pillow, and once my head follows thereafter I will sleep for an entire month straight, arising only once I sense the last petal has wilted and fallen away from the garden-plucked rose in my vase.

I forgot this story existed to the point where I forgot what was going on.

Took me awhile to catch up but all I can say is welcome back and let the Madness begin

Glad to see this story back in action. Hope you're doing well.

I don't trust that pony that was talking to the mayor at all

This brought a smile to my face and a laugh out of my throat.

I swear those two cannot be in the same room together without them starting full-blown argument. I'm glad they were able to resolve some peace between them, but how long does that last for a day just start a new one? Also, I can't be the only one that wants to know more about their parents, especially their father, right?

Im not sure why this story doesn't have more buzz this is great.
Well written, fleshed out characters. Kinda OOC compared to the show but NOT OOC for the characters as they are in this story.
Loving it, XOXO

That was a good chapter. goodluck the the next.

Whatever Pinkie has planned is going to be spectacularly horrible, isn't it?

Looks like I picked up this series at the right time!

God that was cruel for poor Luna.

And so things begin to crumble.

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