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Derpy Hooves and Daring Do team up to create a pastry investigation office. With more reports of missing pastry turning up they worry that this is more than just petty pastry theft. They worry that this might be a pastry extinction. With no clear culprit they fear that the extinction is inevitable... Until they find a lead.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

This is great so far! The first chapter has me hooked already!

This was very interesting and I am ready to read more chapters of this wonderful story. This story is awesome so far.

Comment posted by Daffy_Derp deleted October 10th

Thanks I'm glad you enjoy it

Yeah, I really did enjoy what's out so far.

Now we're starting to get something.
Sounds like a pastry thief is on the loose.
I know Derpy and Daring Do will figure this one out.

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